Poll: Wokeism Is a Major Loser For Democrats

This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

There is a reason why Republicans love to talk about Wokeism.

  • 48% of Republicans think that “only people being too easily offended is a major problem” compared to 5% who think “only people saying very offensive things is a major problem
  • If we take these positions as rough approximations of woke and anti-woke attitudes in the general population, the anti-wokes outnumber the wokes, 28% to 16%.
  • 84% of Republicans believe that “people being too easily offended by things other say” is a major problem in the country. 14% believe is a minor problem. 98% of Republicans are unified by the issue. Anti-Wokeism is a posture that riles up and unifies the GOP base.
  • Roughly similar numbers of Democrats and Republicans (38% and 35%) are moderates who believe that saying offensive things and people being too easily offended are both major problems
  • Obviously, the intensity is all on the Republican side though and the anti-woke backlash vote is larger than the woke vote. 48% of Republicans think that “only people being too easily offended is a major problem compared” to just 25% of Democrats who think that “only people saying very offensive thing is a major problem.”
  • Just 33% of liberal Democrats think that “only people saying very offensive things is a major problem” compared to 53% of conservative Republicans who think that “only people being too easily offended is a major problem.”

Wokeism is a loser for Democrats. Woke messaging has a suppressing effect on support for both moderate and progressive Democrats. Anti-Wokeism boosts Republicans.

This is why Trump was elected president.

This is why democracy is going to die in the darkness.

This is why owning the libs, not any policy, drives the Republican Party.

This is why “journalists” have no legitimacy and trust in the media is zero in Red America and conspiracies flourish in the gap because what these people say even when they aren’t lying is discounted.

This is why the Democrats are perceived as the party of arrogant, sanctimonious, college educated coastal metropolitan elites and are sinking back to their urban strongholds.

This is why the Democrats have such razor thin majorities in Congress and where one corporate centrist from West Virginia can torpedo their agenda because they can’t win White working class voters who are culturally conservative or moderate and populist on economics anymore.

Woke progressive activists are a lightning rod in the Democratic Party. They are hated by a much larger group of people. They are easily conflated with the brand of the Democratic Party. Democrats are delusional if they think that Build Back Better is more persuasive than “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Pew Research Center:

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  1. Wokism is a great way to learn which groups we can’t coexist with. That Indians and Asians, mostly women, adopt wokeness after one generation here is a compelling reason not to import more of them.

    • “Indians and Asians, mostly women, adopt wokeness after one generation”:

      They also adopt total entrepreneurial capitalist materialism (aka money worship) if they weren’t infected already before coming, usually the reason for coming. Land of opportunity indeed. Where is the Buddhism or Confucian social ethic?

      • Pffft. What ‘social ethic’? No other religion other than Biblical Christianity HAS a valid religious social ethic, since the Church (O.T. & N.T.) has been around longer than all the others. Any supposed ‘concern’ for the ‘downtrodden’ (or what the modern Heretical ‘Church’ calls the ‘Xenos’) was merely a copycat of the early Christians’ mantra, ‘See how they love each other.’ Tribal affection, nothing more.

        Now, of course, Christendom has been converted, and the ‘world’ of Jesus’ day need merely rule and reign over the goyim, and the Kingdom can proceed on apace…..

        Don’t like that scenario? Look around you. It’s a damn sight better than the Globo/Homo/Schlomo that we have now. Because, contrary to Catholic-schism, Christianity IS a Tribal Religion.

        IF you are a Christian, you MUST believe (or be a liar- Rom. 3:4]) the following:

        1) We believe In an Enscripturated Word, that denies equality with those who do not have/believe/follow it, to this very day. (Muslims, Talmudics, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Confucianists, satanists, gays/lesbians, etc.) Indeed, hatred of God’s enemies is enjoined on us in Scripture. [Ps. 139:22, John 10:35] The Crucifixion is proof that there ARE enemies, as well.

        2) Within that Word, We believe there is contained the history of only ONE people, [Amos 3:2, John 4:22] derived from the special creation of only ONE Man and Woman, both of one unique race. Indeed, that woman is genetically IDENTICAL to the Man- the rib and all [Gen. 2]. And, as anthropological/DNA evidence is constantly showing, since caucasoid/Adamic humanity is the last to appear ‘on the anthropological scene,’ this means that pre-Adamic races are both validly present, and anthropologically distinct from the civilization-creating Caucasoids, who only (truthfully) appear no earlier, than prior to about 6-10,000 B.C. This is the older polygenetic theory of race, held by many Christian Europeans up to the XIX century. Which makes sense: that is, unless you want to follow the Darwinian/atheistic monogenetic theory, and go with the totally discredited ‘Out of Africa’ theory…. But then, you are issuing an uncertain sound [I Cor. 14:8], and are merely lukewarm. [Rev. 3:16]

