2021 White Traitor of the Year Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey

Thanks to our great Occidental Dissent readers and The Political Cesspool (TPC) listeners for staying with us during these last two dreadful years. We suffered BLM/Antifa Riots, mass looting, fixed presidential elections; our historical monuments from Confederate heroes to Christopher Columbus even Winston Churchill statues torn down by Black/Antifa Communist mobs. Cuckservatives in the US South, Philly, Fox News did nothing, neither did Cucks in not so Merry Old England.

We had so many White traitors in 2021. It’s hard to find one #1 worst traitor.  It’s easy to do like Amren and throw up our hands and say:

“The entire Conservative movement/Conservative, Inc they are all traitors and there’s nothing we can do short of Secession revolutionary gun fantasies”


“That’s Not who we are” (where did we hear that before?)

I’m the one who revived Instauration Magazine’s year end White Traitor of the year and got Amren to name Libertarian Constitutionalist BLM pandering Cuckservative Rand Paul as the first Amren winner/loser in 2013. Rand is still seriously cucking to BLM rioters, hard drug dealers, dead by their own drugs Black thugs like Saint George Floyd.

So, here’s OD/my choice for THE White traitor of the year and he’s a real bad one: Coca-Cola/Woke-a-Cola CEO James Quincey

This spoiled, London England born, bred, miseducated poofter took over the very Southern Coke-A-Cola brand and turned it in 2021 in to a terrible Woke Coke BLM, Antifa supporting institution. Brit poofter, Coke-A-Cola CEO James Quincey supports the worst forms of BRA vote fraud, BLM riots in Minnesota, Kenosha WI and on the Washington DC mall.

Jame’s Quincey funded the obese GA Black bit** Stacey Adams push to promote massive mail in BLM vote fraud in GA. Quincey successfully pressured MLB baseball to remove the MLB baseball from the Southern State of Georgia because some (just a few) honest Georgia conservatives passed common sense legislation opposing obvious mail in vote fraud! Oh the horror!

This from a product Coke-A-Cola/Woke-A-Cola that causes obesity, tooth decay and diabetes!  

Yep lots of competition for  American/British Woke corporate traitors, cowards, pussies and poofters. But OD’s choice for 202 White Traitor of the Year is … Coca-Cola, Woke-a-Cola CEO James Quincey.

Past White traitors of the year include:

1985 – GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

1986 – Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

1987 Joint Prize – Government informants such as Glenn Miller

1988 – US Secretary of State George Schultz

1989 – Lee Atwater

1990 – George Will

1991 – Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

1992 – Conservative TV talking head Fred Barnes

1993 – Hillary Rodham Clinton

1994 – Jack Kemp and William Bennett

1995 – OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

1996 – Fidel Castro

1997 – Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

1998 – Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame.)

Amren 2013 – Rand Paul

Amren 2014 – Bill Gates

Amren 2015 – I couldn’t find it.

Amren 2016 – Glenn Beck heading toward well-deserved oblivion.

Amren 2017 – John McCain


  1. He’s not alone, they’re are many White traitors out there thanks to CRT and the public school system. Indoctrinate the strongest so they become the weakest.

    • The Bluesheviks would be dwindling as a group if things were proceeding naturally, but our education system and media keep producing new traitors. Whites who care need to home school and boycott mainstream media.

    • The late Bob Whitaker once observed that the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do is get past your college education,

  2. Make Woke Coke go broke. How about a BDS movement for Coke? Boycott, Disinvest, Sanction and (ultimately) Destroy.

    • >spoiled for choice

      linkYou are being conditioned to believe that all of these restrictions are normal.

      At the link is a short video of Dr Robert Malone (recently kicked off Twitter) appearing with Joe Rogan — everyone should watch and ponder it — he describes how, via COVID, a Machiavellian elite exploited the free floating anxiety of an atomized, disconnected society (think Putnam and diversity) to create a kind of mass psychosis, or mass hypnosis, and portray themselves as saviors, focusing attention on and demonizing ‘the other’, here meaning those skeptical of COVID tyranny, including the vaccine, and now vaccine mandates.

      Any White who participated in or enabled this in any way should also be considered a candidate for ‘white traitor of the year’ — such people have shown themselves to be unreliable on the most fundamental issue of all: freedom.

    • linkthis is what they’re telling you is sane

      A short video at the link shows people in Milwaukee lined up and waiting in their cars by the hundreds, probably nearly every single one of them perfectly healthy, to be tested for COVID.

      Demented lemmings — utter lunacy.

  3. My wife and I stopped purchasing/consuming Coca-Cola products when the news broke about coke’s anti-white training. I know others who have done the same. We all have to do our part, even if individually small, to hit back.

