Tucker Carlson: Panic Mode

Excellent monologue tonight.

Independents are swinging as usual.

Young voters are beyond blackpilled on Joe Biden.

“Latinx” voters are abandoning Joe Biden over the economy.

The blacks are going to feel betrayed when the voting rights bill dies.

It is entirely conceivable that the Democrats could form a circular firing squad well before the midterms. The progressives and moderates are ready to point fingers and publicly go at it.

Note: In January and February, the child tax credit will expire and student loan payments will resume and Omicron will drop.

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  1. All Carlson wants is you to vote for the lessor of two evil, the Republicans. Haven’t we learned that lesson yet? There’s no wining in the two party oligarch.

    • Until the real crisis arrives, I’ll vote conditionally for the lesser of two evils. The Democrats are utterly, absolute garbage. Not a single thing they do or say is good for whites, at all, if not only because they are hypocritical lying frauds for all people, not just whites. Look at the recent student loans debacle. If you think Democrats would have went ahead with continuing forgiveness IF ONLY were it not for “partisanship,” then I have a bridge to sell you!

    • What’s wrong with “the lesser of two evils” when that is all that’s possible? Would you rather have Claudius or Caligula?

        • @John – “And you wonder why you always lose”
          ^^ Are you implying that you, somehow, are “winning”? It’s clear everyone is losing. Is Nightowl even saying his is a winning strategy??

  2. I listened to about half of it. Carlson is too-obviously twisting what Biden says about the pandemic. If Trump or the Republicans were saying it, Carlson would be supportive. He is an actor, playing to his right-wing or partisan Republican Fox News target audience. Faux News and other mainstream “news” media serve you just enough truth to get you to swallow the crucial poison (disinformation) and of course watch the commercial advertisements.

    • yeah but outsiders looking in typically have more incentive to tell the truth, and Carlson does given that he is the ultimate outsider in an utterly liberla media, despite all the usual tactics of the industry that he admittedly shares. Who is more truthful, Carlson or Brian Stelter? Certainly Carlson. Only Richard Spencer resentment driven “contrarianism” would say otherwise.

      • Anonymous2, Cucker admitted that while he was at MSNBC, it was he who got Rachel Maddow her job at that insanely anti-White network.

    • I really dig those ads on FOX News for the starving 130 year old “Holocaust survivors” in Russia who need the goyim’s money right away. And the My Pillow guy who looks like he just did a line of blow. Or Sebastian Gorka explaining how he’s no longer constipated/flatulent/impotent thanks to some miracle product. You can’t get those kind of kwalitee kommercials anywhere else!

      • I always wonder why Herr Bloomberg or Les Wexner of Epstein infamy or a cast of thousands of their friends don’t just cut checks tomorrow to end the suffering of the 130 year old “Holocaust survivors”. Perhaps because they can spot a fraud from a mile away?

        The My Pillow Guy is one of the greatest lunatics on TV. I guess just like Glenn Beck doing an ounce of coke a day and washing it down with a fifth of Wild Turkey isn’t good for one’s mental health. They are entertaining in a train wreck sort of way so there is that.

    • True enough, but Carlson is also the only figure who approaches being a white advocate or crypto-WN in the mainstream media. That the ADL tried to get him canceled is all you need to know.

      The unfortunate fact is that circumstances have moved beyond level-headed rationality – that was for the 1990s when guys like Peter Brimelow were still given sizeable platforms. The successful right-wing/WN media of the future needs to be propaganda outlets, first and foremost.

      • White advocate? He just threw lib white women under the bus and accused them all of being anti Hispanic! He is delusional saying Hispanics are all conservative when only Chicanos and Cubans are; the immigrants from central and south America are squarely aligned with European progressive ideology; the purpose of government is to provide for its citizens with cradle to grave entitlements! Tucker’s been talking to too many Latinos chamber of commerce people; they are not the majority of Hispanics immigrants! The reason you all are eating Hispanic food and learning Spanish is because of them; they’re not forgetting the old country but demanding you assimilate to them! And Anglo cucks like Tucker are!

        • i have noticed how hispanics are all entitled brats that think the state should feed, house, clothe and give medical and legal services to.
          They are just not our people and their failed, shitty societies full of their failed shit people reveal this.
          Race is not a ‘social construct’,but rather, society IS a racial construct.
          Its not illegal to be white…yet….however, it IS illegal to defend yourself against nonwhites and also faggots.
          I witnessed it with own eyes the other day at the restaurant i work in at night because of my white privilege that requires me to have 3 jobs to survive because nonwhites who uncontrollably breed get all social services , that you are to never ever badmouth or defend yourself against uppity, vulgar and loud faggots.
          Some cum drinking sissy was asked to please quiet down that their vulgarity was inappropriate and was bothering other people and the fag pushes the guy who then pushes his back a lot harder and was later arrested when the cops showed up even though there were 20 witnesses stating the fact that the fag started it.
          You are to never touch the jews pets , whether it be nigger rape monkeys with face tats or faggots who take 100 penises up their assholes per week…they are all that matters in anti white clown world.
          Have i mentioned i live in a predominantly R area of FL where owning the libs is all these boomer cucks talk about when dining and drinking.
          There is no saving this country anymore ,its gone forever.

        • “The reason you all are eating Hispanic food and learning Spanish is because of them; they’re not forgetting the old country but demanding you assimilate to them! And Anglo cucks like Tucker are!”
          @anon — Sooooo true !!

    • They have to have them, or it looks like the ones yelling about evil White Supremacists are crazy.
      They are all playing a part.