        3) God’s election of that ONE race bypasses: Cain, Nimrod, Esau, the Ishmaelites, Philistines, Amorites, and all the other non-Adamic nations, including some big ones- Egypt, Babylon, Persia. Indeed, as we go down the ‘family tree’ we see that God is not only an Electing God, but He is a predestinating God, as well. [Ex. 4/Ex. 8] Noah’s sons, in other words, were all of one racial stock. And attempts to shoehorn different races into Shem, Ham, and Japheth are genetically impossible- unless there were already extant ‘others’ around, after the LOCAL (not worldwide) Flood. That, too, is something one has to unlearn- Morris’ Genesis Flood is based, not on science, but on SDA cultic memes. – http://beyondcreationscience.com/index.php?pr=Home_Page

        4) That same God commands both personal, corporate, and RACIAL purity, throughout his entire Enscripturated Word. [Pentateuch, Ezra/Nehemiah, St. Paul’s epistles] Even the so-called ‘Apocrypha’ has similar admonitions [Tobit 4:12, Sirach 12:5-7] Our Lord’s avoidance of any ‘Gentile’ areas in his ministry is both confirmation of this premise. And the Apostles’ being forbidden to venture outside of the Ecumene [Acts 16:6] merely corroborates Belloc’s tautology, ‘The Faith is Europe: Europe, the Faith.”

        5) How can Christ Himself be ‘pure’ if He is not genetically pure? Thus, the Virgin Birth, the genealogies of Matthew and Luke, and the desire of every antichrist to besmirch Christ’s lineage, are opposing but truthful witnesses. God is an incipient ‘racist’ – if you define the term as the Godless define it, today.

        6) Lastly, the praxis and witness of 20 centuries of Christendom, culminating in Belloc’s tautology, merely a century ago- “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.”

      • @anonymous Foreigners who come here get special funding and loans to start businesses from the government. So either we pay to help them start a business, or we pay to support them on welfare.

        Also, expecting them to be like Buddha? Since when has any religion made people into barefoot humble street servants?

        I do agree about not letting them in.

    • This is why the Asians and Dothead Indians all must be returned to their home and another Asian Exclusion Act passed.

  2. One party is ‘woke’, the other stands for nothing.
    ……..American ‘democracy’ summed up.
    Trump gave us the worst of both worlds:- became our embarrassingly awful mouthpiece, without actually achieving anything of value for us. He didn’t even get troops back home……..that was achieved by Biden.
    A useless party is as bad as a treacherous one.

  3. The Demonkkkrap leadership have turned into living fossils who refuse to step down. The result of that stubborn refusal to pass the torch on to the next generation of crooks and liars has been the appearance of radical far-left social democrats like Alexandria Donkey Face Cortez and that skinny from the Horn of Africa who wears a turbine on her head. There are no more moderates like Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Tip O’Neil to keep everything under control.

  4. Republicans will never stop importing third worlders for cheap labor. It is right in our faces and yet, we can’t figure it out, I was a loyal follower, and despise my wasted votes.

    It is entirely possible that Biden is the real racist vs. Desantis or Trump.

    The republican party is infested with Jews. Democrats have open Israel haters and it’s not a problem.


    • It’s the whole Globalist Jewry versus Blood and Soil Zionist Jewry debate over what is best for the Jews.

      It looks like the Globalist Jewry argument is winning, because, outside of Iran and Afghanistan, it’s downright impossible to find a country that is either not controlled by or literally in bed with the Jews if you count all the politicians whose children have married them.

      Moreover, from the Globalist Jewry POV, Israel is becoming more of a liability than an asset, thanks to the Palestinians weaponizing GJ’s own Anti-White narrative against the Israelis by successfully portraying them as White European colonizers persecuting helpless brown indigenous Palestinians.

      I’m wondering if that’s why such an effort was made to push these experimental vaccines on the Israelis with more and more booster shots being foisted on them – the Globalist Jews wouldn’t mind if the Israelis died off so that any resistance from “Anti-Semites” to huge migrant populations invading their nations would end because they could no longer ask why Israel is the only exception to any open borders mania that Globalized Jewry pushes.

      Besides which, Jews already have a homeland to flee to from persecution – the Jewish Autonomous Oblast was established by the Soviet Union when Stalin was in charge ten years earlier before the United Nations re-established Israel. It is the size of Switzerland; it’s ideally situated close to India and China and its capital Birozhiban is Jewish except the language is Yiddish not Hebrew. Interestingly enough, they aren’t being invaded by Black Hebrew Israelites or Ethiopians wanting to live there, existing on the down-low the way they do there.

    • Most of them don’t even work here. If they get jobs…they can’t be fired from them. But most of them don’t work.

      Both parties always do the “the other guys are the REAL racists!!” thing. “Racism” is THE problem?? Both parties try to stick the “racist” label harder on the other guys.

      If one side WAS racist, we might have some protection, but we don’t. None of them are racists. They adopt nonwhite babies. They promise millions and millions to nonwhites.

      When has either party promised whites several million in help or subsidies?

  5. What is DeSantis plan to deal with woke people? Round them up and deport them to San Franciso? Start Civil War 2? Or stop funding their institutions? Shock!

