Donald Trump Boasts About Getting His Booster

Maybe Trump 2024 isn’t such a sure thing?

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  1. God Emperor! Yeah a real Cyrus.

    Anglin whining the other day about donations. What’s your address jew-boy?

    It’s him and Weev, who were the front-men, for why you no longer have freedom of speech. And really you never did. The internet caught the parasite by surprise for 20 years. They got it under control now.

    This is your life.

    • Anglin having his domain stolen for insulting a fat, disgusting sow was eye opening for sure. That’s the reality of our freedom of speech. Kind of like Robin Hood blocking trades of Gamestop until the Jews can cover their shorts. Rule of law is long gone if it ever existed.

    • “It’s him and Weev, who were the front-men, for why you no longer have freedom of speech. ”

      That’s an asinine comment to make. He was the first to be silenced, and NO ONE DID A DAMN THING to defend his free speech rights- which he should have had done, to keep his site up.
      That you and others like you, didn’t is the reason we now have draconian speech muzzling- not because he stretched the envelope.

      Hell, Shock Jocks did that for years. But Stern is a YID, and Anglin….. is NOT.
      Therein lies all the difference, Mikey. Hope you like that.

  2. The vaccines are a big issue for the conspiracy shills right now, that’s the main thing they’re talking about these days. It’s funny, now the alex jones anti-vaxx cultists are in a quandary over supporting their hero trump in 2024, either overlooking his pro-vaxx stance and pulling the lever for him anyways, going against their own convictions/beliefs, or going single issue and breaking from trump over it.

      • I’ve always been a White Man, and a pureblood. Why? Because I know (and am persuaded, that He is able….) I am a White Man- therefore, supreme in grace, talent, looks, and election. (some more, some less- bu the Family of Christendom is my family, and NO ONE can match our accomplishments)

        And by the grace of God, I intend to remain one, until the day I die.
        Build back better on THAT.

      • @Pilot,

        Find a good Mexican forger of documents. Some can make state identification cards that would fool most government flunkies. I’m pretty sure they have the vaxx cards too.

  3. looking more and more like the (((PTB))) and their hirelings are getting a placebo – if anything – not the actual deathvax.

    • Antivaxx cultists believe if you don’t get sick or die from the jab, that means you were one of the lucky ones who was given a shot of saline, a placebo, instead of vaccine. However, nearly all vaccine-induced deaths and serious reactions are being traced to a few bad batches. There is no conspiracy, just some mistakes that were made in manufacturing.

      Incidentally, the booster dose is much smaller than the original twin doses, just a little extra kick for B antibodies, to which unfortunately, the Omicron strain is not matched.

      Trump shouldn’t boast, but he did make a reasonable decision, because Omicron also infects those with natural immunity.

      • “just some mistakes were made” – sounds like an explanation for the failures of your pet ideology. You couldn’t be more stupid.

      • A little extra kick huh anonymous.You hasbara Jews sitting in your barracks posting all day and wanting us Aryans to take your poison.Not happening Hym-stein.

        • No. Welsh ethno-socialist. Cymri were the first people in the world to raise the red flag, the Merthyr Riising, 1831: “They chanted ‘cheese and bread’ and ‘our children must be fed’ in the days when Wales rose against the crown. They chanted ‘cheese and bread’ with a bloody loaf above their heads, when the red flag flew in Merthyr Town (…) The crown sent soldiers by the score, until order was restored, and then came Dic Penderyn’s execution. Another martyr for the cause, meant to give us pause, the next time the people call for revolution.”

          Pandemic denialism really is like a cult. Anti-science, anti-public-health attitudes and beliefs are harmful and incompatible with ethno-nationalism. Ignorance does serve the interest of big business. There is no depopulation conspiracy but the pandemic is being used by the elites to steal billions, and trillions, from the commons, who need to be kept confused and divided and foolishly opposed to well-organized, EFFECTIVE public health measures (like China’s) that the elites would need to help pay for.

          • @anonymous – What passes for “The Science” today is merely a politically correct consensus, which is a reprehensible brew of all that is anti-White. Qualified dissenters are labeled “heretics”, and suppressed into invisibility.

