Jimmy Dore: Omicron Symptoms Appear Shockingly Mild

If you have ever had the common cold, you have been infected with a coronavirus, which probably caused a global pandemic several centuries ago. The 1889-1890 Russian Flu pandemic might have been caused by the last cold virus that jumped from an animal host to humans. That’s the way these things usually go as respiratory viruses evolve after millions of infections to become less lethal and more transmissible.

Note: H1N1 which caused the Spanish Flu still circulates as a flu virus.

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  1. All they’re doing is making up variants that don’t exist so the idiots keep taking boosters that will kill them in the long run and the jew companies that run these “vaccine” companies keep getting richer. The vaccinated are the carriers keeping this “virus” alive.

  2. Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. Vitamins D3 & C. Zinc. Aspirin. Don’t be a panicky pussy like those cowardly shitlib assclown hags.

    • NBF, exactly.

      “If you have ever had the common cold, you have been infected with a coronavirus…” – HW

      Funny. I was called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for saying exactly the same thing, in April of 2020…..

  3. Apparently, a girl I work with has tested positive. As a result, three of us were sent to get tested, including myself, then went home until our results were known, because we were close contacts (and I’m so sick of hearing Covid jargon). Anyway, I came back negative.
    This young lady was super fit, young and double vaxxed. So……..do these useless vaccines actually do anything?
    Not being in the medical field, I never have that much to say about all this, can’t pretend to be an expert, and have no agenda, but if it’s no worse than the common cold, then why all the drama and panic?
    I’m Covid fatigued.

      • I paid $140 for a Covid test. When I complained about the price, I was told the actual price, without my insurance, would have been over $300. They’re really making a killing over this Covid, no pun intended.

      • Yes it is true in one state. For some reason the lefty run states are where the governments in Australia went psycho (the same as the USA). The Northern Territory is where they are kidnapping people, and putting them in desert concentration camps, with double wire fencing. No self isolation allowed in your own home matey! You either go to the concentration camp willingly in a special covid van, or the police will take you by force in a police van.

        All I can say, is thank goodness the lefties were not in charge of the Australian federal government, like they are in New Zealand. The woman running NZ is crazy, but if a lefty man was in charge of NZ, he’d be worse than she is. I’d don’t know if its the lefty mentality just gets off on power more than the cons, or it could be they scare more easily in a crisis and go psycho. That is for the psychologists to figure out.

        • I think it is both. They obviously love the power. I also think most of them would completely lose it and be unable to deal if a real crisis happened.

  4. If you’re under 70 and otherwise healthy, what are the chances that Fauci’s Flu will cause a serious illness ?

  5. The criticism of the for-profit “health” industry is accurate. Dore and Blumenthal agree that the lesson to be learned from this pandemic is that the people require a real, public health system. Universal free health care is obviously a human right. It will not be realized under capitalism.

    I have said often that the real pandemic is one of the greatest opportunities besides war for the elites to increase their ill-gotten super-wealth. The capitalist “health” industry does not serve the people.

    Blumenthal seemed quite skeptical of the video of Chinese “Covid guards,” and so am I. It looks like Epoch Times/Falun Gong/CIA propaganda and was a poor choice by Dore. Shanxi province has had several incursions of Covid coming across the border from Mongolia, and China has the right to keep it out. The vast majority of Chinese people approve of their government, and its excellent performance in the pandemic, keeping them safe and free, with only three deaths since April 2020, while the U.S. racked up almost one million.

    Finally, John Campbell is a good reliable source, but he was portrayed as saying Omicron is like a common cold. That is not really Campbell’s view. We hope Omicron will turn out to be a much milder strain, but as Campbell reiterates it is still too early to tell. There is no necessity that a virus must mutate to a less virulent form over time. Rabies is one of many viral diseases that have not become any less deadly over thousands of years. Even if a virus does become milder, it retains the ability to evolve suddenly into a severe form, like Influenza often does. It is not scientific to assume that SARS CoV-2 must become just another common cold. I hope it does. Regardless, the lesson of this pandemic is that we need a real, People’s public health system (not private profit) in place before another deadly, even deadlier, disease inevitably appears.

    • The WuFlu tests are inaccurate, and the Corona Chan vaccines are ineffective.

      The gaslighting of people around the globe to the virulence of this virus is 10 to the 6th power more than the infamous Orson Welles ” War of the Worlds” radio broadcast.

    • @anonymous Healthcare is a right? Is anything a right? Rights are only legitimate when they can be enforced. Right now, the US taxpayers pay millions for people who walk into this country and get welfare and all of the free medical care they want. It’s the Working Taxed Citizen who has to pay the big fat COPAY for their CT exam, and has to make payments, along with payments to their doctors, etc.