  4. Happy New Year all. These people along with the politicians and NGOs are responsible for the state of things. I have noticed a change in black friends and even randoms being that my area has gone almost all Indian, black, and Hispanic in under fifteen years. They have even more of that well known arrogant swag with misplaced confidence than ever before, claiming they invented everything and were basis of modernization. Great African kingdoms destroyed by the White man and blacks in the West only falling behind because they are held back.

    This confidence combined with a newer and deeper sense of hatred is disturbing. I like alot of these people and seeing the path they are being led down by this cuck and media is not good. I know it makes sense to move your family from your ancestral homes once they go bad but we are running out of space to go. I have no desire to go to Florida like all the White conservatives I know

  5. James Quincey, eh! Boy, oh boy, does that ever sound like an Ellis Island immigrant’s surname. Hahahahahaha.

    Good choice of winner for 2021, though Greg Abbott governor of Texas could have won for cucking to the jews on not using GAB.

    Trump and Biden also should have been in serious contention.

  6. I’m glad you had Jack Kemp on that list. At this point any distinguished-looking white business man, banker, lawyer or politician in a suit should be regarded as the enemy.

  7. On second thought, how could Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley not be the Majority Renegade of the Year? Milley is a judas of the first order.

    I demand a revote and/or audit of the ballots

    • Excellent choice to be sure. Nevertheless, as eah noted above, we’re seriously spoiled for choice on this matter. There are literally thousands one could list for the award.

    • Too late, they were mail-in ballots and we know how those get counted. BTW, California will be sending mail-in ballots to every registered voter in the state for 2022. With the demographics of California now it probably doesn’t make any difference anymore.

  8. Coke anti-White traitor, James Quincy, is a good choice but there are far, far too many contenders to name just one. Maybe do a parody of the hideous “People” magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” people format and instead name it the “Occidental Dissent’s 50 Most Hideous White Traitors.”

  9. Not a bad choice, Jack. I think I would have gone with the homosexual Richard Spencer though because of his recent CNN interview.

  10. Hey Old Enough to Be Your Mother – That’s an excellent idea. But if we are going to do this we need to do so in a way that goes viral.

    I know a young man who can make excellent music videos. He did so with my music video Christmas Card. We can do a similar music video with 2021 most hideous White traitors. ( I recommend not signing it as “Occidental Dissent” for copy right issues – we want to use popular, well known music and I’ve got just the song.

    But this cost at least some money ~$100. American White nationalists tend to be Cheap Cheap Cheap. they won’t even contribute what they usually spend on beer money every day.

    OK, so is there a second to make a OD’ “50 Most Hideous White Traitors” music video?

    • @jaye ryan – What was that old Stormfront forum joke? The only person tighter with their money than a Jew is a White Nationalist?? As always, sir, you are eminently practical; and I will defer to your sound judgment.

      I’ve been thinking further on the subject of White Traitors. It has always seemed to me that the very worst traitors are those who gain a “golden microphone”, a la Rush Limbaugh, and then epically FAIL to use it to say or do anything explicitly for White people. Therefore, I nominate Donald Trump as my personal choice for White Traitor of the Year.

      And I know this will make me a contrarian, but my second runner-up is — Kyle Rittenhouse — White boy folk hero to the instinctively pro-White sentiments of the still sane normies. His “support” for BLM is inexcusable and absolutely disgusting. I know, I know. His tender youth. But anyone who has been through the public crucible that he has endured has NO excuse not to understand the corrosive and destructive power of BLM, Antifa, and all the woke-Left who seek the destruction of him personally, as well as that of the rest of the White race. And if his motive in publicly supporting BLM was self-protection, why not just keep his mouth shut on the subject??

      The worst traitors are those who are called “White Supremacists” and yet still can’t say one single good thing PUBLICLY about White people.

      • Blompf should get the White Traitor of the DECADE award. He had four years to do something and all he did was tweet between his hours of fellating jews and negroes. That might really piss off some Magatards, but they require the harsh slap of reality if they’re ever to come to their senses.

      • Old Enough to be Your Mother

        – Agreed and well said. Rush Limblob was a terrible traitor, false opposition that earned the loyal listener base of millions of White listeners and then he just…..

        Did and said nothing of importance for 20 + years.

        He collected his $ millions upon $ millions and made an unstated agreement with the Children of the Devil never to oppose their Neo Conservative, Zionist wars in Iraq, Syria, SERBIA!.

        He, like another career White false opposition talking head George Will agreed to shill for the Js, take the 30 pieces of silver and work behind the scenes to marginalize, purge any White guy actually doing anything about the Great Replacement, 3rd world migration invasions, Black rapists, home invaders, J and anti White Black domination of our media.

        So many old White people have been watching George Will for decades and listening to Rush Limblob forever they insist to their dying days that “He’s our Guy”.

        It was/is the same with the devoted White fans of Ron and Rand Paul and LBJ back in the day.

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