Brookings: How Seriously Should We Take Talk Of U.S. Secession?

I’m a realist.

It is a great development that secession entered the mainstream in 2021.

For the first time in my lifetime, a majority of White Southerners are at least open to the idea of dissolving the Union, which wasn’t the case as recently as a year ago. In 2001, you came across as an eccentric for advocating Southern independence. In 2011, you still came across as someone who was nostalgic and living in the past, but it was becoming clear that America had mounting problems. In 2021, you come across as a prophet for having seen the future so clearly and before anyone else in your community.

Brookings Institution:

“One troubling sign of our deteriorating civic mood is the shocking breadth of support for secession in the United States. At a time of widespread polarization—where people are arguing over a supposedly stolen election, vaccine mandates, mask-wearing, and the reality of climate change—a September 2020 Hofstra University poll found that “nearly 40 percent of likely voters would support state secession if their candidate loses.” This was followed by a YouGov and Bright Line Watch survey last June that revealed that 37% of Americans supported a “willingness to secede” when asked: “Would you support or oppose [your state] seceding from the United States to join a new union with [list of states in new union]?” Support for doing this was highest in the South and among Republicans. …

Yet secession’s mere mention in public discourse reveals the dangers facing American democracy right now. The deeply rooted polarization that is fueling public mistrust of the “other side” is opening people to far-reaching possibilities that otherwise might not be considered; ideas once considered impossible may now fall within the realm of possibility. …

Talk of radical solutions signals a deep discontent with the status quo and a willingness to consider “outside the box” actions. Extreme actions are moving into the mainstream in ways that are quite risky. During a time of megachange, we should not ignore these kinds of radical ideas. Rather than being outside the mainstream, such discussion may signal a future that varies widely from the recent past.”

I tried to look beyond the Trump presidency in September 2015.

I saw it as something that we would have to go through to create the level of polarization necessary for secession to even become conceivable. The Trump presidency would prove to be a mirage where these people thought that they had succeeded in “Taking Back America.” When they eventually were confronted with reality, it would radicalize them. This has since come to pass.

Looking ahead, we’re going to give “Taking Back America” another whirl. The Democrats are going to fall apart due to inflation and their own contradictions. Your Favorite President is going to launch his 2024 Revenge Tour after the midterms. Trump and the GOP are going to be restored to power on “Let’s Go Brandon” and will predictably squander it. The Democrats will get even crazier and the polarization and division will intensify and ratchet up to the next level. If we are lucky, California will secede.

The best case scenario would be that the libtards in the coastal Blue States are so blackpilled by a Trump Restoration that they take the initiative and secede and we let them go peacefully. It is more likely that we are disappointed and Trump’s second term ends up being as tense and unfruitful as his first term. He ends up surrounded again by grifters, nepotism and inept advisors and sells out to the donors.

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  1. Regardless of what one thinks of Trump, if you think he has a shot of winning in 2024, you’re nuts. There is no way they would allow him to win. They’ll find ways to rig it again like they did in 2016. Mr. Wallace, for some reason you just dismiss these claims of rigging. You should read Molly Hemmingway’s book. Yes, she’s from cuckservative inc…..but she makes excellent point at how the dems made it impossible for Trump to win. If they did it once, they’ll do it again. DeSantis may have a chance, but he’s far from a guarantee either.

    • If you are saying they censored the internet, changed the election laws well in advance and flooded the polls with mail in ballots, I would agree. Basically, he still lost thought because White Independents soured on him. There is no way around that and even his team knows it

      • I don’t think Trump could muster enough support to win again, HW. Millions of former supporters like me will never for him no matter what. And the System would never allow him back into office anyway.

  2. Tax Freedom Day

    How seriously should we take coercive taxation that forces people to subsidize a government they despise, as well as its activities and programs of which they not only strongly disapprove, but see as contrary to their interests, their children’s interests, and damaging to the future of the US as a ‘free’ country?

    I would take that very seriously.

