Poll: America Has Become More Divided Under Joe Biden

We love our polls here.

I’m going to give Joe Biden an F in the choosing unity department.

The Hill:

BTW, the public is slightly more concerned about leftwing extremism and the Democrats are perceived as the greater threat to democracy.

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    • I agree. Recent events have only made it more obvious. If things go as usual a GOP landslide in Nov will make no difference. The Republicans are there to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

      • It’s good it’s “more divided” !!!!!
        The Problem has been neutral, milquetoast whites, the whites who worry about us all “getting along” and not being racist. The more whites collectively become aware of what is happening to us as a race, the more divided it will get, but this is a good thing. The business of worrying about offending anyone and voting for “centrist” politicians is over.

  1. No matter who is (s)elected to be the puppet figurehead, the system depends on keeping people divided, and confused and mixed, and alienated, and preoccupied with trivial things. The masses must be given enemies to fight (each other, or some “others”) who are not the real enemy (the system itself). And a people united CAN be defeated, when they are united by some distraction.

  2. The Lügenpresse is trying to make a Reichstag Fire out of the Jan. 6th dog and pony show. They are a pathetic failure, they are preaching to the choir, no one else cares.

    • Arrian

      Divided under biden,
      How will it be when the great recession sets in?

      Or when he’s humiliated and defeated politically, by Putin, when he fails to goad the latter into war over Ukraine. Or more precisely, his handlers are defeated?

  3. Democracy = tyrannical rule of the neoliberal plutocratic elite. Why the hell would I want to support that?

  4. How do these people, with a straight face, talk about “rising fascism” being a danger to democracy (implying right wing authoritarianism) but then in the same breath they wince about poll numbers reflecting a negative and even hostile attitude toward government and media from the electorate.

    Let’s say that the poll numbers rise quickly, and by 2023 the majority (50% +1) are in favor of overthrowing the government by force. Isn’t that democracy at work in its purist form?

    I’ve always had criticisms of democracy. But up until just a few years ago, I was willing to accept that “it’s the best we’ve got”. Even today, I don’t have good feelings about most alternatives. But it is clear as day to me, as it is increasingly becoming clear to other working people in this country, that they have no intentions of following the will of the people. It is, in fact, the will of the people that these people fear the most.

    • Democracy is a fool’s game when you have a controlled media and morons are allowed to vote.

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