The Economist: Young Americans Are Souring on Joe Biden

It is looking ugly out there.

Obviously, the solution is resuming student loan payments.

The Economist:

“America’s left depends on the support of young people. In 2008 it was they who powered Barack Obama’s primary campaign against Hillary Clinton and were critical in securing his landslide win against John McCain. In 2020, Joe Biden repeated his predecessor’s success with the group—who were largely motivated by disapproval of his opponent, Donald Trump—and won the White House. The election was so close that every young voter counted. But Mr Biden’s failure to impress the young now threatens his presidency.

According to The Economist’s analysis of polling conducted with YouGov, an online survey firm, an average of 29% of American adults under the age of 30 approve of the job Mr Biden is doing as president. But that compares with 50% who disapprove. The net rating of -21 points is the worst for any age group. Adults aged between 30 and 44 give Mr Biden a -17 rating; those aged 45 to 64 come in at -5; and among adults aged 65 and over, the president is eight points underwater. This is a sharp reversal from the beginning of the year, when young voters gave Mr Biden a net approval rating 32 points higher than older people did. And Mr Biden is falling out of favour fastest with the youngest …”


That’s a big drop in his best demo.

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  1. The Economist is the premier Rothschild’s globalist propaganda outlet. I wonder what they are up to with this. I feel like such a dupe. I used to eagerly wait until it was published online every Friday. I guess I learned what Shlomo wants us to think from it.

  2. When will the population as a whole wake up to these lying politicians on both sides? They lie to get into office. They only care about their lobbies, special interest groups and of course Israel. The voter is always the one who loses out but they keep doing the same thing over and over again.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  3. Everyone is souring on Dementia Joe. Perhaps the Deep State needs a new Democrat candidate for 2024 to make the mostest impotent erection evah look like more of a contest than the dog and pony show it really is. Got to keep gullible Whites tuned in so they can keep on voting themselves into extinction by choosing Republicans or Democrats. Just remember no matter whom you vote for (or against), The other guy is worse!

    • I’m guessing that’s Desantis for the Repugs, Newsome for the D-rats. Who knows though? The Shlomo High Command is beyond geriatric now and the matzo with baby blood can only go so far.

    • “” Democrat candidate..””

      Collapsing regimes have problems finding servants. Down here in Europe our leaders are also crooks and weirdos and the problem is simple. Communist bench is empty. Normal people avoiding this clown car what is called globalism.

      So communism running out of competency and will collapse.

  4. Why don’t they look in the mirror? They are largely brown people whose parents monopolized parasitic administrative positions while the hard economy was off-shored primarily to their countries of origin.

  5. It seems a waste of time to study and discuss Biden, who is just another figurehead puppet mouthpiece of the system. It doesn’t matter who is President of the U.S. or which of the twin parties wins the (s)election. See the forest, and look beyond the forest.

  6. In Lampedusa’s masterpiece The Leopard, his hero, a Sicilian count, sums up the need of the aristocracy to subvert the democratic forces in Italy and co-opt them so as to keep themselves in power: “if things are going to stay the same here, they’ve got to change.” so much for the two party system.

  7. The progressives never get what they want economically, the conservatives never get what they want socially. Both sides are perpetually thwarted by the Jewish neo-liberal uni-party.

  8. America’s left depends on the support of young people.

    You know my axiom: Any politician that is relying on young people is already writing his own concession speech.

  9. The idea that young people are abandoning Biden because he is not giving then what they want does not translate into them voting for republicans, who openly reject what they want.

    I’m a little bit proud of young Whites. They are the first generation in my lifetime to expect something for their votes. Our generation certainly has not. We’ve bought into republican lies for decades only to be outdone now by hispanics, It’s gross.

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