  3. The Brookings Institution is worried about secession when the very policies championed and implemented by The Brookings Institution have driven people to advocate secession. What did these obtuse assholes expect to happen?

  4. I’m skeptical and pessimistic about the productive prospects for Southern nationalism/Southern independence. I suppose it could go a different way, but it really just seems like it would be a vehicle for negrophilia and a doubling down on free-marketeering and geopolitical zionism.

  5. State leadership needs to be removed for any serious secession movement. Voting is rigged so it needs to be more than trying to vote your way out of this. When the power goes out whomever distributes food and gets the power running again will be the new leadership. Short wave radio is likely going to be very important. You can get emergency crank-generator shortwaves for $30. Getting operators training and a rig would be handy too. You can transmit data at early dial-up speeds over short wave. I would go back to the 80’s over this nightmare any day.

  6. I support secession one hundred percent. Screw the liars, thieves, murders, and jew zionist supporters who have been behind the slow destruction of this world from the beginning. Done with politicians at the local, state, and USA. Inc. level. Let them all hang!

  7. “The best case scenario would be that the libtards in the coastal Blue States are so blackpilled by a Trump Restoration, that they take the initiative and secede-”

    The Northern People will simply say; “We ‘are’ America.” “Who are we going to secede from?; Ourselves?

    From a Southern Nationalist perspective, it’s exactly those states in the Northeast, and in the Great Lakes, that we need to be rid of, in order to restore sanity, political liberty, and stable, reliable and predictable government to our Southern States. And to the Interior West, too.

    California will simply fall to Mexico, after the collapse of the general government in Washington, D.C. Which will happen soon enough, when they lose a short, sharp war with Russia and/or China, over Ukraine or Taiwan.

  8. I’m not giving up shit… Appeasement is NEVER the answer, especially since the assassinations haven’t even started yet. Even if we have to go guerrilla so be it, but I won’t give the enemy one piece of my country…

  9. “In 2021, you come across as a prophet for having seen the future so clearly and before anyone else in your community.”

    Thank you, HW. I owe most of my prophetic insight to this site….. as an ‘unreconstructed Yankee’ starting reading this blog, over a decade ago. It was the comments, and the insights that enabled me and the family to move from the Upper Midwest, to somewhere in the South…. at least for a while.

  10. What good is secession if you have the same (((people))) ruining everything and the same two legged black plague destroying everything? You have to get rid or ban the parasites from those states otherwise nothing will change.

  11. Forget about “Let’s Go Brandon” and embrace “Let’s Go … Our Own Way — SECEDE NOW!”

    When I asked a pro-secessionist about 20 years ago what percentage wanted to secede and he answered about 20%.

    May God Save the South!

  12. If you want secession, just wait for the coming collapse of the socio-economic system, followed by a revolution which ultimately turns into the FUSA’s first civil war. What transpired between 1861 to 1865 was a conflict between two sovereign & independent nations. If you want a preview of what it’s going to be like, check out books, films, etc. on the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, 30 years ago. That should give some you some idea on what to expect. However here in the FUSA, it’s going to be a much worse thanks to diversity & disparity. Perhaps, the worst atrocities ever committed by humans are in store for the masses. Who knows? Prepare accordingly. Keep in mind there’s going to be multiple enemies that you will be up against and it’s a winner takes all scenario. Another matter to keep in perspective. Even if the South or The Redoubt decides to secede, there’s going to be military response from the FUSA. That could be the dying Empire’s last stand. Just like Afghanistan and remember what happened to the former Soviet Union after retreating from that shithole.

    • You need to do more than just wait. Not only should we prepare as much as we are able, the collapse needs to be accelerated by all means available. Turn off the damned television and give it to a negro “church” – since the Kangz and Queenz there already like their big-screens to view Talmud-vision programming. Remove any children from publick schuls. They are government-funded indoctrination centers. Pull any support from orgs like the Salvation Army – who are now totally converged and dedicated to extermination of whites. Ditto for 90% or more of what purports to be Christianity. The only god worshipped by these monstrosities are either the Golden Dindu or the Judeo-Christ – each a skinsuit for Satan. Encourage every white person you know to do the same. When the regime becomes weak enough, stop payment of taxes. The sooner police and military pensions are looted by Larry Fink and his associates, the better.

