White Guilt Is The Democratic Brand

As Build Back Better collapses in the Senate, it is worth recalling why we have the present Democratic coalition and why it doesn’t work. This is one of the top reasons our politics are so polarized and why the Democratic agenda hinges on the vote of one corporate centrist from West Virginia.

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  1. The internal contradictions of the capitalist system plunge it into crisis. The elites’ next step in conserving it is a hard right-populist reaction, and divide-and-rule: pitting workers against each other in racial conflict. Race and ethnicity are real however, and inter-racial, inter-ethnic mixing and blending is not natural.

    • @anonymous – This concept of “the workers” and the conflict being about any lingering “class” differences (I believe you’ve used that concept in previous comments) is thoroughly outdated. Many people do not even want to work, much less organize against the System.

      “Divide-and-rule”?? No! This is anti-White persecution that is anti-(White)male, anti-tradition, anti-family, and anti-nature. It denies the Divine and spits on all that is civilized and decent in humanity — which is what WHITE people represent.

  2. When the Republicans take over they will use their own brand of anti-Whiteness by pushing forward black and women agendas

  3. I’d ask Zach Goldberg:

    Why do you think there is racial inequality, when so much money and free passes are given to nonwhite?

    Why would whites be blamed for their low IQs? Why would whites be to blame for attitudes and proclivities toward violence and lack of responsibility?

    Haven’t most whites just gone along with all of the “there’s racism” stuff, and have been more than generous toward nonwhites, who just are not grateful, and have never once said, THANK YOU, for everything they’ve received? They won’t even acknowledge what has been done for them.

    No matter how much they get in their favor, they STILL live as if they don’t get anything, and still blame whites. They want more and more.

    When one looks at the sheer amount of money spent on them since the 1960s, it’s mindblowing how they hate us. I can’t go to one country where I’m different, and get anything for being white. If I want something, I have to work for it, or be qualified for something.

    About that sign being held up, that says, “Silence is Violence”, if whites talk about race, they’re racist. If whites don’t talk about race, they’re wrong, too. No matter what we do or say, they blame us for a time when their ancestors were slaves. I don’t know any whites who expect anything for what happened to their ancestors, and I don’t know of any who are violent toward other people.

  4. >White Guilt Is The Democratic Brand

    I would say it’s more of a political lever — they use white guilt to get psychologically deracinated Whites to support measures that are clearly detrimental to the interests of Whites.

  5. I have no guilt for being White. I think God every day, I am not a Jew, a Nigger, or a Jap.

    I am of the race of Adam, and Christ is the Last Adam. Christ is White. The scriptural record is clear. Read St. John’s account of the resurrected Christ. Saint Nicholas is also white: we at least have proper Iconic representations of him. Megyn Kelly was correct, and it infuriates the non-Elect.

    Jewish apocryphal legends are clear as well: “Jewish Apocryphal legend represents Noah at his birth as having a body white like snow, hair white as wool, and eyes like sunbeams….Lamech, frightened at this sight, went to consult Methuselah, telling him that his grandchild resembled an angel more than a child.”

    [BLOND hair in full sun appears as white, and the sunbeams come from a sky of BLUE.]
    Noah is Christ’s ancestor.

    You can disagree all you want. I am right, twenty centuries of Christendom is right, and the Limits of the Ecumene Christ came to save, [ Matt. 1:21] stop at the boundaries of the White Race.

    • The Japanese aren’t too bad. Used to be a fine race, got somewhat faggotized after the war, though not nearly as bad as the Germans.

  6. The Democratic Party have obviously forgot that White People was the Democratic Party for many years. That all changed in the 1950s and 1960s with the Democrats supporting the Black Civil Rights Movement. However wasn’t the Civil Rights Movement about making Black people equal with White People? Don’t that mean that White and Black would still be a thing and all? Now it seems like the Democrats supporting the radicals of the Civil Rights Movement have left them completely hate on White People and for no reason. You can’t have Diversity and Multiculturalism without White People. We’re still the majority but the giant spike in Illegal Immigration turned legal citizens will make America a non white majority country soon. That’s what the Democrats are looking at…..America being less White so the Democrats will be the majority party forever. I’d say jump off the boat…the Democrats and Republicans care nothing about the White Race….our only how is White Unity through White Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

    • Nonwhites neither acknowledge what we’ve given them, nor do they feel any gratitude. If they were on their own, with only their own kind, they’d be living in the bush or the desert prairies.

      Our paychecks are taxed and this country spends trillions on them, and yet they feel entitled to more and more.

      If it were up to me, I’d scrap all of that aid, and give it to the space program. Let them go and work, and have to be responsible for themselves and any offspring they produce, and see what it’s really like.

      • @Pilot,
        The best way for them to keep milking more off us, is to ignore what they’ve already received.
        It’s ironic how they insist that they’re an equal race……….yet demand unequal benefits when it suits them.
        Treat them differently……..racist.
        Treat them the same………..racist.
        Diversity is division.
        You’ll never please them, and they’ll never say thankyou for anything.

    • @Goose – “I feel no guilt whatsoever. What I feel is embarrassment that we’ve given so much, yet are rediculed and hated in return.”
      What I feel, dear Goose, is White-hot FURY that we’ve given — and been robbed of — so much, yet are ridiculed and hated in return!!

  7. Guilt for what, creating the modern world and civilisation? Moloch can never be satisfied, no sacrifice is enough, ever.

  8. Guilt, I think what has happened has gone way beyond guilt into a sick self loathing where Europeans dislike their own race and culture. They do this sicko virtue signalling to show how not racist they are. What’s happening in the west are serious mental diseases which could destroy western civilization if they aren’t checked.

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