Poll: The State of “Our Democracy”

I will take it.

Only 56% strongly oppose the dissolution of the Union. 44% either support it or are somewhat opposed to it. 23% are inclined to support disunion.

CBS News:

“Outright approval of what happened comes only from a minority of Americans, but it certainly is there. Those who approve are younger and use right-leaning news sources and social media more, but they also have what seem like larger items than just their views about 2020 or an election. They are more likely to say the United States should divide into “red” and “blue” countries. There’s a relationship between approval and conspiracy theories: among Americans who think QAnon ideas are at least probably true, approval of the Capitol events goes up to 50%. …”

17% of Americans support the “insurrection.”

Opposition to the “insurrection” has softened over the past year. Younger Republicans have a dimmer view of “our democracy” and seem more likely to support dissolving the Union.

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  1. I think the shitlibs are seeing the very real possibility that their power is slipping away and it scares the hell out of them.

  2. Dissolving Soviet Union was supported by very few marginal radicals. Definitely not 7%. Most people knew since 1917 that blowing up society may have some unintended consequences.

    Yet it happened.

    In the crisis situation, thing will be decided by few determined men actions, not by sheeple opinion. Because of that, building local power structure is extremely important. Crisis situation demands immediate action not trying to convince stupid sheeple who never understood anything and never will.

    When local municipalities declaring loyalty to local Government like they did in 1991 in Soviet Union, what the Central Government can do ?

    Screaming death threats 4 months until it get exhausted. Gorbachev lost hope and stepped down 4 months and 1 week after our failed coup.

    • Interesting – and true – point. As the regime and its media propaganda machine continue to lose all credibility, a few good men in local positions could indeed prove to be a key to survival. This is a way a de-facto secession could happen. HW is also correct here in that this might be a good opportunity for some in our camp to run for local offices.

  3. Younger people aren’t as affected by “normalcy bias”. Too Many people my age (Boomers) just say “We went through all this before in the late 1960s and 70s. The difference is then the normies were still in control and society wasn’t run by elites with a woke antiWhite bias. Younger people just see how wrong all of this is and why should they be reasonable when there is nothing reasonable about what is happening to us. Let’s just hope enough people get radicalized before it is too late.

    • “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews,’” — Ezra Pound.

      I’d imagine that this also applies to the Americas, and to Australasia, too.

  4. Only 56% strongly oppose the dissolution of the Union. 44% either support it or are somewhat opposed to it. 23% are inclined to support disunion.

    We can easily guess which states the 56% live in. The ones with the decisive, controlling votes. The ones who think that threatening secession is an actual threat to the rest of us, who see it as a promise. But it’s a promise
    that they have no intention of ever keeping. They have a death grip on the federal government, and certain others have a death grip on them.

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