      • Thank you for your reply. I actually quit watching TV well over 40 years ago. I stopped going to sports ball games just about the same time on all levels, pro down to even high school. I gave up on “organized” religion back in the 1980’s. I’m against public schools & support closing down many public universities. I voted against every tax levy, state, county & municipal, since 1972, when I first became registered. By the way, after 49 years and the subsequent fraud, I’m not voting anymore. No coins for the Salvation Army this holiday season. Even though I was a Boy Scout for 5 years, I no longer support that once fine organization & it’s quite obvious why! I’m prepping like all get out and then some! Just about everything you’ve recommended, I’m doing. Still working, but would love to retire to the Redoubt where I’ve vacationed numerous times. Cyclops, have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! May you not only survive the coming collapse, but even prosper as well. Oh, by the way, I’m for secession, too!

  13. “…reveals the dangers facing American democracy right now.”
    Good reason to leave. If those people think they have changed, or can change, the republic into a mere democracy, they and I have nothing on which we can agree.

  14. I feel differently about how the Blue States will react. They are like Pharaoh from the story of Moses and the slaves.

    “But the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and he would not let his people go.”-Book of Exodus, paraphrased

    Pharaoh wanted to lord it over the Hebrew slaves – and perhaps for justifiable reasons, considering what we know about (((God’s Chosen People))), but that’s not the point. The point is, sometimes you get spiteful tyrants with bitter hearts who just want to lord it over their enemies and treat them with cruelty. Richard Spencer and Mark Brahmin fit this description. Nietzsche fit that description. All for a “glorious” future, of course.

    I would argue that anyone who wants to rule over others for any reason fits that description. Its a sin to want to rule. Popular Sovereignty takes a skeptical view of ruling for this reason. The Whigs opposed tyranny for this reason. Cruelty is always just around the corner, and as of 2021, it has yet to be purged from the hearts of the White Race once and for all.

    The RadLibs in the coastal states are the Pharaoh of our story. They wish to crush us and subordinate us. They’re not going to secede, and they’re not going to let us secede. The only way this war gets won is if we ignore their false cries of “oppression” and subordinate them first. We need to make their worst nightmares a reality. Non-whites are a minor problem that can be solved easily. RadLibs are an existential threat that must be dealt with using the same cruelty they wish to use on us.

  15. Secession is stupid. Why take a little bit of the country when we could have the whole thing? I can tell EXACTLY a path to take that would guarantee this within a few years time. Someone asked this question on Anonymous Conservative and my answer is below.

    “…If people don’t like secession, they need to provide a solution for what to do about the blue archipelago destroying the country. Something we can actually accomplish, and not just “Rawr, shoot ’em all!”…”

    This is a ridiculously long comment but I want to make it mindnumbingly clear what the major problem is and how to go about fixing it in the most detailed way possible so it will be plain to anyone.

    I can tell you exactly how to do it. I can’t say this can happen tomorrow but it could happen very, very soon if we could get Republicans that are not actually the enemy and would ruthlessly push power to our side. What are they going to do call us racist, White Supremacist? They do that already so in fact we have nothing to lose.

    You have to regain power. How do we do this. Look at this map. Population density in 3D. Height is population.

    Now look at this one.

    Red – Blue counties in US. Pay attention.

    We have to make the red-blue map work for us. You can see immediately if the red-blue was the power structure then we would be in kick ass shape, right? Then why aren’t we? Did you know that the power structure USED to be the red-blue map. Yes it was but in what I consider an illegal Supreme court decision that said that from now on the top 3D map would be the power structure. I’ll explain.

    In most States the House and Senate were just like the House and Senate in the Federal government. This means the State House legislatures were based on population (3D map) and the Senates were based on regions (red-blue map). The Supreme court decided that this was racist or not cool or whatever and unilaterally said that States could no longer have regional based Senates that were just like the regional based Senate of the Federal government. How it’s legal in the Federal government but not in the States they didn’t explain.

