Thomas Edsall: How To Tell When Your Country Is Past The Point of No Return

I’m one of Thomas Edsall’s most devoted readers.

From my perspective though, it is elite Democrats who have gone to Crazytown who have been steadily alienating large swaths of their own voters and radicalizing Republican normies for the last decade now. It is nothing that we are doing. We are reacting to these changes like everyone else. They are just evolving through natural selection to become ever more annoying and triggering a defensive response.

New York Times:

“Political analysts, scholars and close observers of government are explicitly raising the possibility that the polarized American electoral system has come to the point at which a return to traditional democratic norms will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

The endangered state of American politics is the dominant theme of eight articles published by the National Academy of Sciences on Tuesday, with titles like “Polarization and tipping points” and “Inter-individual cooperation mediated by partisanship complicates Madison’s cure for ‘mischiefs of faction.’ ” …”

For the record, I believe a version of this.

In my view, the two parties will continue radicalizing in the backdrop of political paralysis in Congress. Eventually, a crisis will come which will break the deadlock and one side will vanquish the other side. In one increasingly plausible scenario, Democrats preside over hyperinflation in the Biden presidency which triggers a rise in interest rates and which is followed by a brutal economic crash. Perhaps the Democrats collapse and democracy dies in the darkness like in the Weimar Republic?

“The activist anti-democratic Trump wing of the Republican Party, committed to avoiding at nearly any cost a political system dominated by an Election Day majority of racial and ethnic minorities, women and social and cultural liberals, has adopted an aggressive strategy to preserve the political power of whites, especially heteronormative white Christians. …”

We’ve come a long way since the Obama presidency.

Back in 2008, the Democrats used to be competitive with Trump’s core White working class rural voters, but since voting for Obama they have turned against “democracy” and have become committed to maintaining the political power of heteronormative White Christians.

Where did all this jargon come from? “Latinx.” Heteronormative. Cis. BIPOC. It has entered the bloodstream of elite Democrats over the past decade or so. Perhaps that is what has alienated and repulsed all of these working class voters who used to vote for Democrats? Maybe there ISN’T an “Election Day majority of racial and ethnic minorities, women and social and cultural liberals” as Ruy Teixeira is arguing because everyone is being repulsed like a magnet by the social and cultural liberals?

The Karens and “Latinx” men are trending toward Trump now. Trump barely lost the 2020 election while facing headwinds like a once in a century pandemic and an economic collapse.

“This level of anxiety is in and of itself dangerous, all the more so when it masks the true aim of America’s contemporary right-wing movement, the restoration and preservation of white hegemony. It is not beyond imagining that Republicans could be prepared, fueled by a mix of fear and provocation, to push the nation over the brink. …”

At some point over the last decade, whiteness became an accusation. It became normal to conflate the system with “racism” and “white supremacy.” Republican voters aren’t trying to restore and preserve white hegemony so much as they have become more defensive in light of these attacks. Just think of how terms like “racism” and “white supremacy” have been inflated over the past decade.

Charles Blow, an individual known for his restraint, is even more hyperbolic in his weekly race column.

New York Times:

“I see too many uneasy parallels between what was happening nearly 200 years ago and what is happening now. I see this country on the verge of another civil war, as the Calhounian impulse is reborn.

There are enormous, obvious differences, of course. The civil war I see is not the kind that would leave hundreds of thousands of young men dead in combat. That is not to say that we aren’t seeing spates of violence but rather that this new war will be fought in courts, statehouses and ballot boxes, rather than in the fields.

And this war won’t be only about the subjugation of Black people but also about the subjugation of all who challenge the white racist patriarchy.

It will seek to push back against all the “others”: Black people, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, L.G.B.T.Q. people and, yes, women, particularly liberal ones. …”

In light of Civil War 2 being on the horizon, I am going to have to switch to the Calhoun banner. Americans are now polarized and divided by phenotype, not the Mason-Dixon Line.

Note: Libtard collapse induced by inflation seems more likely than imminent war.


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  1. >The GOP is pushing America to the brink to maintain White hegemony

    These ‘institutionalists’ are all so infantile — as I said before, go check which party has held the presidency and controlled Congress most of the time since 1980 (it’s not even close, really), a time period during which America’s demographic change/decline accelerated — so the GOP presided over the very change that is ‘pushing America to the brink’.

    And of course they never give any thought whatsoever to whether or not ‘diversity’, the precipitous decline of the white population fraction over the last 40 years, the destruction of the tribal basis for America’s nationhood, might in some way be responsible — that would be heresy.

    For a long time now I’ve regarded America’s pundit class as a bunch of useless midwits — today it’s clear they are, more than anything, dishonest 5th columnists rhetorically fiddling while Rome burns.

    • The Republicans plan to loot whatever is left when the U.S. disintegrates like the oligarchs in the former USSR did. If the Republicans were interested in saving the country they would have (at a bare minimum) built a concertina fence 20 feet tall, 50 yards deep across every inch of the southern border and commenced mass deportations of Third Worlders years ago. The Republicans are champion grifters and traitors, nothing else.

      • 12ax7

        You are soooooo right.

