Dana Milbank: “We Are Closer To a Civil War Than Any Of Would Like To Believe,” Study Shows

2021 was a quiet year.

In spite of 24/7/365 non-stop hysteria from Washington-based “journalists” about “the insurrection” and the threat posed by “domestic extremism,” nothing much really happened.

Donald Trump left office and returned to golfing at Mar-a-Lago. The streets were calmer than in previous years. The QAnon insurrectionists didn’t lay siege to the Capitol again. There wasn’t a single accelerationist mass shooting either. Joe Biden hasn’t had to use the military to quell an “insurgency.”

Last week, Dana Milbank started a conversation among establishment liberals on Twitter about how “journalists” were accomplices in the “murder of democracy” for criticizing Joe Biden. He is back this weekend with his even more ominous 2022 forecast about the resurgence of Trumpism.

The Washington Post:

“Indeed, the United States has already gone through what the CIA identifies as the first two phases of insurgency — the “pre-insurgency” and “incipient conflict” phases — and only time will tell whether the final phase, “open insurgency,” began with the sacking of the Capitol by Donald Trump supporters on Jan. 6. …

The enemies of democracy must not be allowed to prevail. We are on the doorstep of the “open insurgency” stage of civil conflict, and Walter writes that once countries cross that threshold, the CIA predicts, “sustained violence as increasingly active extremists launch attacks that involve terrorism and guerrilla warfare, including assassinations and ambushes.”

It is no exaggeration to say the survival of our country is at stake.”

I honestly don’t see it happening that way.

I would say that the evidence is overwhelming that establishment liberals are going to lose power in the 2022 midterms. It is much more likely that the so-called “enemies of democracy” will just continue to keep a low profile until they easily vote the Democrats out of power. The GOP appears to be developing unstoppable momentum on the platform “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Maybe there isn’t an “insurgency” or a “civil war.” Perhaps the polarization and gridlock ends when one of the two sides just unexpectedly keels over and collapses because it is discredited by, say, inflation and its own cultural extremism? Isn’t it conceivable that Your Favorite President might be restored to power by default because the only alternative the public sees is four more years of Joe Biden?

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  1. Democrats and Republicans can agree on one thing: it’s okay to attack whites.

    Democrats will ratchet up antiwhite hysteria to rally their voters, and Republicans won’t do anything to stop then.

    The only question that remains is how do white people respond?

  2. Dana Milbank and his ilk really are unhinged. They have had power for so long they believe they are entitled to it forever. What has really happened is that the Left won everything over the last almost 100 years and have simply discredited themselves through failure once they achieved power.

    • I wonder if Milbank and any other yids ever wake up at night and recognize their indispensable role in promoting the country’s cultural rot and with it its instability.

      The ascendancy of Jews in a polity is always a harbinger of its decline. (Be warned, China. Be warned, India. Be warned, Japan.)

  3. The Jews are telegraphing their intentions. Antifa is going to start attacking and killing people and people are going to have to defend themselves.

    • “…Maybe there isn’t an “insurgency” or a “civil war.”…”

      I have no doubt that you are correct. They want a civil war bad so they can get us to kill each other off. Be great for limiting food supplies to next to nothing “because of the war”. It’s not like the Jews have not tried to genocide as many people as they could get away with before. They’ve done it several times in history.

    • You’re probably right. Dana Milbank is one of the tribe imported from Cuck Island. The creature is (((English))) to the core. They always like to see whites kill one another in great numbers. Note how they are presently ginning up a war between Russsia and Country 404 (Ukraine – which was historically part of Russia from 988 to the Soviet era)?

    • Exactly.

      Many years ago I gave up on the idea that the typical white Fudd was going to stand up against government troops again like Lexington and Concord, no matter how many guns he has.

      The typical white Fudd worships cops, is fat, has an expensive truck and an expensive house and a good job and a deer stand and thinks that the troops were “fighting for our freedom” for 20 years in Afghanistan. No way is he going to go to his gun club and tell his buddies “It’s time for civil war.” They’d call the FBI on him.

      What easily COULD happen, and damn well MIGHT happen, is that the Left, believing their own bullshit, really DOES think civil war is imminent, and they overplay their hand. As they start running the risk of losing power, they engineer a series of FBI false flags and anti-white show trials; they debase the currency, default on pensions, and seize 401(K)s; and they turn Antifa and the Negro savages loose to burn and rape in white suburban neighborhoods, leaving the Fudds with no choice but to start shooting back after their daughters have been gang-raped and their homes and properties looted and pillaged.

      If civil war happens, it will be because the Left started it and put people’s backs against the wall, and put them in a situation where they have nothing left to lose.

