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  1. Globohomo Shopping Mall on display, and just in time for Christmas too. Is it any wonder the Taliban rejected these people? When the Taliban looks like a beacon of sanity next to what the U.S. Government and its parasites are peddling they have a problem whether they know it or not. Of course, The Empire keeps on sailing, full steam ahead right into the iceberg. Why not at this point?

    • I never thought I would admire the Taliban. Still, Free Germany is/was the model. The Taliban sold out to Shlomo anyway.

  2. They can’t sell magazines for their insipid content,
    so now they sell them with ‘shock’ value.

    Print journalism is dying
    As if it ever was journalism.

  3. I rewatched a movie called Predestination 2014 recently. It is about a time travelling transexual who falls in love with his younger/older self, gets himself preganant. Then he abandons his preganant partner to become a time travelling secret agent/terrorist, who is later murdered in revenge by his himself. Then the story begins again, repeating forever.

    I was aware of transexuals before this movie, but they didn’t get so politically powerful until after it came out. What do you think is going on? Did media like this brainwash weak minded people into becoming transexuals? Or was it just the announcement that the elites were coming out to the public as their true selves?

    • “I rewatched a movie called Predestination 2014 recently…”

      Misericordie, Domine. As if God the LORD would EVER be that vindictive, predestinating someone to this level of EVIL, and psychic confusion?! No- it is MAN who chooses freely, and God merely confirms His choice. God is not the author of sin.

      But, in answer to your question: “Did media like this brainwash weak minded people into becoming transexuals? Or was it just the announcement that the elites were coming out to the public as their true selves?”

      All true departures from godly order, EVENTUALLY result in sexual perversity- it’s the ‘final frontier’ to self-actualization as Satan’s minions, you see.

      Men with less testosterone (who have high intellects as well – i.e., Whites) are more pliable, bidden, and ‘feminine’ (i.e., Leftist, Socialist) than normal Men. Mere bipdeal Animals (such as N-words) are just stupid, and have easily been made the ‘golems’ of the Judenclasse. You see this with both sides of the equation in BLM/Antifa.

      So, plastics, GMO crops, hormone-laden meats, AND psychological conditioning for the last fifty years, all contributed to this ‘de-masculinizing’ of men. Even with Disney…. especially with Disney, since Walt died.

  4. Capitalism in the Weimar years also bred right-wing militias such as the Freikorps, and finally the Stormtroopers, in addition to urban Bohemians and libertines.

    • >Capitalism in the Weimar years also bred … the Stormtroopers

      As I’ve pointed out in comments here before, it was violence from the Left that ‘bred the Stormtroopers’ (SA = Sturmabteilung) — Hitler was determined to achieve power legally by winning elections (eventually he did) — it was necessary for voters to feel safe attending NSDAP rallies to hear speeches by him and others — but the Left (communists and socialists) violently disrupted these rallies and attacked participants — Hitler formed the SA as a security force to protect NSDAP political rallies.

      You see the same thing in the US today: violent intimidation by the Left.

      You must stay up late thinking of stupid things to say.

    • A century apart. Just as the Neo-Bolsheviks became prominent again 100 years after the jewish revolution in Russia.

      Cohencidence? Hardly.

    • He was President of the German Republic, which was largely a ceremonial role, OD. Germany right after WWII was in far worse shape, with women prostituting themselves for chocolate bars, cigarettes or a pair of stockings.

    • General Hindenburg was born in 1847, ffs!!! He was a doddering old man (like Biden), and when he died August 2, 1934, he was 86 years old. He was a Lutheran. I only add his religious affiliation because if he was a Catholic, you would have been sure to call him a papist or worst.

      • Hindenburg became President like Eisenhower because he was “a national hero,” because he had led a successful battle against the Russians at the very beginning of the war in 1914. Hindenburg called the battle “Tannenberg” in memory of the Teutonic Knights (Roman Catholic, anti- Russian Orthodox crusaders) who were defeated there by Russia 500 years earlier, and now the Germans were avenged. Nevertheless the Germans’ initial rapid advance stalled and the front under the direction of Hindenburg and Ludendorff became a stalemate.

        So there was plenty of martial passion in Germany in the Weimar period, culminating in the war fever of the Nazi years. The U.S. population has always admired successful generals and been in favor of foreign wars, which it never experiences directly (being surrounded by oceans and weak neighbors) that establish and strengthen the empire and bring in the global booty, some of which trickles down to the working class.

        President Hindenburg took a stand against communist revolution (Weimar’s antithesis, the one thing that Weimar could not allow) and handed power to anti-communist Hitler.

        • Yeah, Hindenburg was no pansy, and, he was a professional manager. In those days the Chancellor served at the pleasure of the President & Reichstag, and Hindenburg got rid of those who could not do the job. Hindenburg also had the loyalty of the German Army.

          Gustav Noske is another tough nut from the “Weimar” years, and held held various positions of importance.

          Most Americans don’t have a clue about German history, they know Hitler and the Jews and that’s about it. David Irving is a smart historian, but, even he has never gotten into Hindenburg, Noske, Schleicher, etc.

        • Hindenburg’s deathbed wish was that Hitler would allow Wilhelm II to return from exile and become Kaiser again. Unfortunately Hitler ignored the request. The Kaiser said he did not wish to be buried in Germany until the monarchy is restored. That day cannot come soon enough.

  5. Is that a woman on testosterone? Did they peel of half her thigh to make a lump of numb flesh? Looks like a woman’s skeletal structure, but there’s no going back after doing that to yourself. Might as well fall across a black hole’s event horizon it’s such a one way trip.

  6. “And the LORD said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous;

    I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know.’

    That’s a bit quite fitting for the bizarro world our woke elites have created. I would say encouraging kids with the typical childhood psychological problems that they are the wrong gender and need to destroy their bodies with chemicals and surgery qualifies as a very grievous sin?

    • …which is why a strong, moral, ethno-natonal, People’s government is necessary, instead of the present, rootless-cosmopolitan led, laissez faire global business empire. The Scriptiure says human authority exists “for the punishment of evil-doers and the praise of them that do well” – not to praise and protect the class of wealthy usurers and punish all who object and demand equality.

      The Weimar “republic” had, like the U.S., a high level of inequality (which is worse than high inflation) despite populist welfare reforms enacted in the 1920s after inflation was turned down, some of which were reversed in the 1930s. HItler’s vaunted “socialism” was mostly continuation of the remaining Weimar populist welfare policies.

  7. The postwar Weimar Republic wasn’t quite as liberal and decadent as many believe. During the 20s and 30s the Reichswehr was secretly conducting military exercises in Soviet Russia, where they could not be observed by the Western Allies. The Panzer Mark I tank was also designed and put into production during the Weimar period, again in violation of the Versailles /St. Germaine diktats.

  8. Note to Gabriel Mac: You don’t have a penis. You have a mutilated body and a flap of skin in a pair of men’s underwear. You do still have a woman’s hips, and indented curve of the waist, even as extremely as you have tried to disguise it. You are, and always will be, female.

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