The Democracy Panic

Establishment liberals are losing their minds.

The hysteria about the imminent death of “our democracy” seems to grow with each passing day. You can turn on CNN or MSNBC at any time of the day or read the Washington Post or The Atlantic and a year later the top story is always the “January 6 insurrection.”

Here are the Top 5 reasons that the rest of the country doesn’t share this obsession:

1. Inflation and gas prices sting and have a direct impact on millions of people who normally ignore the circus in Washington. Nothing focuses the mind like growing poorer by the day.

2. When PMCs use the phrase “our democracy,” everyone understands what they mean by that is their divine right as a social class to lord it over everyone else who lives here. They are expressing anxiety about their lack of legitimacy and fear of losing power.

3. Elections are now like the chariot races that used to take place in the Byzantine Empire. They absorb the attention of the public. The policies are sold to the donors though or made by technocrats.

4. Everyone has heard about the “January 6 insurrection” a million times by now.

5. 99% of this fearmongering and handwringing is motivated by the polls which show Joe Biden and the Democrats getting blown out in the 2022 midterms.

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  1. The question is will they be able to spur on their minions to steal enough votes to keep power? You know they will push their expendables to break the law as much as possible. If they succeed they will think it a great win because as a tool to start a civil war it would be a great one.

    I’m not so sure they can get the minions to fall in line though. They may be paid but I bet the pay is meager compared to long prison sentences. There haven’t been many of these but if they lose power there could be. They have to know this.

    If we could get some real “let’s screw them every way we can” politicians that use power the same way the Democrats do for our benefit then we could rout them. It could be a serious blood bath with major financial wipe out for the left. So far our compromised Republicans have not had the guts to do this.

  2. Voting on the federal level is pointless and irrelevant for anybody but Northerners and Democrats in California.

    The rest of us need to follow Brion McClanahan’s maxim, and think and act locally. Forget about the general government in Washington. One of these days, it’s not going to be there anymore, anyway. But hopefully, we can hold on to our state governments. We’re going to have to, in order to survive..

  3. I would add 6., the Covid repression. More people are wondering what this is all about, although there is still compliance. the old media cry of ‘we’re all in this together’ is jostling with Kennedy’s book on Fauci. At Barnes and Noble, it’s sold out. I’d like to think this is a hopeful sign. There are people who comply, but others wonder what the point of it is, and I think forced compliance is more powerful that ‘the science.’

    I’m 69, and have been told my religious exemption doesn’t matter, and if I don’t vaccinate, I’m out of a job.
    I can’t believe I’m the only one, and if I do get vaccinated, it’s because of my age, and I don’t want to screw up my economics, although as Hunter notes, point 1. is already screwing things up.

    As Harold Covington noted, a lot of Americans don’t want the freedom to do what they want, but the right to make you not do what THEY don’t want you to do. I can’t help think more people are coming to terms with this, as a final relief from Covid merely becomes ‘next year in Jerusalem.’

    Especially when people see that the upper class simply do what they want re vaccines, masks, etc.
    The thoughtful opposition will see genuine resistance as fighting all those chariot races we put up with to avoid seeing the realities of the system.

    As the comedienne Elaine may said in one of her routines, ‘I love a moral issue much more than a real issue.’

    • Re: democracy and “the Covid repression”.

      People who continue to vaccinate their pets every year oppose vaccination for humans after they have joined the anti-science cult of pandemic denial. However public health is integral to democracy, and full, effective, scientific health care is a universal human right. Democracy does not include a right to choose to spread a deadly disease to others by refusing to be vaccinated or to obey basic hygiene rules.

      • @anonymous – Consensus “science” is its own CULT. Highly qualified scientists who dissent are considered heretics. And a rabies vaccination for a domestic animal is not comparable to a COVID shot…. Commie jackass.

      • @ Are you ever going too understand this is a soveregnty issue, who has soveregnty over our flesh, we or the state? If you don’t own your own flesh, you own nothing and you are certainly not free, you have been commenting on this southern intellectual site for quite some time, we take our soveregnty serious, the real deal is satan is trying to win this battle, right here and now, the ” MARK OF THE BEAST ” will be delivered via innoculation also, If our adversary can bully us into compliance now, forget about ever being free again, after this coming world war, part of the reset program they have, is too microchip everybody, comply or die, they are trying too win the phycological aspect of the fight right here and now, there are people that are losing their lives, because they took the vax, the vax/ mark that is coming, compliance with the state/antichrist, beast one world government, will cost you your soul, I know you know what fiendish fauci, did too those beagles, the whole lot of them bastards are evil, if you want too spend eternity in hell, keep it up with your assistance of these servants of the devil……..

  4. American Democracy died in 1960, when the Presidential election was stolen for Kennedy/Johnson, the Catholic and the Marrano Jew, who over the next decade destroyed the country. Dems have been stealing tons of elections every year since then. There is no democracy, and there is no law. Actually there is no country at all, we have no border and no government. Everything is run by the unelected little hats with the big noses. Democracy? Nah. Not in America.

    • Re: “American Democracy died in 1960 (…) Kennedy/Johnson, the Catholic and the Marrano Jew, over the next decade destroyed the country”:

      But was democracy alive under any of Kennedy’s and Johnson’s predecessors, including the immediate predecessors Presidents Truman and Eisenhower? Truman may not have been genetically Jewish, but his Talmudistic ways have been noted: Truman ordered the nuclear destruction of two cities (!!!) was the first to recognize Israel, initiated the Cold War against Russia and China, and invaded Korea killing more than one fifth of the people. Dwight Eisenhower is also claimed by some to be of partial Jewish descent (without any evidence), but “the terrible Swedish Jew” was terrible (cruel) indeed to German prisoners in the camps he oversaw, and to Russian people in the Cold War, and Iranians, Indonesians, Guatemalans, Cubans, Chinese, Vietnamese, and all socialists. The 1950’s were a very dark time.

    • I’m sure things would have turned out very differently if only those republicans would not have had elections stolen from them.

    • @ They asked Ben Franklin, what kind of government we will have, when they were putting this program together, his response was and I quote ” A constitutional republic”, if you can keep it, well our constitutional republic, with freedom guaranteed by law, died at appomattox court house, courtesy of our JackAss brothers from the north, as time went on and our shores, inandated with the hyphenate people’s, you heard less.and less about our republic and more and more of this mobocracy rubbish, if we as a people, can survive this coming storm, we will reastablish the republic, in the south for sure, hopefully our people in whatever remains of the rest of the country, will follow our lead, PISS on democracy…………….

  5. linkBeen said, sure, but it’s still funny that Dems have changed the word “democracy” to mean “DNC policy,” so anything that the dems don’t like is a “threat to democracy”

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