            Yes; I am “anti-” consensus science.

      • Well, just because you bend the knee and knock head in front of ZOG doesn’t mean everyone does.

        But you’re some kind of communist anyway, so that pretty much sums things up.

      • Anonymous,

        Your shilling for the clot shot is hilarious. The damn things are ineffective. Project Veritas busted one of their scientists admitting natural immunity is superior to their jew jab. Anyway, there’s no denying that it’s gene therapy that was rushed to market with the only immunity ceded was to the big pharmaceutical corporations.

        Even the SinoVax is garbage too. CCP just locked down 13 million zipperheads over a few cases of the sniffles.

  4. Trump would be very vulnerable to someone willing to run to the right of him in the primary.

    He has so many failures that would be easy to attack.

    The question is, does any one have the balls to call him out on the disaster of his first term?

    I think that if that candidate exists, he is biding his time and won’t actually launch his attacks against Trump until the primaries begin in earnest after the midterms.

    Trump may not in fact run at all, and there is little strategic value in attacking him now and risk alienating the MAGAtards.

    The smart course of action would be to keep his powder dry until the primaries actually begin.

    • He has so many failures that would be easy to attack. Indeed. BTW, how is the wall coming along, it must be complete by now?

      I guess people are tired of all this winning.

  5. We have masks, vaccine mandates and people dying because Blumph rolled out a “vaccine” in 9 months when it takes many years of testing and trials before vaccines are approved. He could have fired Fauci but he was afraid of making his enemies mad. “covid” is Blumph’s baby and he and his jew overlords are making billions off this hoax.

    • Yes but Pfizer, J&J and Moderna sent Trump’s reelection campaign $10 each to show their appreciation. That’s the best they could do, they have expenses too ya know. More winning!

    • John- Oh, please! RFK, Jr.’s recent book on Fauci, shows that this ass has been LYING to the American Public for over 40 YEARS, back the AIDS crisis of the 1980’s Why not blame Reagan? It’s not DJT’s fault. Look further afield.

      Trump was a chump, to be sure.
      But you can’t blame him for this- he was as bamboozled as all of us were. He’s not a genius…. lol.

      • Fr. John,

        stop with your apologies. Trump could have fired Fauci but didn’t because he didn’t want to upset his enemies. He even admitted that little piece of truth.

        Maybe you were bamboozled by the used car salesmen but I wasn’t. I saw through him from day one and warned others he was full of shit. I was attacked but now I feel vindicated because I am not gullible like most.

        • Apologies? God, are you a hubris-laden POS.
          Sorry, calling it as I see it.

          So, you didn’t vote for DJT. Whoopie. So, too, did all the idiots who voted for Shrillery. And they are THE MOST GULLIBLE COVIDIOTS out there. Like minds?

          So, who needs to apologize- it’s not me. I’ve already said I was wrong for voting for him, the first time. As far as the second…. did you vote for Sleepy Joe?

          Now, THAT would be an apology worth hearing….
          I’m waiting… but somehow, I don’t think you’re gonna do it.

          • Stick it up your ass father retard. You can dish it but can’t take . Here’s and idea jerk off, stop critiquing my posts and I won’t have to call out out for the pompous, high almighty you think you are.

  6. Some in the Orange Dump’s cult think his pro-vaccine statements are 5-D chess for 2024. In other words, Dump thinks he can safely shit on anti-vaxxers but retain sufficient support among them to win the election. This might be true except for one thing – the regime won’t let him win. 2016 will not happen again. And a Republican sweep of Congress in 2022, should it occur, is irrelevant.

    • @Oldtradesman – I agree; there is NO WAY the system will let him win again. The seething masses would literally burn the White House down.

      Watching some videos on twitter, where a security guard or even fully-armed law officer is surrounded by hoardes of raging joggers and assorted other mystery miscreants, there is literally nothing that an enforcer for the system can do to stop these people without being lynched by the system himself.
      I believe this is the reason for most of the Negro Worship and appeasement — fear, cowardice and a total lack of moral conviction.

      We are in a “no-win” for civilization. And remember, civilization is White Supremacy.

