Thomas Frank on 2021

Skip ahead to 50:00.

This was a good discussion on how PMCs who used to be Republicans have become Democrats and how this class of people have steadily alienated what used to be the Democratic base.

Note: I agree with everything Thomas Frank says here. He has been saying it for 20 years now. These people are losing to “Let’s Go Brandon.” Spending trillions of dollars got them nowhere.

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  1. Everyone hates the “elite” usurpers; those smirking scum who flaunt their ivy League Credentials in the faces of the anyone who dares to challenge their total control of everything, as if we should instantly fall to our knees in awed submission to the Authority of these “proven geniuses” – no matter how many times they’ve been catastrophically wrong.

    That was indeed the reason for the way they circled the wagons in panic when Dump won, and colluded to oppose him at every step with blatant lies pushed by their (((media))) & FBI branches until they finally brought him down. He was not even their ultimate target: that was us, the Flyova White Trash. We’re the ones they hate & fear with every rotten fiber of their beings; the ones they had safely frozen out of national politics until Cheeto Jesus came along.

    They are the tyrant class, and they must be destroyed. The big question of course is “How?”

    • Do you have authority issues much? Whew. The level of ‘I hate my dad’ in this post is off the charts.

      Authority is both earned AND innate, deserved and acquired. If an authority figure messes up (e.g., this ‘elite’ class) then they forfeit their claim to BE an authority ON THAT SUBJECT, if that’s all they have to engender said authority…. but a Lord or Lady is still an aristocrat, and submission to one’s betters (as used to be the case) is still a biblical mandate. (which is why the Mob [DEMOS] is not a valid source of Authority- i.e., democracy inevitably devolves into Anarchy.)

      But certain people possess INNATE authority (your parents, your pastor, the government) UNLESS they tell you to do things that are contrary to GOD’S authority ( i.e., the case laws of the 10 Commandments- cf. Deut. 28-30… the only ULTIMATE authority).

      Thus, a parent that encourages you to commit adultery, steal, kill, etc. should NOT be obeyed.
      A pastor who denies the Trinity, the Incarnation, advocates ‘love’ to LGBT perverts, should be tarred and feathered, and excommunicated. “To whom much is given, much is required,” in other words.

      But a parent /pastor whose love and authority have long been shown to be in your best interest, should AT LEAST be considered, even when you are grown and a Parent on your own. And pastors still hold authority (in loco parentis- God as Parent/Father) even WHEN you are grown. Some ‘institutions’ never are abrogated.

      A Leader who upholds Law (i.e., God’s Law/Theonomy- not [sic] ‘natural law’ or Talmudic law) should be obeyed. But when said leader clearly shows they care more for themselves, or a foreign power (Trump/Israel) they forfeit THEIR claim to legitimacy.

      It’s not a case of ‘all authority is bogus.’ It’s WHICH authority, and HOW that authority is manifested, which determines its legitimacy or not.

      • “Do you have authority issues much? Whew. The level of ‘I hate my dad’ in this post is off the charts”

        I loved my long-dead father, and respected his authority because he proved many times that he had my best interests at heart – totally unlike the swaggering scum lording it over Whites today. Anyone claiming to be a leader who isn’t my father or mother must prove to me that they’re worthy of my respect & obedience, qualified by MY adult judgment.

        “And pastors still hold authority (in loco parentis- God as Parent/Father) even WHEN you are grown. Some ‘institutions’ never are abrogated.”

        I abrogate it. I’ll never darken the door of another church. Screw “pastors” and the unprovable jewshit they vend.

        And screw anyone who imagines that they’re going to ram it down my White throat by force when circumstances permit.

        • And you prove that you would rather crawl into God’s lap, to slap him in the face, than submit to the Law and the Grace of God. I was right, all along.

          ANATHEMA Sit.

          Your own words condemn you. May you be cursed now and for all eternity.
          Tit. 3;10

          • Stick it up your ass, religious kook scum. As Marcus Eli Ravage rightly said, despite all the anti-kike noise your kind make, you’re all just their acolytes & bitches.

  2. Inflation has to be contained. Raising interest rates will crash the market, so the only alternative is to somehow reduce spending. It will take a hell of a lot of spending cuts to make much difference.

      • It’s like choosing to crash into the iceberg on the port side or the starboard side. Not hitting the iceberg is off the table, it’s too late for that. The pricks in charge saw the iceberg on radar 50 miles away but just mashed the throttle. They plan to steal the silverware, put on women’s clothes and jump into the lifeboats first after the Titanic hits the iceberg. ‘Good luck suckers!’ they will yell from the lifeboats as the ship goes down.

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