San Francisco’s Mayor Is Sick of the Bullshit That Has “Destroyed” Her City

This is what happens when you allow progressive activists to run a major American city.

New York Post:

“After Black Lives Matter protesters last year demanded that cities “Defund the police,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed held a press conference to announce that her city would be one of the first to do exactly that. Breed cut $120 million from the budgets of both San Francisco’s police and sheriff’s departments. A spokesperson for the police officers’ union warned the cuts “could impact our ability to respond to emergencies.”

This week, Breed reversed herself in dramatic fashion, announcing that she was making an emergency request to the city Board of Supervisors for more money for the police to support a crackdown on crime, including open-air drug dealing, car break-ins and retail theft.

“I’m proud this city believes in giving people second chances,” said Breed. “Nevertheless, we also need there to be accountability when someone does break the law … Our compassion cannot be mistaken for weakness or indifference … I was raised by my grandmother to believe in ‘tough love,’ in keeping your house in order, and we need that, now more than ever.” …”

What was the final straw?

San Francisco has been an object of national ridicule for a year now. I’m guessing it was that video about libtards leaving their trunks open for the burglars which went viral.

Note: In San Jose, the police have caught the people who have been targeting the AAPI community, which has also made national news this year.

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  1. Proof means nothing to the anti white lunatics …
    Are you sure those 6 dindus aren’t just white men in black face , you nazis ??

    • American Renaissance had an article a couple of years ago about how police departments and the thoroughly corrupt DOJ listed the race of people who had been arrested. There were numerous pictures of “White” men (according to NYC police and DOJ) arrested for various crimes. They varied from coal black to mulatto in their mug shots but all were listed as “White” in their racial classification.

      If there were an honest accounting of crimes by race the already bad numbers for coloreds would be much worse thus an honest accounting cannot be allowed. The police/DOJ just make shit up all the time listing non-White criminals as White to skew the numbers in a less bad direction. Who are you going to believe, the regime or your lying eyes?

      Just remember, we’re all equal as the commissars in Washington tell us.

  2. Another one of Willie’s hos, this bitch has been caught a few times twerkin ern duh club maskless bucking her own mandates, in one case it was literally the day after but of course.

  3. I listened to that speech by “Mayor” London Breed about promising to crack down on crime. It was impressive but I’m not expecting anything to change. Except maybe the way in which police crime stats are manipulated so that the problem doesn’t look as bad as it actually is. Interesting how CA has a relatively small black population yet they still manage to cause huge amounts of trouble. Even Beverly Hills, San Diego and Pacific Palisades aren’t safe from those feral apes!

    • They’re gone pretty much from SF, they moved to Oakland apparently. They ride BART over to the city or drive from Oakland to commit crimes in SF. London Breed knows this just like everyone else.

      With a name like “London Breed” what can you expect? WTF kind of name is that anyway?

  4. It has been really interesting watching this progress over the years. I would argue it started in 1967. San Francisco used to be kind of a union/Democrat town with longshoremen and the occasional strike/labor riot. In 1967 hoards of hippies descended on Golden Gate park and made a giant homeless/drug addict pig sty out of it. After that it seemed that the homeless became a permanent fixture of the city. I could never understand why the city wouldn’t deal with the problem. Surely it’s cheaper to house or rehab them than having rows of aggressive homeless driving shoppers away from the high end retail stores downtown. One of the things the city did do was to install and 24 hour emergency dialysis clinic on Upper Haight Street. This was in the late 90’s. One of the more immediate results was a proliferation of used needles in Golden Gate Park. The streets have always been littered with shit but it used to be mainly dog shit. I haven’t been back in 20 years but it would appear human feces is now a fact of everyday life. The smash and grab looting looks like the final nail in the coffin for retail stores. Don’t forget this is Nancy Pelosi’s home precinct. If food shortages and cannibalism break out it would be almost biblical.