    This was a major turning point in US history which no one anywhere talks about at all ever(that Ive noticed). In fact I’ve only seen me talk about it being a momentous change in the power structure of the country. Why everyone is not jumping up and down in super pissed off mode about this I haven’t the foggiest idea because it is

    ( Capitalized, quoted and exclaimed!!)

    All power in the US now resides in all the biggest cities in all the States.

    Let’s see what this means. If power is only in the big cities, and it is, then those that whose nature is more liberal, in the cities, will always have more voting power. The Houses and the Senates of the States are automatically given a far more leftward slant. If you go to New York City and then to New York upstate they are not the same people. The upstate New York people have zero power. Let’s try others, Washington State, Oregon State.

    If Washington State and Oregon State had regional representation in the Senates of those States do you think the people in east Washington State or Oregon State would have allowed all that burning and looting in Seattle and Portland? HELL NO. The (regional based)Senators of those States would have gotten a mass of angry calls from the people in the eastern part of the State and they would have done something or had their asses kicked to the curb. This means the rural area Senators would have immediately leaned on the governor to the extent that I expect as bad as it got they would have told the governor he would be impeached if he did not stop all the burning and rioting.

    People who live in more inaccessible rural areas have a much bigger fear of anarchy for justified reasons. It’s a mental attitude that if you look for it is widespread all over the country and for good justifiable reasons. They don’t have any police nearby to protect them. State police can take hours to get to them if they need help. That’s why they will never give up their guns. No one is coming to save them. By the time the police get there the criminals would have killed them. This local attitude I bet would carry in the minds of the rural population over to all parts of the State. So even if they were in eastern Washington they would have looked, and did, in horror at what was going on in Seattle.

    This sort of “regional” State Senates, which was outlawed by an illegal court decision, carries over to a whole plethora of issues.

    I’ll give another example. The governor of Virginia and the legislature almost, not quite, but almost passed some sort of draconian gun control. Now if there was regional Senate representation do you think that would pass? Hell no. Never in a million years because Senators would have to answer directly to their region and as you can see there’s a hell of a lot more red than blue in the red-blue map “IF” you have regional representation like we used to have in the States. Why the idea of gun control would never even come up because the idea that it would pass would be so futile as to be nonexistent.

    This is a huge, massive power grab that started after the civil war when the big population centers in the country defeated the more rural South and it has only intensified over time. Over time the city centers have become more and more corrupt and since the lesser population regions have no power they can not stop it. Look at all the big cities where all the fraud goes on and then imagine that every single State had a regional Senator instead of one based on population in every State. Can you imagine that these regional Senators would allow all this corruption to go on in the cities voting and have all their rural residents votes nullified by these corrupt bastards. Hell no. There would be a huge massive investigation that would never end by the regional Senators until at least the most flagrant of the violations would stop.

    So what do we do? We must nullify the the illegal court decisions that caused this abortion of the cities controlling everything and we can do this in several ways.

    The Republicans who had the Senate and House in the Federal government under Trump could have done this but they were to timid, corrupt or ignorant to do so. In fact the Legislature and the President can tell the Supreme court to kiss their ass. It’s built right into the Constitution that THEY decide WHAT the Supreme court can rule ON.

    Here’s the relevant constitutional passages.

    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    The important part. The earlier part declares what powers they have but it ends with control of these functions by Congress. Congress could tell them to butt out of any stupid overbearing rulings. They could do that with with lots of stuff they keep ramming down our throats. The courts could be stuck with only deciding water rights cases between States if they push too hard to twist the Constitution to death.

    As soon as Congress nullifies this illegal ruling and changes it back to regional representation for all the States in the US in all the States then we will be in a position in the State legislatures to do whatever we damn well please. The State legislature map will change from this, the population map,

    to this, the county map.

    That will be a huge difference. You can see it.