  7. I don’t want him to run but I’ve just assumed he would. At this point anyone not-Biden could win fairly easily.

  8. >tested positive

    ‘Silent’ COVID twice as prevalent as feared: 4 in 10 patients have no symptoms, study warns

    The results show 40.5 percent of the confirmed cases of the illness are among people who show no symptoms of the infection at all.

    First it was ‘long COVID’, now there’s ‘silent COVID’ — it’s not often you see ‘confirmed cases of the illness’ and ‘show no symptoms of the infection at all’ in the same sentence — I can hear Rod Serling saying ‘Imagine, if you will, a deadly pandemic where 40% of the infected show no symptoms at all …’

    This pandemic is phonier than ‘white privilege’, yet the proprietor here fell for it harder than a schoolgirl crush, and thinks Biden’s win was due to white voters saying ‘Thank you sir, may I have another?’

    • HW is like a boomer – he never admits he was wrong about anything! (Insert face palm emoji)

      This scamdemic would be kind of funny if it weren’t for the fact that countless millions of healthy young white people are suffering a great a deal of emotional and physical damage because of it. Not to mention the financial devastation it has wrought.

      • I see covid as a new form of hybrid warfare. Kill the elderly(mostly), enrich politicians and corporations, enhance totalitarianism (not the cool one) and bankrupt the already broke young generation and make pair bonding even more difficult with all those masks in the way (which drives fertility further down). Every new development is a new goal post shifting so as things stays this way (first was deaths, then hospitalizations, now it’s just assymptomatic infections and new variants).

    • “This pandemic is phonier than ‘white privilege’, yet the proprietor here fell for it harder than a schoolgirl crush, and thinks Biden’s win was due to white voters saying ‘Thank you sir, may I have another?’”

      EAH- Great writing!

    • I believe COVID19 is a revolution by the elites against the people, because they know the people are waking up to their corruption through the Internet. I believe that now, but in the beginning I thought COVID was real.

      Hunter let us post our doubts about COVID on his website, while our enemies won’t let us post anywhere. He tried to remain neutral, while the left (including Richard Spencer). ruthlessly pushed propaganda on us.

      Thank you Hunter.

  9. “This pandemic is phonier than white privilege”:

    The cult of pandemic denial is funnier than Flat Earth.

    If the cult of pandemic denial didn’t exist, big business (that wants to conduct business as usual during a pandemic, and not pay for public health care) would need to invent it.

    Despite being vaccinated, Trump has contributed to the cult of pandemic denial and anti-vaxx. He plays both sides like Tucker Carlson and the other Fox stars.

    • >anti-vaxx

      I didn’t say anything about vaccines in general, or the COVID vaccine in particular — in fact, anyone who wants the COVID vaccine, including you, is free to get it; I don’t really care about, and certainly would never interfere with, the personal health decisions of others.

      So besides being a red herring here, the term ‘anti-vaxx’ is the pejorative, retard version of pro freedom — re the COVID vaccine, people are opposed to mandates, i.e. being forced to take the COVID vaccine, directly or indirectly.

      • Like it or not, you can’t separate mandates from the vaxx and sorrounding hysteria. Trump landed Biden the mandate gift thanks to him funding his supposed enemies and then comes around saying he is against mandates. It’s like funding the mark of the beast then claiming to be against forcing it on people, it’s just a cop out and quite fitting for republicans in general.

      • @eah – GREAT comment with important nuance. Anyone questioning the new common cold is painted with the “retard” brush. One thing, though, the COVID mRNA protein therapy shot available in the United States is NOT a “vaccine”.

    • If the “pandemic” had been ignored in March, April and May the way it had been ignored in February, it would be as invisible to you “hug a chink” shitlib (you’re not a Communist, you’re just a democratic faggot) retards as vax injuries are to you people. Fucking pieces of shit.

    • >pandemic denial

      I emphasize freedom because it’s what I care most about, and it has been apparent for a long time now that COVID is primarily a political phenomenon: so far, all epidemiological arguments have little or no effect on the debate — I don’t care how many people die in the (alleged) pandemic, I don’t want to surrender my personal freedom, nor do I want politicians (low quality human beings generally) to have the power to take it away from me.

