Donald Trump: American Jews Don’t Love Israel

He’s right.

Jared Kushner and Sheldon Adelson filled his head with the Moshiach and Jexodus nonsense. He was the most pro-Israel president ever and it won him no points with the left-leaning Jewish electorate. They care a lot less about Israel than social liberalism at home.

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  1. “They care a lot less about Israel than social liberalism at home.”

    Yep, and I can tell the commenters who never grew up with any jews in their schools from their anti Israel fetish, thinking Israel directs the left and all American jews spend all their time thinking about the place. I grew up with about 5-10% jews in my high school, the NW suburbs of Chicago, not the super affluent northern suburbs that are over 50% jewish so I was not around the super elite ones, but the ones I did have were mostly big liberals and they cared more about the ACLU and Dukakis’ campaign than Israel.

  2. They hate White people more than they love Israel. But not a single one of them wouldn’t use Israel as a hidey-hole if they needed to do so to avoid jail-time. Not that any Jew ever does jail-time.

  3. The real question is why is anyone talking about the Jewish vote? It’s totally irrelevant. They are a tiny minority concentrated mostly in New York and California. Despite what Greenblatt says, Trump is talking about their vote as a stand-in for their undue influence in general.

    • And a stupid political virgin stumbles into OD….. Dear God, was I EVER that naive? Sadly, yes.

      Hey Ice, Ice Baby…..

      “As Church power grows, Jewish power weakens. As Jewish power grows, Church power weakens,” Bishop Williamson is fond of saying.

      “Communism is our supreme revenge against Christianity.” (Jewish Chronicle (newspaper), Dec. 1918)
      “I pity the Jews who are trying to get through life with only half a Bible: that’s like trying to get to San Fran from NYC, and only buying a ticket to Dubuque, Iowa.” – Kurt Vonnegut

      “..Anti-Semitism -it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticising Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country [the US] people are criticising Israel, then they are antisemitic.” – Shulamit Aloni, 2002 interview, Israeli former member of Parliament (cf You Tube)

      “Jewish Fragility refers to feelings of discomfort a Jewish person experiences when they witness discussions around race and theology.  

      This may trigger anger, fear, guilt, and violence. Some Jews may become insecure when other people groups claim privileges that Jew people enjoy.

      If a Jewish person  becomes defensive, a non-Jew may feel obligated to comfort the Jew. For example, some Christians comfort Jews by telling them they are “God’s children,” while some Europeans speak words establishing racial self-hatred.   These non-Jews seek to unburden themselves from socially constructed sin accusations (racism or anti-semitism).

      Manifestations of Jewish fragility commonly include accusing others of what they do themselves. These include, but are not limited to:
      * Inventing a social sin that only applies to non-Jews (anti-semitism).
      * The privilege of their own racial homeland while accusing others of a social sin (racism) for seeking the same privilege.
      * Establishing organizations promoting the interests of their own race while denying that privilege to others, specifically Whites.
      * Violence toward those who do not submit to religious, historical, and cultural narratives promoted by the Jews.
      One manifestation of Jewish fragility was the reaction to Jesus Christ, who verbally chastised them for  hypocrisy. As a result, the Jews used their power and influence (Jewish privilege) to have him executed.”

      Fritz Berggren, PhD
      28 February 2021

      • What a schizo. If you could read you would realize I wasn’t downplaying Jewish power, but pointing out that they don’t achieve it by voting for political candidates.

        • Yes you obviously were referring to the billions and even trillions of “votes” at their disposal. Fr. John probably skimmed your post. There are folks who show up here who are remain thoroughly marinated in Holocaustianity so it’s easy to go into de-programming mode. He’s not a schizo.

  4. According to Greenblatt, everything is ‘anti Semitic’.
    And every truth is ‘offensive remarks’, but none of what he says is anti – white apparently.
    You won’t end racism or anti Semitism…….until you end the things that cause it.
    Ripping someone’s tongue out doesn’t prove him a liar. It tells everyone that the truth was prevented from being said.

