Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene


This was an easy one. I should have saw this coming. Twitter is well on its way to becoming a safe space for shitlibs with flat lining user growth.

Note: I’m going to focus on Gab and Telegram this year.

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  1. >I should have saw this coming.

    Seen this coming.

    >Marjorie Taylor Greene asked AOC a question

    What was the question?

    >Twitter is well on its way to becoming a safe space for shitlibs with flat lining user growth.

    It’s already there — taking a daily look at what’s trending makes that clear.

  2. Twitter permanently bans Marjorie Taylor Greene for COVID misinformation

    “We permanently suspended the account you referenced (@mtgreenee) for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy,” Twitter said in a statement.

    Who knows though, really — their ToS are vague/subjective and change frequently.

    Dr Robert Malone said he’s preparing legal action against Twitter (link):

    Yes, I do have a number of lawyers working on this. Yes, there will be action of some sort coming. I just don’t know yet what form it will take.

  3. Sites like Facebook, Twitter is how non-mainstream conservatives have been able to reach out to an audience by bypassing the controlled mainstream media. Now as the heavy hand of censorship crushes dissent, only the entire Democrat Party and most mainstream of Republicans are allowed to participate in the election process.

  4. You are nothing if you get banned by twitter. Anybody can get banned by twitter. I got banned by twitter in one day. Try and get banned by this site. That is a job and a half.

    • @Robert Browning – “Try and get banned by this site. That is a job and a half.”
      Now THAT is hilarious !!

  5. I think even Battle Beagle got Holocausted from Twitter, no? At any rate I’m delighted that HW is going to resume poasting on the Blabs.

  6. Maybe the Twitter people already have its fake wrasslin’ replacement platform ready to roll out under some “Freedom of Expression” branding and a new financial business model.

  7. Civil conversation is no longer possible with the left. Note Greenblatt’s rhetoric: he cannot disagree and counter ideas with ideas and facts with facts, but can only ascribe moral defects to those with whom he disagrees and instead issues against them charges of hate, bigotry, etc. Mutual engagement of the minds cannot exist when only one side thinks and argues. Without that public questions only become resolvable with violence, which the left now routinely does. What else can be expected from those who with their words implicitly proclaim themselves mindless.

  8. I had noticed over the past week or so that there had been another Great Purge of the few twitter accounts that were still worth looking at — including the excellent @OccDis. It truly was a shame to see the hilariously entertaining @Blompf2024 fall to the grim twitter reaper.

    Also gone are Keith Woods and Devon Stack @Blackpilled. The day they take down BattleBeagle @HarmlessYardDog, it’s truly time to turn out the lights. Legal action though? Seems like a pointless endeavor. Just let it die.

  9. Anybody who attempts to create an alternative platform, or any company, for that matter, that runs contrary to the Judeo-Yankee Oligarchy, had better have plenty of money, and plenty of good corporate lawyers.

    They’ll do everything in their power to subvert or destroy that company. It’s only a matter of time before gab and telegram are gone, in one way or another.

  10. Anyone in power censors those trying to subvert them down to the local high school cheerleader squad not inviting their catfight jealous enemy girls to their social get togethers. “Cancelling” is actually a good idea for all this culturally toxic crap out there. I know it’s bad as I’ve been watching a few fascinating dashboard mounted go pro videos from chasers of that awful quad state tornado tornado that ripped across the mid south last month. When the lightening flashed it became visible and looked more like the monster tornados you see in Oklahoma than in the east. As the chaser came upon damaged areas outside of Maysville Kentucky I kept seeing young black men coming out with young white women and it’s obvious they were shaking up together. Same at the local checkout line at my Walmart. Don’t white women know anymore not to have babies with black men? This happened 25 years ago too, but was limited to the absolute worst scummy druggies. In the early 90’s the sorority girl click though dating black men was gross.

    So I’d propose if possible “cancelling” this current crop of female pop stars, along with the queer and jewish songwriters who produce their crap. These female pop starts are absolutely toxic, the songs are all about going to clubs and fucking…obviously the prurient interests of the queer jews writing the material. These “clubs” are the scummiest places. Nothing but party drugs and lowlife blacks hanging around trying to pick up “sluts.” This current crop of female pop stars needs to be as blacklisted as MacCarthy wanted the commies in Hollywood to be when he tried and failed to nip this crap in the bud. Let’s have a new crop of more wholesome modest girls singing to a less Dionysian beat, can we go back to easier listening stuff like in the early 70s? or 60s lounge music back? No more songs about “the club.”

    • I love your suggestion, Nightowl. Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick, The Fifth Dimension, Sergio Mendes and Brasil’66….that was great music!

      • I find that “Ariana Grande” particularly scummy. She looks like she has her makeup done in the hood by ‘sistahs. No cultured white women wear eye makeup like that? I don’t listen to this crap, but now have my geology and astronomy educational videos I watch bombarded with endless commercials on youtube, (the commercials there have recently gotten out of hand, especially for non “pop” type educational stuff) one advertisement is for their music service advertising all these names I’d never heard of like “dua lipa”??? Doesn’t that sound more like a latin term out of a law book for some obscure legal strategy rather than a name? Well I was driving at night an the AM talk station throttled down due to clear channel type regulations so I went to an FM channel I had heard 80s music on before. It was playing some “dua lipa” and the song was all about female narcissism at “the club.” I’d love to shut these “clubs” down as well, I really can’t stand this scummy ghetto “club” shit. Look at the 60s in that scene in Goodfellas where they went through the kitchen, it wasn’t some ghetto “club” with priapic black trash swiggling around on a dance floor trying to knock up anything that moves. There were entertainment acts, the thing had class. Now the “black” and “gay” style swiggling around on a dance floor crap is pushed on us. What kind of woman goes out and gives it away to random strangers for free? None before this modern age.

        • They come up with these names for them. Same with rappers and R&B howlers. They’ll have some one word name like Foot.
          You really have to search for some good music if you wander outside of Classical.
          Country music is bad too, with the low IQ lyrics about getting drunk, pickup trucks, etc.

      • Agree, and wonder if that’s where the magic marker eyebrows, caked on lipstick, and daytime false eyelashes came from. A lot of women imitate this look, and it’s not natural.

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