      Looking at just the one item here (I’ve seen countless similar ones), i.e. Cramer saying he’s been vaccinated 3x (!), yet just tested positive (‘whatever that means’) for COVID, it ought to be clear that something is a little bit off about this (alleged) pandemic — either the tests aren’t very good (they aren’t, e.g. 40% of those who test positive have no symptoms), or the vaccine, which has not been adequately tested and has a number of known serious side effects, isn’t very effective.

      Today a ‘case’ is a positive test (obviously including a huge number of false positives), and it is ‘cases’ that drive COVID authoritarianism.

      Also, to underscore the political nature of the COVID pandemic cult, when a return to normality was in sight, what happens? — suddenly a new variant appears, gifting the elites a new excuse to justify their existence by continuing the cycle of fear-mongering, tyrannical restrictions on personal freedom (including pushing vaccine mandates), and vaccine ‘booster’.

      At this point, every reasonable person ought to be asking: how far will all of this go? — when is it going to stop?

      linkMy politics are quickly becoming whatever makes this stop

      • >Today a ‘case’ is a positive test

        APThe NHL is beginning a leaguewide shutdown Wednesday amid a rise in positive COVID-19 test results among players, and with 10 of the league’s 32 teams’ schedules already paused and their facilities closed.

        Like literally every similar story, they don’t actually say that anyone is ill — some test just came back positive.

        The tests appear to be wildly unreliable (many false positives), and the vaccine does not seem to be very effective.

        And now you’re supposed to believe they can accurately detect the omicron variant with these same heretofore wildly unreliable tests.

        • The biotech companies may not be able to detect the omicron variant but they can detect that sweet Govt. money raining down on them and that’s what it’s all about.

        • NHL athletes are some of the healthiest on Earth. No puny corona virus is going to kill any of them. At most, they will feel lethargic. Oooooooh, so scary!

        • @eah – Absolutely! Our entire local library was shut down for 3 weeks when a library employee “tested positive” for COVID-19.

    • Anonymous: “Waaahhhh waaahhhhh some people don’t want to take the Death Shot to prevent catching a virus with a 99%+ survival rate, I’m gonna go cwy because those twoglodytes are such STUPID MEANIES!”

      Shut up, communist scum.

      I really don’t see why you’re tolerated on here. You’re clearly some kind of Antifa or ZOG toady.

    • “The cult of pandemic denial is funnier than Flat Earth”.

      Boy, you sure hate God, don’t you? What do I mean? We have had adequate proof that this is NOT a pandemic, but a PLANdemic. Even HW jumped off that bandwagon, because he’s been kinda quiet lately: now that all the ‘mass deaths’ have flattened the curve- because they DIDN’T happen. And Delta wasn’t worse, and Omicron, even less so…..

      But, just as you despise anyone who would rather trust God than Man, I hold to the latter postulate (above) for the very same reason- precisely BECAUSE the ‘Science’ is SHIT- and so is your pov.

      If y’all had been correct about COVID, I wouldn’t call you COVIDIOTS. Since you ARE wrong about this, and here’s a site to watch (I dare you!) to prove it…

      You’re most likely wrong about FE, as well. Because while the “Trust The Science” jerks are nothing less than latter- day Lysenkoists, the spherical glob fools are merely like the folks of the history books, who wouldn’t write down Galileo’s recantation of his geocentrism on his deathbed, because it would look ‘bad’ for their cause.

      “Let God be true, though every man a liar.”

      • You don’t even have to go into space to see the planet is a globe. The curvature of the Earth is visible when you are high enough. And what about all those other globes in the sky? I suppose God just makes them look that way to entertain us. You really aren’t even worth addressing, come to think of it.

    • “If the cult of pandemic denial didn’t exist, big business (that wants to conduct business as usual during a pandemic, and not pay for public health care) would need to invent it.”

      I used to think like this, but then i remembered the pandemic (or more specificaly, the politics sorrounding the pandemic) made big business wealthier. That’s not to say the pandemic is fake, but the denial doesn’t come from big business. In any case, everyone was doing denial at some point, even dems and fauci. Truth largely doesn’t matter, it’s a matter of convenience.