        A simple charger fence, like that to contain cattle, will work. One zap and they don’t get near it.

        They know it! They just mouth empty words , to fool the gullible goy.

        • The older barbed wire fences used to nick the hides of the cows leaving scars that decreased their value when used in clothing. Electric fences changed that. With people you might have to up the current to discourage them but it’s an easy solution to implement. All that is lacking is the political will, mostly on the part of the scumbag Republicans.

          The open border has made many people rich over the decades at the cost of the destruction of the U.S. There is cheap labor for business plus drug smuggling money spread around. Police, lawyers, judges and many others are kept busy and in the money from the so-called Drug War which they fight but never win. The real estate business profits off of Whites having to flee areas that get enriched by diversity while dirty money laundered through the financial system makes others rich.

          Prostitution thrives with an open border too but somehow the so-called “feminists” have nothing to say about this abuse of women. I guess it contradicts the “hispanic family values” narrative. The whole “refugee racket” and many NGOs exist because of the open borders too. The list goes on until the country disintegrates, there is no reforming this corrupt system.

  2. Re: “your country is at the point of no return”:

    But it is not a real country, not a real nation. It is the greatest, most powerful, globe-spanninig, most culturally, ethnically and racially mixed and divided EMPIRE in world history (and most readers of OD live inside the “homeland” or belly of this imperialist Beast!) that runs on money, and the control of money and the worship of money (the Almighty Dollar) which is the dominant religion of the world in the present age:

    Related is this new article on The Saker blog predicting the fall of the U.S. Dollar Empire:

    • While the U.S. is said to be passing the point of no return, China is launching a new, moral, cultural revolution. It has just banned all video games in China, to protect the developing minds and character of children and youth, and all videos and images on social media that show off wealthy and excessive lifestyles, and all appearances of homosexuals or effeminate men on television and social media. Moral purity and Chinese ethnic identity and revolutionary culture are being taught and conserved. Sexual scandals and dishonesty are being punished now instead of being hidden or tolerated especially among public figures, and especially, Communist Party members. During Deng’s revisionist (pro-capitalist) reign, it was relatively easy to join the CPC solely for personal advantage. But now under Xi’s leadership, CPC membership is once again a life of public service, and even a scandal involving a close family member such as adultery, theft or illegal drug use is grounds for barring or removing someone from CPC membership, as guilt by association. Needless to say, public health rules are required to be followed in China. Anti-science pandemic denial and anti-vaxx conspiracy theory demonstrations would be crushed immediately, and the amazingly successful “Zero Covid” policy of total containment and eradication will continue, in stark contrast to the deadly (millions of casualties) results of the laissez faire “herd immunity and business as usual” policy of the U.S. and its satellites. The next thing China needs to do is to completely shut down and dismantle “Las Vegas of the East” (Portuguese Macau). Meanwhile the U.S. population (not a people) becomes more and more debauched.

  3. ” followed by a brutal economic crash.”

    That’s the only thing that will knock sense into the greater populace,

  4. “Where did all this jargon come from? “Latinx.” Heteronormative. Cis. BIPOC. ”

    That has to be the rhetorical question of the month.

    Letmesee, just who says they will conquer the world with words ? Who has been corrupting our language for 60+ years ? Hmmmm, who could that be ?

    • lemme guess, lemme guess; Sant Claus, the Easter Bunny? Perhaps some scumbags squatting in the corrupt universities for about the last 100 years? I’m stumped by this one. Don’t look too closely or Nosferatu from the ADL will sue you.

  5. What strikes me about all this is that if the USA had no blacks, then demographic change wouldn’t be such a big deal. It would never occur to me to avoid a city or neighborhood because it has too many Latinos or Asians, and Asians in particular are getting shafted by the anti-meritocracy stuff.

    Wokeness is mainly about Jews and leftist nutjobs exploiting recent immigrants’ lack of connection to America’s past to impose their freakish cult ideology, which mainly revolves around lionizing blacks. Dems are fading with Latinos because the latter are starting to realize that Dems have gone full retard on being the black party. This is also why the affirmative-action referendum failed in California last year.

  6. There are some seriously flawed assumptions in play here:

    1. Voting Republican brings change. There is no substantive difference between the R-jerseys and the D-jerseys. Both serve the same elite masters. Note the top priority of the new Youngkin administration in VA. (Clue: It’s not abolishing CRT. The most that will be done is a minor re-branding to re-assure idiot whites to keep sacrificing their kids to Moloch). The GOP is merely posturing its alleged opposition to CRT and all the other outrages while their “brain trusts” like Lowry, French and Kushner come up with the ‘conservative case for CRT, etc.’ There is a long track-record (5 decades at least) proving this to anyone willing to look into it.

    2. Change is still possible via the ballot box and the judicial process. This is another lie. Both are utterly rigged beyond any possibility of reform – and have been for decades running. Things only move in one direction and have been doing so for a long time. The term used by folks at Larry Auster’s blog 15 years ago was the ‘Hegelian mambo’ – a dance where you only get move to the left.

