President Joe Manchin Officially Kills Build Back Better

Merry Christmas.

The Democrats get nothing but coal in their stocking.

A year ago, I thought that the Democrats would hang themselves if given the rope of a 50/50 Senate and would fall apart due to their own internal contradictions. I also thought we would get the $1,400 stimulus check and maybe an infrastructure bill, but not anything big like amnesty. The worst thing that ever happened to them was winning the Georgia Senate races.

Coming up soon:

Child tax credit runs out in January

Omicron wave in January

Student loan payments resume in February

Note: Do you remember when the progressives got played for fools when they voted for BIF back in November? Do you remember how we were assured that BBB would pass by Thanksgiving and then Christmas?

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  1. Manchin is smart enough to know that the next 3 years of run-a-way inflation are going to hurt West Virginia and the Nation—why make it worse, which is what the crazy “Build Back Better” bill will do.

    • There was so much evil in that bill like lockout switches in every new car, the vaccine database, green energy boondoggles and a gutting of their required back up generators. Collapse faster would be a better name.

  2. Republitards (is there any other kind of Republican?) will see this as some kind of victory, but the real problem remains: these lunatics have what amounts to a stranglehold on government.

    The hero Manchin voted for HR 1319, American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which among other noxious provisions had one which doled out money to non-white farmers but not white farmers:

    Judge orders temporary halt to $4B federal loan relief program for farmers of colorJudge William Griesbach said white farmers challenging the policy in court are “likely to succeed” with their claims that the program is discriminatory

    The bill — HR 1319

    (Sec. 1005) This section provides funding for USDA to pay off outstanding farm loan debts of socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers

    They must have a euphemism thesaurus, because when it came time to implement this, socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers clearly meant non-white — no other criterion was used to determine eligibility for debt forgiveness.

    The vote — Senate vote

    Yes, Manchin is a real man of principle.

    • I Read Biden’s Build Back Better Plan And… Oh, My God

      In the above article, Ann Coulter (who actually read the bill, did Manchin?) details all of the ‘anti-whiteness’ in BBB — it’s quite a list; in this aspect, BBB seems far worse than HR 1319.

      Yet when looking for a reason to reject BBB, Manchin picks the child tax credit (‘muh deficit’), despite the fact he comes from (like all politicians, I question whom he actually represents) one of the whitest states with some of the poorest Whites.

  3. West Virginia thanks you, Manchin. As does the SANE half of the country.
    Now, can we start a motion in the Senate for Secession?
    Strike while the Iron is hot….

  4. What he’s doing is making Moderates look bad. Now Moderates are seen as the bad guys in both the Democratic Party and Republican Party. The reality is Moderates are the only way America will ever stay together and go forward….basically doing what’s been done in the past. This news will just further divide Democrats and Republicans far left and far right wing. The only country is worse off now as a result as we need more government spending and stimulus….always do. Deo Vindice !

  5. This is the best thing he has done, since quarterbacking the NY Jets to an upset victory over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.

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