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  1. John Campbell M.D. is a good solid, reasonable, level-headed source. Omicron is apparently much milder (much less pathogenic) than Delta, but at least three times more easily transmissible. Omicron could be the most airborne-transmissible of all human diseases. China and independent unoccupied Korea (DPRK) might revise their very successful “Zero Covid” total eradication border control policy, if Omicron continues to be much milder than all other known strains. There were only five Covid deaths in China in 2021, all traceable to infected individuals crossing the Chinese border or entering at airports. As a result, China has fine-tuned its border and airport control system to perfection, and the Chinese people overwhelmingly approve.

    Meanwhile the vaccines and vaccine boosters that were designed for the original strain (and in the U.S., mostly to make money) have little efficacy against Omicron which is almost a different disease. But the U.S. government will continue to assist Pfizer corporation trying to sell the world (especially Africa) billions of dollars more of the most profitable pharmacological product of all time – because, as President Calvin Coolidge said, “The business of America is BUSINESS!”

    • @J9hn,

      Just as the seasonal flu and common cold have different varrients after each wave.

      “It’s just the flu” bros were right.

  2. This anon guy believes stats from China. He might be even a bigger retard than Wanglin, if that is possible.

    • He’s a communist, so everything they say is true. The rest of his post is correct, though.

    • “believes stats from China”:

      They are accurate. Nearly all of the deaths occurred up to April, 2020, when China got it under control and the graph slope of cases and death numbers flatlined.

      I realize the alternate reality of a real, functioning, rational, effective PUBLIC (FOR the people) health system is incomprehensible for some who know only Western failing private-profit “health” care.

      Meanwhile Fox and other corporate “journalism” (propaganda) keep drilling into you that disease control is impossible, even in the twenty-first century, and therefore China must be hiding thousands of deaths.

      • I doubt a landlocked country of over one billion people got Covid “under control.” China, which gave us the virus in the first place, simply cannot be trusted to be truthful about the matter. Neither can xenophiliac China simps.

    • The Chinese would lie about the Wuhan Flu (and everything else)? GTFO! I’ve never heard of such a thing.

      • Read accurate information, from honest sources. With direct democracy at the local level and performance-driven meritocratic leadership instead of paid-off puppets of the real plutocrats for “leaders,” there is very little incentive, room or opportunity for Chinese people to lie to each other about pandemic cases and fatalities, or anything else. By working together and following science, they really have achieved the success that you doubt. You may find it hard to imagine, being brought up in this system where lying is normal and “necessary.” From the simplest direct sales pitch to the TV “news” (Fox included) to the political party platforms, everything in the Empire of Lies is clever deception designed to make the most money possible. Even a former President, Jimmy Carter, admits that the U.S. is “no longer a democracy (actually it never was); he says “it is now an oligarchy with unlimited bribery.” But look forward to the day when this evil system must collapse under the weight of all the bribery, and all its lies and contradictions.

        • Just because our criminal media lies constantly, does not mean the Chinese are telling the truth. They are motivated to display strength, keep their people in line and rowing in the same direction.

    • Haha, didn’t mean to say landlocked; just meant a non-island nation. Unfortunately, can’t edit comments here.

      • I didn’t see this when I commented on that. My apologies.
        Now that you mention island-nations, I always thought Australia would be a good place, but lo and behold, that’s being ruined too. Whites only, until the mid 1970s.

  3. Anglin is right, COVID is just not real. Search news articles from 2019 and before, none of these symptoms or “overloaded hospitals” are new. Let’s call it what it is, the Jew Flu.

    • Anglin is a crank.

      Lots of people here in the comments have had COVID. I am pretty sure I had the Omicron variant before Christmas. It was bad for a while like all novel viruses and killed a lot of old fat people, but is evolving into a cold now.

      • I have a very close friend that got covid(corona) early on when it was more virulent. He felt that at one point it was very possible he would die and ended up in the hospital. He survived but was weakened by it. He had the same symptoms of others that reported they got it. Trouble breathing but not because of flem like the flu, weakness and irregular heart beat. It was NOT the flu.

        The comments about China are not altogether wrong. They have a lot of problems and corruption but in the US and most of the west the corruption at the top is far, far worse and actually appears to be threatening our assistance. The Chinese leadership doesn’t despise and want to destroy large parts of the country which is a great advantage if you’re Chinese compared to the incessant, unrelenting hatred our “leaders” show for us.

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