  3. @Brad Joe Manchin the Italian paratrooper is now saying he will negotiate with Biden after the first of the year. LOL. Some are blaming the UMW for this change, but, the UMW has nothing to gain from Build Back Better. Naturally, the Irish Roman Catholics & communist-socialists in union leadership are behind Biden. Manchin’s wife is an Irish Roman Catholic, so Manchin maybe getting some pressure from the relatives too.

    You heard the story about the cop who raided the bookie joint, and told the assembled Italians to make like Italian paratroopers. LOL.

    • Krusty,

      Isn’t Jerome Powell Chairman of the Federal Reserve one of your guys? He’s even married to a jewess.

      • Krusty the clown always calls out the Catholics but always fails to mention the WASPs that suck more jew dick than all Catholics combined. He is your typical hypocrite. Plus he is one track mined with his anti-Catholic rhetoric.

  4. I like TC but there’s definitely a click-bait quality to his show. I think it’s funny how Sean Hannity is visibly annoyed that his show depends on the lead-in audience from Tucker because he can’t attract enough viewers on his own. Hannity also had to play second fiddle to Rush on his afternoon drive radio program.

    • “Hannity also had to play second fiddle to Rush on his afternoon drive radio program.”

      I always wondered how Hannity made it to a national audience, since he was also in a distant second place to Neal Boortz in the Atlanta market before going national. I guess he was viewed as dumb and venal enough to say stupid things and believe them in front of a camera and a national audience. I can’t think of another reason. Does looking and sounding like Fred Flintstone help?

  5. USA national politics often follows British national politics.

    Thatcher’s wins and (tighten the belt, rant about the Russians, privatize government services) preceded Ronald Reagan’s wins and wasted 1980s.

    The Lib UK Labor party that hated actual White working class laborers – they collapsed during and after Brexit. The Lame Torries, Conservatives just got elected as the populist/nationalists like the BNP, UK Independent party were just subverted and marginalized same as us here in the ZOG USA.

    • Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party just lost a safe seat held for almost 200 years by Tories. Perhaps that is an omen for next year in the U.S.

  6. It seems that even the most staunch Demonkkkraps are becoming thoroughly disenchanted with Shitpants/Incest/Dementia Joe. At the embarrassing rate things are going I don’t see how he manages to finish his one and only term in office. But there isn’t any nostalgia for Zion Don, who is really upsetting his own supporters with his pro-vaccine faggotry. He’ll never get my vote again no matter what. Millions of other white men must surely feel the same way.

  7. Ah, yes, the usual cynics. So, Tucker has a view point, so what, he’s still right. All that matters is that normies move our way. One of my biggest gripes about the dissident right is the constant cynicism. It’s a HUGE inhibitor to success. Successful movements tend to have a positive hopeful attitude, Tucker is not “our guy”, but he’s a step our way

    • I was thinking the same thing, the other day. They will play their part of being diminished, and will try to court the hispanic vote, be pro-amnesty, etc.

    • Golden opportunity for what? Cutting taxes for the rich? Promoting race-mixing? Opening up immigration for more brown labor?

  8. You people still watch tv? Carlson is a rabid neocon pulling your leg. Keep voting for the Reds, its 2025, enjoy your new savior Nimrata Randwana.

  9. Tucker is delusional claiming that Latinos are not progressives. This may be true of Chicanos who have been here for hundreds of years, and true for anti- Castro Cuban refugees, but Latinos from central and south America believe that the purpose of government is to provide for its citizens. They are European in their political philosophy. The reason Anglos now all want to learn Spanish is because of these Latinos who unlike previous non Englishspeaking immigrants, [ exceptions being Asians back when they were our servant class and could keep their language to themselves as they stayed among themselves] all wanted to forget their old country and speak only English. It was shameful to speak anything but English. These Latinos from central and south America are defining the cultural American moment; multiculturalism is a concept that has taken hold precisely because these Latinos want to keep their language and their customs and Anglos are all eager to oblige and assimilate to Latino culture. Perhaps some Latino chamber of commerce are Republicans but not the vast majority of young Latino immigrants and their kids. They are socialist at heart just like Europeans. Tucker is cow towing to them; putting down white [ liberal] women and praising these Latinos who he wrongly ascribes conservative American values to! He even invents an up coming anti- Hispanic agenda on the part of white women libs! That’s how cucked he is towards Latinos; hating on white women; just like antifa and BLM and critical race theorists do. That he has to cuck at all shows how subvervient the Right is and on the wrong side of history in America. Either that or he’s just clueless and delusional. The country is moving eft and we have immigration from central and south America to thank for that!

    • “Latinos” are robbing our children of their future. They can come here and get everything free. The old ones get right on our SS and Medicare, without ever having paid into it, plus they pay nothing monthly for them.
      Their kids are getting free college.
      With all of the free gibs they get, our children will get nothing some day, because wages are going down, prices are going up, and these people coming in just have more and more kids without worrying one bit about how to house and support them. The American Taxpayer does it…and their children and their grandchildren won’t be able to afford a home and probably SS and Medicare will be gone.

  10. If you’re hanging on every utterance of Chuckle Fuckleson or still have nostalgia for orange Zio-shill, you haven’t learned a damned thing. These guys take our politics and perform Kosher slaughter on them. What’s left is the sanitized dead-end conservative politics that have always stood in our way. But he said “White!” How far has that gotten us? At the current rate they’ll say “White genocide” five minutes before Whites are put on train cars.

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