      • I meant:that the “cult” of pandemic denialism is useful to big business (“if it didn’t exist it would need to be invented”) because it keeps the population confused and divided, preventing development of strong popular demand for really effective control or treatment, which the current system of privatised, for-profit medicine cannot provide and only a universal free public health care system could provide. But the elites also need the opposite of denialism. They also need pandemic fear-mongering and hysteria, because they are using the pandemic crisis to enrich themselves. What they don’t want to appear is a movement of reason and common sense that would demand the for-profit “health” industry be dismantled and replaced with real national health care.

  10. O’Reilly is pro-kyke and the Jew right coalition is the Jews the Irish and the queers. You ain’t part of that white Christian man.

  11. Mass death from vax is really not a ‘conspiracy’ issue when you have ultra-serious scientists like mRNA co-developer Robert W Malone MD (still on Twitter amazingly), and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, pointing it out, plus Robert F Kennedy Jr, pro science writer Alex Berenson and so on

    All those hundreds of vaccinated athletes suddenly having heart failure and dropping on the field and dead, like never happened before in the history of sport … it’s getting harder for normies not to see it when suddenly multiple players in a week collapse clutching their heart, right on TV … and we are still only in the early stages of vax consequences

    Death rates are running 10%-20% over norm in only the vaxed countries, authorities in some admitting it is ‘not covid’ … and this is ONLY in vaccinated countries … little-vaxed countries have very little ‘covid’, no excess death … even parts of Europe that are majority unvaxed have very little ‘covid’ or excess death too

    Media runs absurd excuses – Young people having heart attacks, blood clots are strokes because of … ‘pandemic stress’ – ‘climate change’ – mysterious ‘sudden death syndrome’ – and even (seriously) ‘playing video games too much’ – anything but the vax

    General wisdom – avoid Google and Goog-dependent search vehicles such as StartPage, they hide too much. The Bing-associated searches, including DuckDuckGo, show more, also Yandex as the 3rd alternative search bundle.

    • Careful- Anonymous is going to call you a “Flat Earther” for ‘doubting the [sic] ‘Science’…. lol.

      • I think there’s a lot of people out there who don’t want to admit that they would do something like cull our numbers.
        They still want to believe everyone is basically good, and that we live in a civilized world. I guess if those people saw what they do to animals, they’d wake up.
        Throughout history, masses of people have been starved to death or annihilated. Sometimes it seems that technology is making people less civilized. That technological society…

    • Nearly all mRNA vaccine-induced fatalities are being traced to a small percentage of apparently bad batches. The vast majority of the thousands of batches are associated with a very low level of serious reactions, no more than with conventional vaccines. Similary, the Russian vaccine Sputnik V appears to be very safe when manufactured in Russia, but when manufactured in India it is associated with more serious reactions, which suggests some error or negligence in the manufacturing process is too blame, not the vaccine itself.

      Also, needles should always be aspirated before injecting the vaccine, to prevent the small chance of accidental injection into a large blood vessel carrying it directly to the heart, instead of the Deltoid muscle tissue where it is supposed to remain. However, needle aspiration is almost never done in a mass vaccination drive.

  12. I have been visiting a certain big conspiracy website recently to redpill them on racial realites, and I must say they are very pissed at Trump.

    Sarah Palin says she hasn’t taken the vaxx.
    Desantis is running a populist campaign on fighting the vaxx tyranny.
    Roger Stone is getting so concerned, he threatened Desantis, saying he must promise not to run for President in 2024 or else..
    I also read they have been lying about the numbers of people who have not taken the vax. Apparently in the UK about 28 million still haven’t taken the first jab. Not a tiny minority as their government has been saying. Perhaps they have been lying in other countries?

    • ” Perhaps they have been lying in other countries?”

      OF COURSE they have. Anglin’s DS is the only site I find coverage of all these ‘anti-vaxx’ protests. Wonder Why?