    3. The God-Emperor will save us. Trump is part of the GOP flim-flam. He’s a liar and a grifter – 100% hot air. Unfortunately he’s a very skilled con-man/grifter: the Bernie Made-off of politics. He pretends he’s not part of the club, but he’s been to Epstein’s palaces along with the Clintons and all the rest. He’s not an ally or a friend, but another enemy or the worst type. If you want to know the real Trump, simply look at the pardons he issued on his way out (Jew swindlers and violent negroes).

    The only viable strategy is to passively work for an accelerated collapse of the entire rotten system. It is so thoroughly and completely evil that even Muslim rule is preferable at this point (not that this is very likely). Whites, whose normalcy bias and hopium addiction is most impressive, will not even be able to begin to organize until the it falls. Once the system collapses there will be an opportunity with the former US splitting into new political entities.

  7. They are like Roman elites telling the ordinary Roman, to watch out for those awful barbarians, eventually the people say, screw it, the barbarians are less corrupt, morally depraved, and stupid, let them run the place. “Election Day majority of racial and ethnic minorities, women and social and cultural liberals, ” really sounds like a healthy functioning group, you’d want running a society. Oh, ya.

  8. In certain respects the country is already past the point of no return. For example, when drug addiction reaches a point where it’s done openly in public, when homelessness is so obvious it can’t be overlooked, when retail stores are expected to hire their own private security instead of calling police. Or when smash and grab robberies are planned out ahead online.

  9. Plato made the first description of the basic process. He held that revolutions start in the elite when one faction will not accept defeat and calls in the aid of outside groups. Liberal whites won’t accept defeat by conservative whites, so they call in the aid of various minority groups.

    Steve Sailer at Vdare calls the Democrats “the coalition of fringes”, mutually hating groups held togrther by the party’s white leaders uniting them in hatred of white people. Instability is inevitable, so the anti-white hatred must be held constant or ever increasing to have effect in keeping them togrether. From this perspective political correctness is a necessity of the Democrat’s white leadership to maintain their hegemony in the party and to also to prevent Republicans from exploiting the real and deep fissures in the Democratic party. Unlike establishment Republicans, Trump refused to accept the rules set by the white Democrats and through populism potentially gave blacks and Hispanics a reason to ignore anti-whiteness in favour of their economic interests and latent patriotism. Hence the hysterical hatred of Trump by white Democrats.

      • Spahnranch,

        Nothing about America in my entire life could be considered “normal” in a healthy pro-White way, excluding my time in the Boy Scouts of America. That’s the reason the jews and gentile elites shoahed that fine organization.

  10. If the upcoming conflict is going to be between MAGA/MIGA morons and Soy Boy Nation then I’m officially declaring neutrality.

  11. “The activist anti-democratic Trump wing of the Republican Party, committed to avoiding at nearly any cost a political system dominated by an Election Day majority of racial and ethnic minorities, women and social and cultural liberals, has adopted an aggressive strategy to preserve the political power of whites, especially heteronormative white Christians. …”

    Here they are basically telling you that their strategy is counter, that they represent “the other” and are backing this horse. More and more people are going to figure out that the left changed America on purpose, this didn’t just happen, it was the most terrible treason this country has ever seen.

  12. Not that I would ever advocate any sort of violence, but Jews are going to get badly hurt if they don’t STFU and stop trying to incite genocide against White people.

    • Please rewrite after deleting racial, anti-semitic, and inflammatory slurs. Then see if even you can make sense out of this collection of disorganized ramblings.

  13. “The civil war I see is not the kind that would leave hundreds of thousands of young men dead in combat. That is not to say that we aren’t seeing spates of violence but rather that this new war will be fought in courts, statehouses and ballot boxes, rather than in the fields.”

    This is delusional at best. This guy thinks we trust the courts or elections? LOL! The same courts that encourage divorce of White Families and disempower White Men? The same courts that forced gay marriage even after we voted against it? The same Elections that were stolen on live TV for everyone with a brain to see? The same courts who are stripping our rights because of the flu?

    I trust elections and the courts about as much as I trust bill gates and klaus shwab. The author thinks the violence will be minor. Again LOL! Once it is game on we got lists, addresses and locations of those to be eliminated and who to target first.

    The main trigger pullers are going to be experienced OIF OEF Veterans many of which have many deployments under their belts unlike the drafted 1 tour boomers. Trust me there is zero room for uniting or coming together or whatever feel good nonsense the politicos (who are targets themselves) come up with to be streamed to every cable news channel at exactly the same time.

    Politicians don’t need to be targeted and are mostly a waste of time. They can be rounded up when the fight is over and tried Saddam style. The real targets need to be Journalists, Teachers, gov agency employees, military officers, upper executives in big anti White companies. Women shall not be exempt and treated just like Men (remember a woman can do anything a Man can do but better).

    I doubt those who win this unavoidable battle are going to have any desire for “democracy” and instead could be looking at 1933 as an example to emulate. The protected activists are to simply be liquidated without trial simple membership is enough to earn their fate. No trannies, pedophiles, LGBT freaks will be tolerated and quickly enforced laws like Uganda need to be implemented for these deviants once and for all.

    So in the end it is funny that people think violence is not coming. Actually it is a benefit for those who are laying plans for when the line is crossed.

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