      • Good insight. Most people in the former Yugoslavia figured the country would breakup the same way the Soviet Union did, with little bloodshed & all sides reluctantly cooperating. About 150,000 were dead wrong. Over 4 million persons displaced & 20,000 came up missing. Also, some of the worst atrocities ever committed in a war including torture, rape & brutal executions. Anyone who says it can’t happen here is one dumbfuck.

  4. Let’s hope so because that is the only way to save this nation. I want to Write the demands for unconditional surrender.

  5. As I said previously, the democrats have gone full retard in their devotion to the NWO, they were the true “insurrectionists” during Dump and they are the ones committing actual treason currently (like the military taking command of itself over Dump and coordinating with enemy military brass for example) and more outright in the future. After the blatant rigging of the presidential election, the one were Biden got more votes than anyone in history, they needed a ploy to distract and keep in line the suspicious GOP legislatures from immediately investigating the results and by time for it’s cover up (like deleting voting records in masse, like they found in Arizona). So the fed cooked up a plot to make Dump’s capital rally really an INSURRECTION! lol. Now they can use the bullshit to leverage a myriad of tyrannical measures, like unconstitutional holding of American citizens like they were Al-Qaeda or labeling Dump voters as terrorists and treating them as such for example. The biggest take away is now if the scumbags lose any future election it was really Dump and White supremacy or whatever bullshit of the day that “rigged” it so therefore the military needs step in and remove Dump the second time. Psycho Hilary has been hinting at this, the pentagon is currently running “wargames” for the 2024 election to prevent “civil war”? Civil war with who? Do you really think democrat voters can fight or have the numbers? Hence the ideological purging of the military. In the end it will literally be Americans vs. the ZOG-GAE. In a sick way, Dump winning again would be part of their plot to outright overthrow a truly elected president. Don’t think they would go there? I’d say one possible wrench to this plot would be to run anyone other than Dump in 2024. Anywho, I wish I could articulate this better but mark my words.

  6. “Perhaps the polarization and gridlock ends when one of the two sides just unexpectedly keels over and collapses-”

    Which Biden may very well do.

    There might be various regional conflicts, a while after the general government has disappeared. But there won’t be a civil war over who gets to control the extinct federal machinery in the ruins of old D.C.

  7. No to answer your question. democRats are Bolsheviks and will never relinquish their power. They Did Steal an election in 2020 if you remember? Just electing more McCarthy-McCuckold Repubs ensures Nothing in 2022 IF elections even matter. 2024 may as well be a hundred years from now, the USA will be over the economic cliff and socially disintegrated. Just my opinion.

  8. Your thinking on this matter is way too conventional, HW. You talk as if characters like Trump, Biden and Pelosi will always be around. For all we know Shitpants Joe will be America’s last president.

  9. The Left, and Greenblatt, love a good ol white uprising on the rare occasions that they occur. They bring excitement to their miserable, morbid lives. They’d be lost and invalidated without them. Goodness knows they do and say enough to incite them in the first place.
    As for your fake demockery, I’ll reiterate:- it matters not who wins……. nothing will change for you. The Jewish establishment will still be the hidden puppet masters.

  10. Ah, civil war…if only. If only five or six states would band together and say ‘no more’. The problem is the most vocal states to the new authoritarianism are Florida and Texas, and I think they are weak in conservative/WN terms. One quick election by the minorities, and De Santis and Abbot are out.
    Yes, decades of third world immigration has paid off.
    Black Label has very good analysis, and I would add that most Americans are still locked into elections changing everything. Yes, come 2024, we’ll be mad as hell, vote the rascals out, and…yes, and?

    Hunter correctly gauges that 2024 will be a grudge vote, only now it’s ‘our turn.’

    As for Trump, I voted for him twice, but would rather not see him in politics anymore, but the conundrum is that he’s the only viable candidate the GOP has to even remotely represent a large voter base. He took over the GOP because it was dead, and it preferred to die during Obama. I can’t see anyone else who could mobilize voters. I do admire Josh Hawley, my senator, and Rand Paul, but I doubt they have the foundation to build a national campaign…for what nation is left.

    Ah, Spahnranch, if only the senile clown WOULD be the last president. It would be fun to start over, and get these damned fogies out of government; all these boomers who just won’t let go of the tennis racket and keep playing on the court.

    And I’m 69.