    • Most of Alternative media has fallen down into the Anti-vaxx and Plandemic conspiracy theory web of disinformation that serves the capitalist system by preventing development of popular, mass demand for an effective public health system. “NiqNaq” (wordpress) blog that used to be reliable fell into it almost a year ago. Paul Craig Roberts also fell and is not worth reading. Ron Unz posts plenty of it. Even some left-ish “Alts” like Jimmy Dore appear to be falling into it But the Saker and Moon of Alabama are still standing tall.

  13. The problem is Fauci is so inflexible and the Biden administration so inept they can’t respond to the obvious fact that the vaccine created for the virus going around Wuhan in December 2019 is now as obsolete as the 2019 Flu Shot. They obviously need to alter the formula for the new strains of the virus going around and are incapable of doing it, just keep injecting everyone with the same old version of the shot. Rand Paul even said one of the companies had a Delta Variant version of the vaccine and Fauci is dragging his tails on doing anything about it. They are committed to their big pharma payout for the original version and don’t care to change course. This is the real difference you get without Trump, Trump could at least think on the fly and try new things, these mopes are like statues frozen in two dimensional thinking.

      • He was afraid to build the wall, too. He let in every Mexican, Honduran, and Central American in those caravans. The “processing camps” were not to send them back, but to let them in.

        “Immigration” under Trump was even higher than under Obama.

        The MAGA people are insane. They think he is on their side!

    • Seems like a lot of people are easily won over by talk. They liked hearing Trump put down the Democrats and make jokes about them. MAGAs thought it was time they got something back. But it’s stupid. What good does calling someone out, or even calling them a name, do? I would have rather he was silent, and just fixed things. The real victory would be in thwarting the other side, not mocking or calling them names. But the MAGA folks fall for the big talk. Some are even convinced most of the wall is built. That would make no sense, when he was letting all of those people in.

      Trump…Biden…they ALL bring Central America into the US. No one wants to stop it. It’s destroying us.

  14. Trump is really turning off a lot of his remaining supporters with his squishy excuses for not firing Dr. Fauci or prosecuting the Clinton/Obama/Biden crime families. I don’t think he has a Chinaman’s chance of winning in 2024. I still want the next presidential race to be Desantis vs. Newsom.

    • @Spahnranch 1970,

      None of the cuckservatives did a damned thing about going after jewess Lois Learner over at the IRS even though through Obama she weaponized that powerful federal agency to go after “conservatives and conservative organizations.”

      • Yep. He could have picked his battles. Instead he was just a loudmouth. No wonder they pushed him aside.
        It’s like he told them, “I’ll just be a big loudmouth and put you guys down, people should love that.”

  15. Anti-vaxx cultists lol? As opposed to getting 3 experimental big pharma money shots (the contents of which can’t be known until 2096, wtf?) that don’t do shit in a year and half, yeah no thanks. Big bad shills for Gates and big pharma over here, got to get them their thousand dollars a second in profits, what exactly is their incentive to actually cure this cold again? Remember the old vaccines that were actual vaccines and not experimental gene therapy? Remember the old vaccines that had no patents and were open source to all nation’s health services because it wasn’t about profiteering and really about actual cures and saving lives, Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  16. Biden’s upcoming (today) so-called “health” policy speech will be about protecting the Elites’ wealth, not about protecting human health:

    “His message will be clear: There will be no measures, outside of vaccination, to stop the spread of the virus. The principal preoccupation in the White House right now is the potential impact of the Omicron surge on Wall Street share values. On Monday, the major indices fell by about 1.2 percent, on concerns that the spread of infections throughout Europe and the United States will compel lockdowns, hamper travel and put a dent in Christmas shopping. Two weeks after insisting that there will be ‘no lockdowns’ in response to Omicron, Biden’s task is to reassure the corporate and financial oligarchy that there will be no shift in policy”:

    The U.S. “homeland” has no public health system.

  17. Modern medicine with regards to viral illnesses is pure voodoo. Try finding any legitimate scientific paper that shows any disease is caused and spread by a virus. Or that masks reduce the spread of disease. There isn’t any. Someone tests positive for covid but has no symptoms? Maybe the test is garbage. Unless you’re dying and have nothing to lose, never allow yourself to be injected with anything. Certainly not a vaccine.

