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  1. I have no problem with the coons taking the poison shot and infecting themselves with a made up BS disease.

    • I won’t take the vax until all of the people in third world countries, all of the minorities in the West, and every wild and domesticated animal, has been vaxed and boosted X 8. Yes, I really am that virtuous.

      • Same here. I will either go broke, being forced to pay for my own testing, or lose my job. The mere fact that Mexicans can walk in and not have to test or get the vax tells a lot. Also, Japan won’t allow it, saying the vaccine isn’t tested. Thirdly, Congress and Sup Court are exempt. No one is wearing masks anymore, either. Afghans were given Ivermectin when they were brought here.
        For those people who ran out and got the vax so they could travel or go to restaurants… not willing to be inconvenienced is exactly what they counted on.
        I don’t trust it. It doesn’t stop the virus and it causes a lot of health issues.

        • Yeah, no point in taking a vaccine that is proven to not work, with unknown long-term effects. I refuse.

          • Same here. I’ve seen enough of the side effects. Japan said their scientists said it’s not safe. The pro-vaxxers are crazy.

    • The point is: You can openly practice Anti-Whiteism and get away with it. You can’t do this with any other race. That’s what we have to emphasize.

    • @ John – “I have no problem with the coons taking the poison shot and infecting themselves with a made up BS disease”
      ^^ You WILL care when it comes to all other forms of health care, which this opens the door to rationing based on race. De-prioritizing White people in the health care system has been the goal for quite some time now. And this applies not only to COVID.

      • Exactly, and we are paying for THEIR healthcare. Whites pay copays and premiums for health insurance, but most brown don’t. People just don’t know the extent that Mexicans and blacks are being supported by our taxed incomes.

  2. One good troll would be to assemble REAL vaccines straight from pfizer or another manufacturer, and go into minority communities and give these shots. There are many health workers that would jump into something like this in a minute, and it would be interesting if you went into a jewish community.

  3. As always, I highly recommend using effective (Saul Alinsky) type Leftist tactics that work, in contrast to continuing 100 years of failure using Conservatives, reactionary tactics that don’t work.

    Yes, the anti White Left, BLM, ZOG are using the COVID plague to further their anti White agenda.

    “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

    Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of staff, head Demorat fundraiser, Mayor of Chicago, IDF veteran, son of Jewish Irgun terrorist one of the top top guys in international ZOG, anti Whitism)

    WE should be using COVID to further our agenda and target real enemies, traitors.

    The obvious response to COVID is to:

    End all bad POC, 3rd world migration, immigration.

    COVID is a germ disease that came from dirty wet markets in China and elsewhere – it’s spread by poor personal hygiene by 3rd world POC who don’t use toilet paper or soap. There are so many other dirty germ, 3rd world diseases like:

    Even bubonic plague that also came from dirty places in Asia, spread by unsanity ships, rats, flees.

    Clean, first world White countries like Denmark, Finland, Norway don’t have these 3rd world diseases, but if they have open borders, mass POC immigration, yeah, they will import 3rd world diseases.

    So what should we do – do the obvious:

    Target POC 3rd world migrants illegal aliens, the Black welfare underclass and ask to see their proof of COVID vaccinations, proof they passed COVID and TB tests – guaranteed those crazy drug dealers, heroin addicts camped out in LA’s Skid row have very high rates of COVID, TB – find em, round em up, deport them.

    Let’s get that seemingly sane White GOP governor of Florida to target illegal alien migrants and anybody that doesn’t have that proof of COVID vacination… round em up – deport them.

    Please tell the Haitian embassy:

    “Hey Black Haitians, we’re really just LOVE to welcome like 4,000,000 more Black Haitian migrants, immigrants because Ron and Rand Paul and the Koch Brothers tell us that would really help our economy boost our GNP, but………

    Because of COVID we have to politely tell you…. NO – no more Black Haitian migrants because of COVID, AIDS, TB, bubonic plague. Sorry”

    But, they don’t call it “The Stupid Party” for nothing. And pretty much all Religious Right Christian patriots on Gab are going with the idea that:

    ” COVID doesn’t exist, it’s all a plot by the United Nations, One World Globalists to poison us, give us the sigh of the beast and we don’t really need to worrying about the USA having 400,000 plus 3rd world POC migrant invaders every mouth because we’re in the End Times, all the good Bible believe Christians will soon get RAPTURED then Jesus will come back, but there won’t be many, good White Christian people Left behind and”…

    Well you know the story.

    But, we should continue to speak the truth as we see and work to find some tough White guy from the provinces who will do what Victor Orban and the Polish Law and Justice Party are doing.

    They’re winning, which I think is slightly better than always losing.

    • It’s all going along as planned for the leftists. When you say “We should…”, we aren’t in power. You can’t just skip over the biggest part, which is getting in power.
      Covid does exist. But it is being used to subjugate us. The vax is another thing. Quickly “discovered”, first mRNA vax, it is unsafe since it wasn’t tested. Japan won’t use it. They said their scientists said it’s unsafe for their people.

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