    How to do it. If we can ever again get a majority in the Federal Senate and House we could do this. If we could get a Constitutional amendment passed in the States we could do this. If we could get enough States to found a Constitutional convention we could do this. It’s not impossible. Difficult but not impossible.

    If the Jews can take over our whole country, and they have, over several decades then surely over a period of time we can do this one thing and the rest will follow from it. The important part is that it become “THE ISSUE”. No matter what anyone is voting for on anything if they don’t jump up and down about the inequality of these illegal court rulings then refuse to support them in any way. Don’t even vote for anyone who doesn’t CONSTANTLY and LOUDLY call the made up court ruling illegal. Make it a do or die issue. From that follows other reforms I think should happen.

    We should get rid of the Constitutional amendment for direct election of Senators to the Federal government. The whole reason for this was so the money power could buy our Senate. It was dressed up as “Democracy” but we all know that is bullshit. The old Federal Senate was appointed by the State Senators and with the change to regional Senators you know damn well who would be in charge. US not them.

    I also believe we should pay Federal Senators a big, massive shit load of money every year. I mean real fuck you money. It wouldn’t bother me if we paid them each $100 million a year but I’m sure we could get by with less. Let’s say $25 million a year at the least. With that kind of money they would not be subject to bribery. Blackmail, yes but not bribery. And if they were blackmailed and started doing stupid things the State Senators could note this and fire them as they are appointed by the State Senators not elected.

    They could also get rid of another illegal shit storm of a ruling by the Supreme court. The Supreme court decided that the system we had in some States of only letting those vote who had some means of taking care of themselves or had a high school diploma or some other feature making it likely they were provident citizens was to be thrown in the trash and if you had a warm body that was enough This of course has been noted as to be the downfall of many countries throughout history where those that don’t have can vote themselves cash from those that do.

    This of course never works for long and our founding fathers knew this. There’s a reason when asked what type of government we had of Benjamin Franklin he said a Republic if we can keep it. He knew. Change this law and the ghetto would would cease to be a reliable place to get votes. This would almost immediately, faster than you could think possible, put an end to the endless Cambodian level Po Pot crime levels in our country because the actual voters that mattered would demand to lock these savage animals up and they would be. There would be no more of this latest nightmare where a Groid shot a retired firefighter as he was trying to steal his truck and a Groid jury let him go free because,”he lost his ride”. What a nightmare. That would end because if they couldn’t vote they also couldn’t serve on juries.

    There’s all kinds of other changes we could make. I suspect if the votes for every single piece of legislation in the States had to go through rural regional voted in Senators approval that “Critical Race theory” would die, like right now. Done. Finished. I expect a lot of school funds would disappear if the schools insisted on teaching this.

    Look at the maps. It’s plain as day how power would be apportioned and if we had a bit of ruthlessness about us we could throw out all the illegals and all the imported mass immigrants that took so much as one dime of Federal or State welfare or any other funds. We could totally change the whole country in a couple of years and all it would take is to get rid of one court ruling and force States to go back to what they had before the courts illegally changed them.

    If the States refused the Senate could just refuse to seat their Senators or count their votes and carry on without them. There’s precedent for this from the Democrats. The Democrats after they got rid of Nixon didn’t like some Representatives that were voted in, I think in New Hampshire, and made them vote over and over until a Democrat was put into office. They refused to seat the official elected by the State. What’s good for them is good for us.

    Now maybe this plan is not perfect and it won’t happen overnight but right now we have no central plan that could be seen to turn the country completely around. All the plans I see are just to stop some of the bleeding. I DO NOT see breaking up the country or civil war as a good option. Being a big country with a lot of resources like we have is very desirable if we could run the thing the way we want it to be run instead of all the city centers. We could take all this massive wealth and power and focus it in our direction instead of theirs. Big win. The alternative of constant fighting with the large population centers… well we tried that and it didn’t come out too well.