      NOTHING IS FREE. Someone pays for it. If you have insurance, you’re also paying for those who don’t. WE ALREADY HAVE A PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM. What do you think Medicaid is? The constant whine, that “the poor” need free healthcare is such a lie. They ALREADY get free healthcare!

      But I know what you REALLY want…you want foreign doctors, lowly paid medical staffs, and more. You want it cheap. Cheap medicine is like cheap nuclear power. Duh. Medicine is about reimbursements, and when you give it away, someone else has to pay.

      A lot of the deaths in the US due to Covid, were due to someone having a critical condition, and when they tested positive for Covid, it becomes another statistic for the government, and a reimbursement for Covid. Yet you cite the Chinese figures and American figures…when it’s all crafted that way.

  6. These cunts don’t realise they are going to catch Covid19 one way or another at some point. Best time to catch it might be in summer or early autumn. Not during winter.

  7. These pharmaceuticals stand to make a lot of money from people who have voluntarily damaged their immune systems and incurred problems from inflammation and clots. Wouldn’t want to be promoting cheap(and free) vitamin D and healthy living, or any crazy stuff like that.

  8. The variants exist, all kookiness aside. These viruses always weaken over time. It is now nothing more than a bad cold. Lasts 5-7 days, quite a bit of coughing, but nothing much. Just a common cold now. Lets Go Brandon.

        • I have asthma. I always have acid reflux that causes a cough. I always have sinus and chest congestion. I cough when the air is too cold, or when someone burns their leaves, or when they dont burn them but leave them to mold in their yard.

          There’s literally no downside to me getting a cold. I pretty much always do.

        • Yep…I laid out in the mid-day Sun for good stretches at a time when I had the original strain. Also supplemented with additional vitamin D, C, zinc, and elderberry. It also helps to not be fat. Took a couple weeks to shake it off, but I never did get it bad in the lungs. The worst was the body ache for the first few days.

      • “I think my wife brought home Omicron and has infected me with it. I have a scratchy throat and sniffles this morning”

        I too have a “scratchy throat”/occasional dry cough over the last couple of days; supposedly Omicron symptoms are such a throat (rather than the sore throat and loss of taste & smell of earlier variants), along with night sweats, fatigue & muscle aches.

        The horror…the HORROR…lol.

        I have none of the other symptoms, and my temperature is normal, so I think the the cough is probably caused by something else (such as old furnace fumes), or my regime is handling it with ease.

    • “These viruses always weaken over time”:

      Not always. Some viruses may become milder, and then mutate to become more severe. Some remain just as severe or fatal after circulating among humans and animal hosts for thousands of years. Selection presssure is mostly for transmissibility and evasion of resistance or existing immunity.

      Incidentally, I decided weeks ago not to get a booster when it became clear that Delta from India was poorly matched to the existing vaccine. And now, Omicron from Africa is not matched at all. The booster might make a one percent difference with Omicron, but there is evidence (good news) emerging that Omicron may be a much less serious disease than Delta and earlier strains, and the pandemic may be over. After the System has finished milking the last dollar it can from the crisis, it will want the workers to forget quickly. It does not want us to learn the lesson we should learn.

  9. >I tested positive for COVID this morning.

    Note she doesn’t say she is sick or feels unwell (or why she bothered to test herself) — to remain a member of the COVID cult, you have to claim/assume this is because the vaccine protects against serious illness but not infection — a simpler explanation (recall in one study 40% of those ‘infected’ had no symptoms) is that the tests are unreliable; they produce a great many false positives, and all data justifying COVID tyranny, even use of the word pandemic, are based on positive test results, not (necessarily) people who are sick — in this sense, the pandemic was manufactured and is being sustained by mass testing, including/especially of random, healthy people with antibody (Ab) tests — remember Elon Musk tweeted earlier about how he was given an Ab test by a nurse 4x on the same day: 2x positive, 2x negative.

    • >the pandemic was manufactured and is being sustained by mass testing

      Queens getting 3 new federal COVID testing sites

      Yet more mass testing of random, apparently healthy people; this has become a feature of the ‘pandemic’ — there will be many false positives, and these will be called COVID ‘cases’ — the numbers will be used to justify both more restrictions on personal freedom as well as vaccine coercion.

  10. Imported from Africa, another zoonotic disease, the Monkeypox virus, has appeared recently n Texas, Maryland, and the U.K., spread like Covid by inhalation of virus particles in nasal droplets, related to Smallpox but with “only” about half the fatality rate of Smallpox, which is many times higher than the Covid fatality rate and does not discriminate by age:

    • Another highly contagious Ebola virus outbreak was just stamped out (officially ended) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with almost 90% fatality. There is also a new viral disease with extremely high fatality rate appearing sporadically in very rural (jungle) parts of the DRC. Little is known about this disease so far. If or when it reaches a city with an international airport it could explode.

  11. 80% sure I have it right now. But it could be a regular cold instead of a fancy one. I don’t know/care that much, really.

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