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After appearing on The Political Cesspool, I saw this evening that Jared Holt of the Atlantic Council’s “Digital Forensic Research Lab” was doing a livestream call-in show on Twitch. Most of the callers were boring so I called in to ask some more penetrating questions.

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  1. I’m afraid that while Jared had a polished, refined voice, Hunter on the other hand sounded like such an…………unrefined, working class Southerner! Lol.

  2. I’m kind of fascinated that progressive anti-racists can’t relate to how reality can redpill folks, so they have to see the redpill as a dangerous virus, that hide in text and images, and that create the disease called racism unless vaccinated.

    If the “racism is a disease” narrative make it possible to fight racism without countering the arguments, it was kind of given that climate denial and anti-vaxers would be treated the same way.

    • Racism is not a sin. Never was. Never will be.

      “A Christian who worships Christ in spirit and truth will not worship democracy. And the democratic heresy is the first obstacle that must be overcome before white self-defense can begin. A white Christian will not refuse to fight, in the fullest sense of the word, when such fighting takes him outside the parameters of democracy.”-

      “Racism is not even mentioned in the Bible. It is not a ‘sin’ and NO ADMINISTRATION has the right to create ‘sins’ where there are none. In other words, ALL WHITE MEN ARE INNOCENT OF THE SUPPOSED ‘SIN’ of Racism, and all-non-Whites are guilty of IDOLATRY, because they do not partake of the RACE OF CHRISTENDOM.”

      “Europe is the faith, and the faith is Europe…I say again, renewing the terms, The Church is Europe: and Europe is The Church.”?Hillaire Belloc, 1920. 

      “Orthodox nationalism, that is, ethnic and religious nationalism, is the ancient idea of community and family refusing to bow to the official ideology of individualism, globalism and Zionism.”

      “Hatred for another race is justified when the leaders of that race declare war on yours with strong popular support. It’s a normal, natural and biological reaction to defend oneself. If your nation is invaded by an alien tribe and you do nothing, then your inaction is implicated in the bloodshed that follows.”

      “What you’ve written is a declaration of loyalty to the Leftist American ruling class. This is the Babylonian idea of one world, one religion and one race. It’s the lie of Lucifer that the prophets fought with every bone in their body. Ideas you project on people like me are of your own invention. You rely on caricature and public ignorance to get a point across. You have no other options. We nationalists stand in the place of the Righteous Phineas, while you proudly take up the mantle of Zimiri. The acts of Righteous Phineas were so pleasing to God that it served to atone for all the sins of Israel. We’re doing the same thing by resisting the ideology of the Babylonian whore. In this instance, you are enemies of God, our people, our race and our nation. “ –

      The only true sin is Anti-Adamism. In other words, Envy of Whites, because Sons of God.

      “The existence of Christendom (i.e., Europe) is coterminous with the racial awareness of Whiteness as Election by God. There is no other option possible. As Hilaire Belloc said (a century ago) Europe is the [catholic] Faith; the Faith, Europe. If the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ is the Incarnation of Adam’s lineage by the Godhead, then it follows that anyone NOT of that lineage, is NOT elect. “And they will hate you for it.” As Fr. Seraphim Rose once said, ‘In the end, ALL the churches will serve Antichrist”- antichrist, I now understand, means Multiculturalism. My face reflects my Lord’s- and (((they))) hate us for that grace. Q.E.D.”

      • Here’s another one Fr. John, from Solzhenitsyn – delivered in a speech to some Swedish group – which was sadly very much like casting pearls before swine.

        “The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all men became alike with one nature and one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, its collective personalities; the very least of them wears its own special colors and bears within itself a special facet of God’s design.”
        – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

      • @fr. John+,
        Racism is a natural and nessessary emotion. As we grow up, we get taught NOT to be racist. We don’t get taught to be racist. As a kid growing up, I didn’t automatically hate individual non whites who were ok people, but did question their presence in my society as a whole, and why the onus was on us to, if you will, carry their upkeep when they should have been back where they belong.
        The Left must understand that you will never end racism until you end the things that cause it. Things such as:- endless immigration without a referendum, endless foreign aid handouts with money that should be for our own poor, offshoring of our jobs, importing cheap labour that puts downward pressure on wages, foreign investment that places locals out of the property market, etc. Then on top of this, rampant black on white street crime, Jewish control of well…….. everything, and a victim industry that in a hypocritical way, serves only minorities, never us. Then there’s affirmative action. There are wealthy black sports stars, rappers, media identities, politicians, actors, business people who never saw Jim Crow. How much more of a non victim must they be before they’re happy?
        Yeah………I just can’t imagine why some of us are ‘waysist’.

      • “This is the Babylonian idea of one world, one religion and one race”:

        But there really IS only one world, truth, and humanity. Humans exist naturally in families, tribes and ethnies but we all share the same planet, and we are all the same biological species, and Christ died for the sins of all of us, not for only some predestined, chosen few – and I think “Babylon” is mostly symbolic of wealth and power gained by trade, usury, exploitation, and of the allure and corruption of materialism.

        You may be conflating Babylon with the Tower of Babel story explaining the diversity of languages. I take from it the common sense observation that it is natural for tribes and ethnicities to at least speak the same language, if not the same dialect, and that nationality (ethno-nationality) cannot be multi-lingual.

  3. Hunter has spent all his time writing and he’s damn good at it. A guy like Chris Cantwell or Rush Limbaugh thats born to sit behind a microphone is a rare thing. Everyone else has to work at it. Its no failing, its normal. Leave Britney alone. At least his internet seems to have improved.

    I almost feel bad for people like Jared. He’s spent years publicly fighting on the wrong side and you can see how he is struggling against wanting to be in on the joke, because when Whitey hits his stride he’s the best troll there is and people do love a good bandwagon.

    Instead, Jared is staring down the barrel of a real backlash with his whole life ahead of him knowing we will never forget him.

    The worst mistake the Altright ever made was leaving memespace. All our strength was from humor and trolling.

    If we can get that back, we will have something again.

    I support this kind of ambush wholeheartedly and would like to see more of it.

    • >The worst mistake the Altright ever made was leaving memespace. All our strength was from humor and trolling.

      It’s the stuff the elites in a society don’t want you to talk about, that becomes funny to us humans, so jokes and humor will be a part of any successful coalition of the oppressed, and it’s no different for us.

      It’s perhaps easier to see for us non-invested in a Covid narrative, that joking about Covid tyranny, is far better than trying to push articles by experts no normie reads, but it’s the same with the multicult and Globohomo.

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