    Let’s game this a little. The red center States succeed, The coastal population centers take over the navy, block our ports and at the same time import a huge mass of bodies and maybe even the Chinese army. The Jews running things are serious psychopathic ruthless fucks, I could see them promising the Chinese the central States land and them killing us all. They did it to the Ukrainians so there’s precedent. They blast us to hell and back and starve us out. (Hmmmm maybe Gates buying up all the farmland is…well a thing). I don’t think the coastal States could defeat us without outside help but I have no doubt they would have plenty of that. Countries all over the world salivating over cutting off chunks of the US corpse. Maybe we could fight them off. Threaten nukes but… very messy and lots of stinking corpses. No guarantees against complete annihilation.

    My way just uses the system of governance which we had and no one can really honestly complain that getting rid of totally made up court decisions is some sort of evil thing. Of course they will complain but I don’t think they would fight about it. It may even work.

    Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533 (1964), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that the electoral districts of state legislative chambers must be roughly equal in population

    The widening of the people eligible to vote comes from the Voting Rights Act. There’s so damn many of these cases it would be difficult to mention them all. It’s probably easier to link where they are complaining that a few of them, like having a real ID, are being said to be restrictive by the same evil assets that want to overthrow the country. They want no rules at all.

    There’s a whole slew of these type decisions that affect voting. Making the average middle class voters votes count way less than needed for a stable decent Republic and moving the country to a Democracy which tends towards Despotism. We don’t have to put up with this.

    The Supreme court really started this way, way back in Marbury vs Madison where they ruled that it was THEY who were responsible for interpreting the Constitution and whatever they decided was what it said.

    I’m not completely against that idea(Marbury vs Madison). The problem is that as they continually went farther and farther afield from the Constitution the Legislature refused to stop them.

    Here’s a shit kicking out of this world example. A Fed. court ruled that Kansas schools were racist so the courts, forced the State to build more and better schools. the court decided in a general way the budget so the schools would have all the best new stuff and then they even bused kids from out of the district into the schools to “make them better”. It was a huge failure but note that the judge judged the law, wrote what needed to be done(legislative) and then monitored what was done (executive), so they WERE the whole damn government. A King, a Tyrant by any definition. They should have thrown him out on his ass.

    I wish I could get people to internalize this as some super really hurtful thing to our cause of a stable decent Republic. I really believe if we would change, as a beginning, this one thing about regional representation in the State Senate houses that was illegally taken away it would spawn a whole serious raft of changes over time. It would have to. Look at the difference in who says to do what. It would be totally upended if regional representation was the rule.

    Having State Senates appoint Federal Senators would even turbocharge the whole thing even more. They would quit giving a damn about what Amazon, Gates, Facebook, etc. cared about at all.

    What do you want to bet if the Congress said,”You must have regional representation in the State Senates” the left would immediately start bellowing about States rights like the most extreme “Fire Eater” from the Southern States before the civil war.

    If we really wanted to kick their asses. I mean total domination, and why not they will certainly do it to us. We should REQUIRE all States to have equal land area proportional regional representation in the Senates of all the States. If I’m not mistaken, and I may be, I believe the Senate can decide the rules under which Senators can serve and if that is so we could just not seat their Senators unless they did as we said. Refuse to count their votes and carry on legislating without them.

      • Where is it wrong? The Jews have taken many decades taking over our country by using just such wedges to do so. Can we not do the same? What is it you do not understand about packing the legislatures with people vastly more likely to vote in our favor. Is this not what they do?

        If we had regional representation in the Senates of all the States I believe it would be extremely likely that there would be a massive movement in the Senates of all the States to stop the vote fraud. If we controlled voting like we used to do Blacks could not get on juries and let go murderers of our people.

        Your comment is infantile and and adds nothing. My comment was long to cover such infantile comments by covering most of the objections but you have successfully overcome that by adding nothing and seeing nothing and knowing nothing. Your comment is the equivalent of showing up at a seminar on Roman history, sitting for an hour listening then asking,”I thought we were going to get cake?”

  16. We should not take it seriously at all. Our elections were stolen and mandates enforced all over the place, and secession has been talked about off and on forever. We have no way to get it done. Our side isn’t going to do a damn thing. Get over it.

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