SPLC: One Year After Jan. 6, the Hard Right Digs In

I can’t believe I am saying this.

This was a pretty article though from Michael Edison Hayden.


“One year after Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington D.C., the hard right, anti-democracy faction of the Republican base that led the attack threatens to overtake the party for the long term.

This hard-right faction, loyal to former President Trump, minimizes, or supports, the violent storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6. They have worked to systemically undermine America’s democracy in the months following the attack by installing into positions of power loyal proponents of Trump’s Big Lie and by passing a flurry of voter suppression bills. The few Republicans who oppose Trump or acknowledge the wrong that he and others did on Jan. 6 face being ostracized.

This group of Republicans also embrace lies and conspiracy theories to spin away what happened that day. Repeatedly, such high-profile Trump backers as Tucker Carlson have opted to further stoke the feelings of paranoia and bitterness that undergirded the attack, rather than work to calm the tensions of a nation in turmoil.“What happened today will be used by the people taking power to justify stripping you of the rights you were born with as an American,” Carlson told his audience of over 4 million people on the night Trump supporters attacked the Capitol. “Your right to speak without being censored, your right to assemble, to not be spied upon, to make a living, to defend your family, most critically.”

The tenor of rhetoric like this and the infusion of once fringe, white supremacist ideas into mainstream discourse has raised alarm within Southern Poverty Law Center, and all who care about democracy. Couple those trends with the rapid introduction of aggressive, anti-democracy actions from Republicans who ally themselves with Trump, and the magnitude of the potential crisis we face as a country becomes apparent. The following analysis details how the hard right has assembled in the aftermath of Trump’s last days in office, systematically building a culture where violence and authoritarianism can further take root in the U.S. …”

A year ago, millions of people were still suffering from the delusion that “the fever will break” and “Trump will fade” after he was muzzled and removed from office and that somehow Joe Biden would restore a sense of “normalcy” in America. Instead, the Idiot King was exiled to Mar-a-Lago like Napoleon and his followers who believe the election was stolen from him have only become vastly more radical in his absence. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has stumbled badly in office and his coalition has crumbled and progressives have either flopped on the national stage or been blocked by Joe Manchin.

Is this what blowing it looks like?

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  1. The Semitic Power Lawfare Center sounds like it’s on the verge of hysteria. But fomenting fear and hatred of white gentiles is how they make their money.

    At this point I’ve pretty much given up any hope of a mass uprising, because most Americans are just too goddamn docile and submissive to authority. They really deserve to be enslaved by Red China for a few hundred years, which may be exactly what happens. ZOG should have been overthrown decades ago. If it ever does happen it will be thanks to a small group of hardcore, fanatical revolutionaries who don’t give a shit about optics or appealing to normies.

    • We do not need massive uprising. We just need Empire gone.

      Submissive people are bigger threat to regime than most brave freedom fighters. Submissive people digging their own grave and none of them dares to say. Stop we are wrong. Let’s change the course. So Empire will march to grave and nobody says nothing.

      Best war is what never had. Enjoying popcorn and watching regime to go self destruct is better than dying fighting hopeless fight against wise and brave enemy.

      I know , Ashli is dead and lot of your people suffering but compare this to previous mass uprisings. Russian Civil War and Hitler. Millions of deaths and both wars lost.

      Trump is genius and greatest leader white people ever had. First time in last 400 years we have real chance to get organized world Jewry permanently gone.

    • @spahn,
      Just go and vote…… that’ll fix things!
      Your sense of humour is hilarious. You’re a bit of an unwoke, badass misfit though !!

  2. The violent storming of the capitol? Unarmed and without leaders the only fatality was one of the “insurrectionists”, Ashli Babbit: A White woman NO ONE talks about.

  3. SPLC are ‘alarmed’ apparently. I tend to think they go out searching for things to be alarmed about so they can act. It’s how they make their miserable living.

  4. Something for race blind boomer MAGAtards (and anyone else who needs to hear it):

    linkAmerica was infinitely better as a vast majority White nation. … I don’t give a fuck if that fact bothers you. … There’s no way to Make American Great Again without making America White again. … And anyone saying otherwise is a subversive or a fool.

  5. Storming the Capitol is as American as apple pie when the government no longer fears we the people. Where was the thoroughly discredited FBI during BLM and Antifa’s reign of terror? They were nowhere to be found!!! I’ll leave you with my recent quote for all to read here. When the government steals an election then it forfeited it’s right to impose its will upon the people which they govern.The lawmakers who claim this act by patriots is “Un-American” have never read the Declaration of Independence.

  6. They keep pushing and they might find out what a real insurrection looks like. Especially when it’s desperately hungry people, and not spoiled, rich brats, or folks with jobs and settled lives, whose “political activism” is mostly a hobby.

  7. Huh. The ruling class remains in place. Tip your hat to the new constitution. Smile and grin……. we won’t get fooled again…… until 2022.

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