  11. I agree with Hunter a civil war in the U.S. is not imminent. Much closer than the U.S. is to civil war it is to acheiving to more than one million official causalties (the true total is likely even higher) of its criminal anti-health policy of so-called “herd immunity.” The U.S. already has one of the world’s worst outcomes of the pandemic, and genetic studies of early samples of the constantly-mutating virus show that the U.S. was the direct source that infected all of Latin America, most of Africa, and some parts of Europe. The virus was widely present in the U.S. in 2019, up to a year before some very alert Chinese doctors discovered it in Wuhan, China in 2019, which is proven by 2019 blood bank and urban sewage samples taken from cities around the U.S. Since 2019, the virus has mutated steadily to become much more transmissible and even deadlier than the earliest known strain. There is no evidence and no necessity for it to “become milder, like the common cold” at some time in the future. The Rabies virus has been killing humans (100% fatal) and other mammals for thousands of years, and in all that time it has not become any less virulent. There are many other examples of diseases that have never evolved to become “milder,” but only more transmissible. At any moment Influenza, sometimes mild, can mutate into a much deadlier strain.

    Science is good, public health laws are not unjust, and universal health care (international as well as national) is a human right. The rich oppose a true public health system because they don’t want to help pay for it, and because the current system of private for-profit medicine is extremely profitable for them, and only they can really afford to use it.

    The mostly young and middle-age leaders of the Anti-vaxx, anti-masking and virus denial CULT have much blood on their hands, more than a civil war might shed, but some of them are dying now too. See: https://twitter.com/washingtonpost/status/1472584516166422539

  12. We are working ourselves into our own hysterics over the hysterical yammering of Dana Milbank and his ilk about losing “our democracy.”

    I remember the flap raised here about the rancid Anti-Christian movies and series the Jews would bankroll. People only calmed down when I pointed out how quickly they flopped. The average series lived less than three months and the movies were all global money losers.

    Why the hysteria? Because the little white frogs realized how hot the water was getting in that pot they were cooking in because the Usual Suspects got impatient and turned it on full blast. More frogs are jumping out every day.

    The hysteria is Milbank and the others venting their frustration that, on their own, without the assistance of FBI agents provocateurs like Ray Epps, Whites who DID build this country don’t engage in burning, looting, and mayhem. As OJ Simpson’s prosecutor, Chris Darden noted, Whites don’t riot in the streets; they riot in the ballot box.

    Moreover, as demonstrated by the red ink Cheerios bled a few years ago to shove a mixed couple and their child down the White craw, Non-Whites follow and mimic what Whites do or don’t do. Cheerios did not move off grocery shelves, no matter how many coupons were attached to its mark-downs. When I went grocery shopping, I observed that no Whites in the cereal aisle even paused to look at Cheerios. Interestingly enough, at this very diverse rainbow store, no Asians, no Mestizos, no Hindus, and no Blacks picked up a single box. No comments were made. None were needed. It’s Whites who still confer legitimacy and even Cheerios loses with Non-Whites when faced with an opposed White solidarity.

    Cheerios demonstrated Whites still have enormous power to leverage. They are still needed, even by the DNC to give them, their platform, and their agenda a patina of legitimacy even where Non-Whites are concerned. The Left can manufacture but not maintain consent once it’s established as a fraud. Soft power was always their strength but, when they took off the velvet glove which involved guilt tripping Whites over the Holocaust and Jim Crow to reveal the Iron Hand ramming Critical Race Theory and Equity, well… They lost their legitimacy and all respect of Whites and working class Non-Blacks.

    White withdrawal is a form of Whites rioting in the ballot box. As HW never tires pointing out, it was the withdrawal of the White working class make voter from voting at all after Trump heeded Jared Kushner’s statement that he didn’t need to court them – he already had the Trailer Park Vote locked down, because where could they go? Where did Trump go After they chose to simply stay in their homes and not show up and vote for him after he further heeded Jared Kushner’s advice to bribe Blacks with White taxpayer money? He was banished to Mar-a-Lago.

    All of Merrick Garland’s saber-rattling aside, Whites don’t have to protest CRT at school board meetings; they can withdraw their children from the public school system, thus destroying it. They can set up their own network of private schools, tutoring and home schooling. And they can further kneecap any districts they suspect might be tempted to outlaw home schools by moving out of the jurisdiction. It should have been done decades ago, started all over the South when SCOTUS forcibly desecrated Little Rock. Now, with the computer, it has never been easier to establish such a network.

    Yes, the Usual Suspects can whine on the media about White Flight from public school for all the good it will do them. Whites can set up the best home school curriculum and ignore public school’s CRT with the contempt it deserves. Whites can even throw in pro-White education and, as long as it is factual and cannot be easily refuted, what can Merrick Garland do? Nothing! Furthermore, if the curriculum is stellar enough, “White Adjacent” parents who do not want their kids educated in a zoo to be nothing more than ignorant entitled brats will sign up for this curriculum, thus creating a larger pool of pro-White “White Adjacent” Communities.