    • “Try finding any legitimate scientific paper that shows any disease is caused and spread by a virus”:

      What? Science does not recognise viral disease? That is only one step above the pandemic denial cult’s MOST ridiculous claim that “There is no virus.” More evidence that public education has failed. The U.S. population is extremely science education deficient.

    • @BuddS The virus exists. It looks like the Leftists are playing both sides of this.
      I don’t trust the vax. But viruses exist, and so does the Covid Flu.

      Don’t spread disinformation.

  18. One of the rationales for getting a jab is travel abroad. That’s probably why trump is doing this. Same for most people. It’s just pragmatic compromise. Most Americans don’t have passports.

      • Think about omicron is spreading. It’s vaccinated people coming from aircraft trips where they have produced negative tests and vaccine records at the border check points. Jab is mostly about hassle free foreign travel for the very wealthy.

  19. The problem is Trump funded his supposed enemies with executive orders for a supposed flu vaxx pre pandemic, and later operation warp speed. Then the vaxx companies hold their research until trump could lose for sure, dems took the w for themselves and made the issue more partisan with mandates. It’s like if Trump funds the mark of the beast them says he is against forcing compliance, pathetic. He would be better off (not he, us) if he took the money to fund the Russian and chinese vaccines, those vaccines kind of got memory holed because they don’t fund western politicians, probably.

  20. I’d rather have DeSantis if I have to choose an Israel-fellating GOP’er for President. DeSantis as governor is looking more and more like the Trump we thought we were getting in 2016. I’ve heard Trump speak three times since the election now and he just gets more and more boring each time. As he gets older, he’s loosing his fire.

    • Notice how…most of these commenters are worried about everything…but their job. Looks like very few of them even have a job.

      • Trump is mostly thinking about travelling to places where he’s got property. And he has a lot abroad. That’s his concern.

  21. Is Covid real? Yes.
    Is the vaccine going to protect you? No.
    So wear a mask, do everything to protect yourself.
    Except that experimental vaccine.

  22. It’s a scamdemic of the vaccinated who still trust the ((( msm and governments))) in the West.

    Unvaxxed sperm is going to be worth more than Bitcoin in 5 years.

  23. Right wing American Conservatives will never miss and opportunity to ….

    Miss an opportunity.

    COVID and proof of vaccination give us the perfect excuse to isolate, deport, quarantine all 3rd world POC, the Black criminal/welfare underclass, crazy drug addict homeless people.

    Just identify the Hebrew and Catholic and Lutheran immigrant aide societies – find where they are housing migrants at tax payer expense.

    “Let’s see everybody’s:

    Proof of COVID vaccination, proof of measles vaccination, proof nobody has TB, Ebola, Malaria other plagues.”

    Put the homeless through mandatory disinfections.

    This Libertarian, let everybody do whatever the hell they want, no borders, no labor rules except “The market” – this Ron Paul, Ayn Rand Paul Jew Libertarian mindset is killing us, it’s supporting the Great Replacement.

    HELL YES use Covid to target undesirables. Get translations in Laotian Hmong and Central American Mayan Indian dialects to demand proof of COVID vaccinations and 100 more diseases- otherwise, ship em to the Obama’s new estate on Martha’s Vineyard, ship em to one of George Clooney’s palaces same with the Mitt Romney family estates, Bush and Kennedy family estates – share the plague.

    Of course COVID exists – do the bubonic plague the Black Death in Europe that also came from filthy, dirty places in Asia, did that not exist?

    Our people used to sell, give small pox infected blankets to hostile Indian tribes, how about some germ warfare now? Our enemies are doing it to us, let’s return the favor.

    Right wing American Conservatives are always on defense, complaining and whining about supposedly all powerful institutions like:

    The Biden Administration
    The Liberal Media
    The Neo Conservatives, cult marxists, hint at the JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWS, but real life bad evil Js and their Goy slaves are never named and never fought or even inconvenienced.

    Let’s learn to dox.

    Doxing works.

    I’ve been doxed – it sucks.

    I’ve doxed and it works.

    Have some fun out there kinsmen and kinswomen.

    Merry Christmas

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