    • >San Francisco used to be kind of a union/Democrat town with longshoremen and the occasional strike/labor riot. In 1967 hoards of hippies descended on Golden Gate park and made a giant homeless/drug addict pig sty out of it.

      Pretty typical American New Left intelligence agency stuff.

      • They were supplying the LSD for sure. Not that there was much shortage. You could buy the precursors without even ID. “Sunshine”, a tweaked version, was what became known as LSD. That took some skill to make. Supplying Antifa with meth seems to be out of the same playbook. The cool thing with meth (for them) is that the addicts don’t live long enough to write books about it.

    • I visited a website 10 years ago called something like working class San Franciso. It had thousands of photos of working class people and San Francisco going back to the beginning of photography. And yep I got the same impression. The 1970s was the beginning of the end.

    • San Franciso used to be a great place to live. Then it was discovered, prices went up, and no one could afford to live there – unless they were a homeless druggie.

  5. Now is the time to swing to the right and turn law-and-order. The now law-and-order Mayor was not really shocked, but has always been fully aware of the milieu of violence. “Breed was raised by her grandmother in Plaza East public housing in the Western Addition neighborhood of the city. Breed later wrote of her childhood in San Francisco: “… five of us living on $900 per month. ‘Recycling’ meant drinking out of old mayonnaise jars. Violence was never far away. And once a week, we took Grandma’s pushcart to the community room to collect government-issued groceries.” Her younger sister died of a drug overdose in 2006 and her brother is in prison serving a 44-year sentence for a 2000 manslaughter and armed robbery conviction, for which Breed has repeatedly asked for clemency from the governor’s office; in August 2021, she was fined for abusing her office in doing so”:

    Don’t worry, you’ll be safe enough. What has to be done will be done. The trillion-dollar law, enforcement, and incarceration industry is very profitable and strong. The “radical Black” Mayor is really just a career politician, just another puppet figurehead mouthpiece for the system.

    The U.S. won’t be having any democratic community-based police like Nicaragua.

    • Clemency is the free pass. They always think it’s someone else’s fault when something happens to them. I bet she thinks that’s the case with her sister and brother, too. No sense of responsibility.

  6. The fact that negros are allowed and encouraged by whites to rule over them and their countries, is a testament to how far we have fallen. So much has been thrown down the drain for these colored eyesores, so much wasted, yet they manage to fuck up every city they take over. Their failure is unprecedented. No other race or ethnicity can compete. The ruling jews use the prognathous wild black as WMD’s to wreak havoc to the first world and their pet simians have, with much success, reduced the entire white west to piles of rubble and burnt feces. Just give negro a machete and malt liquor, and you will see the amount of savagery that will commence. Look at modern day Hiroshima versus St. Louis or Detroit, and you get a clear contrast of the progress. But race is just a social construct they say.

    • It always amazes me that many whites can’t see the simian connection. They aren’t us. It’s both intelligence and physical. I’d say skin color isn’t even the biggest difference.
      When I see a white woman with a black man in a store, I wonder what she sees when she looks at him.

    • You got that right. The entire nationwide “Summer of St. George Fentanylus’ is the classic ‘Jewish Lightning’ scam on steroids. I’ve heard them refer to it as ‘creative destruction’ or ‘urban renewal’ also. Dindus are way too stupid to figure it out. Most whites can’t allow themselves to grasp the reality either.

  7. SanFagSicko was terminally ill about the time “Inspector Calahan” tossed his badge away in the original “Dirty Harry ” film.

    • No movie like that would EVER be allowed today. They got the criminals right in that movie. “Hey, ah gots to know…”

    • Dirty Harry was the last real movie hero. “You don’t think we’re going to let you just walk out of here, do you??” (Spoken to the criminal subhuman in a stand-off during a crime.)

      Now they kneel down to subhuman thugs. Astonishing stuff. When I saw media reports of my state’s national guard kneeling down to Burners, Looters, and Murderers (BLM) I knew we were truly at the beginning of the end.

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