    • Jews aren’t Semites. GreenBLATT is a con artist, as they all are.
      No semites, no ‘anti-semitism.’

      Hitler and Luther were right. Let’s make it 110.

        • Exactly. A lot were allowed to leave or got out. Look at how many in the US have German, Dutch, Polish, or even Russian last names. Had the NS actually did the 6 mill number, they wouldn’t be here.
          So many German surnames are uniquely Jewish now.

  5. Trump sees the ultra-orthodox Satmar Hassidic community protesting Israel in New York all the time – – but now, there is a secular “new Jewish anti-Zionism” that has Trump, Kushner and everyone on edge: “The new anti-Zionist Jews are not like members of the Satmar Hassidic community who hold the theological belief that Jews should not have a state of their own until a miraculous messianic era. The new anti-Zionist Jews are Jews who have decided to wage war against other Jews. They are Jews who advocate for economic boycotts of Israel, which will rob other Jews of their means of livelihood; they are Jews lobbying to limit weapons sales to Israel, choking the Jewish state’s ability to defend itself, they are Jews seeking to tilt public opinion against Israel and seeking to diplomatically isolate Israel. This is not about Israel being in the land of Israel with all of the historical and religious meanings that might have; this is about waging war against the largest Jewish community in the world. It is about taking an active role in seeking to harm other Jews”:

    Meanwhile the Satmar Hasidics and other orthodox anti-Zionists such as this small group seeking asylum in Iran are no danger to Zionism.

    World’s largest concentration camp, where even the open sky is set to be covered:

  6. He’s gearing up to run again in 2024 and stories like these are designed to court/trick the anti-semitic vote.

  7. It is never enough to satisfy the socially liberal Jewish electorate. They always have been the most annoying group to ever walk this Earth. They have always been very hard to please. If a politician actually tried running against them in terms of rhetoric and actual policy, he would have my vote instantly!

    Jewish power and influence over our Congress can be pointed out across the spectrum however. Ilhan Omar, James Trafficant, and David Duke all agree that Israeli money controls Congress.

    I believe that when the American Empire defeated our ancestors who fought in the War of Southern Independence, they partially used that war as a testing ground to start using military force to take over other nations before caving completely to Israel.

  8. Trump may also be implying that he loves Israel more than even some Jews.

    In other Donald Trump related news: While the Trumpian STORMING OF THE CAPITOL ON JANUARY 6th is being punished severely, the U.S. arranged a similar storming of a Parliament in another capital, including an outright coup attempt, and now the U.S. refuses to admit or apologize for it: “On November 24, around 1,000 (…) attempted to storm parliament in the nation’s capital city Honiara and take Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare hostage. After the police beat them back, the mob went on a three-day rampage, looting and burning dozens of buildings, including a police station, high school, and businesses owned by ethnic Chinese residents. Three people were killed in the destruction. The US ambassador’s December 10 statement only included a cursory, pro forma denunciation of the violence. Ambassador McKee said this was ‘tragic and should not have happened,’ but immediately added tacit support to the claims of the Solomons’ opposition that the rioting was NOT A COUP BUT A PEACEFUL PROTEST THAT SOMEHOW GOT OUT OF HAND.” The U.S. is trying to overthrow the legitimate, democratically-elected government of the Solomon Islands because it withdrew its recognition of Taiwan and recognized the legitimacy of the People’s Republic of China.

    After the failed Parliament storming and coup operation, the U.S. is doubling down with monetary support for its puppet-opposition proxy force in a new civil war, and at least one powerful U.S. Senator (Rubio) threatens to “crash the Solomon Islands’ economy by imposing sanctions and cutting off access to US and global financial institutions” – – and once it bites, the Empire can never really let go.

      • @November – Trump recently made an asinine statement that Jews once controlled Congress but that they don’t anymore.

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