    White withdrawal lets Badwhites give Goodwhites what they vote for, good and hard. White withdrawal from the public school system enables the White libtards in education to deal with the little monsters they created. Instead of teaching, they will spend all their time engaged in endless classroom management techniques which will keep them from shunting their oppressed little pets up the pipeline to prison after assaulting their teachers and, oh yes, enjoying the futility of applying to their administration for help with the problem child only to be sternly admonished by their protected minority principals to check their White privilege and just suck it up.

    Another source of hysterics is what if ZOG-USA held a war and no White male warriors volunteered to fight it?! Furthermore, what if ZOG-USA reinstates a military draft that no Whites show up for? Note: thanks to the hysterical post 1/6/2021 military lockdown and forced “vaccine” mandates, they are hemorrhaging White volunteers. At the same time they are banging the war drums to defend Taiwan and the poor Uyghurs from evil China and the Ukraine from evil Russia. Forcing them to further compound their folly by starting legislation to resurrect the draft for EVERYONE – no exemptions for age or gender or race or sexual orientation or, best yet, college.

    They are barking up the wrong tree. Whites, at the very least, tolerate Asians and even get along with any Asians who don’t blame White systemic racism when Blacks bully them. Whites don’t hate China, being more inclined to see it’s growing wealth and power as the result of the American merchant’s greed and treachery. And the more we find out about Fauci’s funding of gain of function viral research to help Bill Gates and Company force their clot shots on us, the less we blame the government of…China. And how much is the media already kvetching about how liked and respected Vladimir Putin and the Russians are by White Supremacist groups?

    Yeah if they want to save “Our Democracy,” they will have to grab a gun, put on the uniform, get vaccinated, and fight for it themselves, because OUR REPUBLIC isn’t interested! Even when Obama ignored his own red line on Syria and refused to attack Iran. Oh, but the Democrats and Republicans in Congress all drafted a joint declaration of love and devotion to Israel, supporting its right to self-defense, using its own blood and treasure! Needless to say, the urgent need to attack Iran vanished.

    There is no need for Whites to engage in another Civil War with a violent secession. Maine was once part of Massachusetts. West Virginia was once part of Virginia. What can Richmond do if its right-wing counties successfully apply to be annexed by West Virginia? What can Salem do if its right-wing counties successfully apply to be annexed by Idaho? What can South California do if North California breaks off from them? We have two Dakotas and two Carolinas. Where is it written that there can’t be two Californias?

    There is no need for Whites to engage in RAHOWA. Why bother when it makes more sense to stop trying to save Blacks from themselves. So more Blacks are dying at the hands of other Blacks. How is this our problem as long as Black violence is contained to only Blacks in Black neighborhoods? Our mission is to stop Black crime from being exported to our areas. What they allow on their turf is not our business or our problem. Time for them and only them to police their own.

    Moreover, there is no need for Whites to be involved with fighting Blacks when the Hispanics are ready and willing to engage. It will be only a matter of time before other working class “White Adjacents” follow suit. The Asians, the dot Indians, and the Muslims will take care of Urban thuggery if we just stay out of their way and focus on organizing to advance our own agenda. I imagine we will see ethnic street gangs taking their own page from the Mexican Mafia when dealing with Blacks.

    Last, there is no need for a star-spangled, red, white, and blue pogrom to deal with the Jewish Question. Nowhere is it written that Whites must comply with the talking points of whichever Jew is kvetching the most loudly at the moment. Defend Ukraine? Defend Taiwan? Invade Syria and Iran? No thanks, not interested. Race mix? Don’t marry or have White children? Critical Race Theory? Again, no thanks, no interested. Don’t debate them – look at how well that worked for Hitler. Ignore them in favor of what’s best for Whites.

    Besides which, Jews will be too busy dealing with their own little monsters they’ve created. In urban areas, it is Blacks and the Muslims they imported that are beating up on Jews in their yarmulke not White extremists. It’s best to focus on securing our own families and turf while allowing Open Borders Jews to get what they have been lobbying for, good and hard.

    So, there is less need for overdosing on black pills and more need for White leadership that is focused, confident, and flexible. We will win, because the hubris of our enemies is already making our points for us and lighting the way out of this nightmare. No need to despair because God is with us and God is great.

  13. linkThe profession of “writer” needs to be outlawed for 10 years

    And just to be safe, and although they are nearly synonymous, ‘pundit’ also.

    Would be helpful, and no one but ‘writers’ and ‘pundits’ would really suffer — as they should.

  14. Dana Milbank is from a long line of carney folk. A key element of carney culture is “kayfabe” — staying in character, pretending to believe what you are saying even though you know in your heart it is complete garbage, the better to gull the stupid audience.

    Anyway, the best reason to elect Donald Trump in 2024 is that it might trigger the blue states to secede. Trump could be the Abraham Lincoln of the 21st century.

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