    • That geriatric swine has allowed his kike & commie race traitor scum handlers to run wild, which is why he’s in the toilet.

  6. OT

    As if I needed another reason to dislike Rudy Giuliani:


    It was not until June 2003 that Fröhlich was arrested, an event which according to Prof. Robert Faurisson seems to have been linked to a speech in Vienna by President George W. Bush’s special envoy on combatting ‘anti-semitism’, the notorious Rudolph Giuliani, later right-hand-man to President Donald Trump. … Giuliani demanded action against revisionists, writing in the New York Times that “revisionist viewpoints put us at risk of a repetition of race-based genocide”.

    • I’d like to see a politician run for office and say they will work on stopping the billions in “aid” we give to Israel, and say they are going to push the money at the Space Program.

      I wonder if the sky will fall. I wonder if there will be a giant Coronal Mass Ejection. One has to wonder just what would really happen.

  7. The claim that race is “not a physiological construct” is untrue and anti-scientific! It is analogous to claiming that SARS coronavirus is not a real, physical virus, just a “political construct.”

    Anti-science lies and myths (including denial that races and ethnicities are real) are extremely harmful to humanity, and a certain amount of censorship is justified.

    Race, ethnicity (and coronavirus) exist in nature. Ethno-national socialism has a solid scientific basis.

  8. The mostly ignorant (science-education-deficient) population of the U.S. is also going to blame the Biden administration for Omicron. The most deadly Covid surge of all is just beginning now. Mainstream media suggests Omicron is milder than previous variants, but outside of South Africa there is no evidence that Omicron is mild. In fact it is putting people in the hospital in Europe at the same rate as Delta, besides being much more transmissible, insanely more transmissible, than Delta. The relatively mild South African experience so far (it’s only been about two weeks however, and the deadly stage of Covid takes a week longer to develop) might be due to Africa’s much younger demographics, but early demographic data from the U.K. indicates the demographic factor does not fully explain the discrepancy between the African and European experiences with Omicron. Several sub-variants of Omicron have already been identified and it might have mutated to become more severe in Europe. There is no reason to assume that the SARS CoV-2 virus must INEVITABLY become less severe (“will become like the common cold” they say) since for two years it has done nothing but become more severe, as well as much more transmissible than the earliest known strain. Has the RABIES virus (also a bat disease) become any less severe after circulating in mammals around the world for thousands of years? Socialist China’s “Zero Covid” public health policy that keeps the people safe and free by eradicating the disease within the borders of China is looking more and more brilliant while the U.S. with its for-profit-privatized-“health” system is drowning in a sewer of endemic plague called “herd immunity.”

    • Oh, bollocks! Omicron is a nothing burger. Even more so than the Covidiot scam.

      People died due to CO-MORBIDITIES, and a LACK OF common nutrition- Vitamin D, for example.

      Take your COVID RELIGION, and stick it.

      “Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology,1 reviews a theory professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist and statistician, believes explains the absurd and irrational behavior we’re now seeing worldwide with regard to the COVID pandemic and its countermeasures.

      He calls this phenomenon “mass formation psychosis,” a type of crowd hypnosis that results in literally converting a large segment of the population into psychosis. Mass formation psychosis is the explanation for how the Germans accepted the atrocities by the Nazi party in the 1930s, and it’s the explanation for why so many around the world support medical apartheid and the destruction of the unvaccinated now.

      It’s so irrational and inhumane, many have wondered how we got here. As it turns out, the psychology of totalitarianism has been studied for decades, and the whole thing is in fact explainable as a psychiatric phenomenon that arises when certain conditions exist in a society.

      Mass formation psychosis is a very dangerous condition, both for those under its spell and those who aren’t, because the ‘mental intoxication’ that results makes people willing to do things that are clearly wrong and utterly immoral, up to and including voluntarily killing their own families and themselves, if told it’s for the greater good.
      If everyone would just get the experimental jab, COVID would vanish and everyone could go back to feeling safe again. That’s the narrative. It makes no sense, it’s irrational, inhumane and unscientific, but those who are in mass formation psychosis believe it’s just that simple, and that’s why some are able to wish death on the unmasked and/or unvaccinated.

      So, as noted by Malone, “If it seems to you that the rest of the world has gone mad, the truth is, they have.” A problem far greater than any virus now is mass formation itself.

      It’s a very dangerous condition, both for those under its spell and those who aren’t, because the “mental intoxication” that results makes people willing to do things that are clearly wrong and utterly immoral, up to and including voluntarily killing their own families and themselves, if told it’s for the greater good. In short, masses of people become profoundly gullible and self-destructive, which is a frightening combination.

      As noted by Desmet, in a dictatorship, people comply because they fear the dictator. In a totalitarian regime, however, mass formation psychosis is at work, and this gives the regime extreme power over the individual, as the people, when in this hypnotic trance, voluntarily destroy their own families, their lives and themselves, along with the stated enemy.” – https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/12/18/mass-formation-psychosis.aspx

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