MSNBC: Trump Endorses Rightwing Autocrat In Hungary

This is how “our democracy” could die in the darkness.

The woke professional class might become too culturally toxic to remain competitive in national elections. This would enable the Right to continue to stack the judiciary, gerrymander and change election laws in favorable ways in battleground states.

Zack Beauchamp of Vox lays out this dire scenario: the Democrats could face political marginalization unless they abandon multiracial democracy to appease white supremacists.

Viktor Orbán’s America

“Since coming to power in 2010, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has systematically transformed his country’s political system to entrench his Fidesz party’s rule.

Fidesz gerrymandered parliamentary districts and packed the courts. It seized control over the national elections agency and the civil service. It inflamed rural Hungarians with anti-immigrant demagoguery in propaganda outlets and attacked the country’s bastions of liberal cultural power — persecuting a major university, for example, until it was forced to leave the country. …

In this scenario, Democrats fail to pass any kind of electoral reform and lose control of Congress in 2022. Republicans in key states like Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and Wisconsin continue to rewrite the rules of elections: making it harder for Democratic-leaning communities to vote, putting partisans in charge of vote counts, and even giving GOP-controlled state legislatures the ability to override the voters and unilaterally appoint electors to the Electoral College.

The Supreme Court continues its assault on voting rights by ruling in favor of a GOP state legislature that does just that — embracing a radical legal theory, articulated by Justice Neil Gorsuch, that state legislatures have the final say in the rules governing elections.

These measures, together with the built-in rural biases of the Senate and Electoral College, could make future control of the federal government a nearly insurmountable climb for Democrats. Democrats would still be able to hold power locally, in blue states and cities, but would have a hard time contesting national elections. …”

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    • “embracing a radical legal theory, articulated by Justice Neil Gorsuch, that state legislatures have the final say in the rules governing elections.”

      According to the Constitution, they do.

      “These measures, together with the built-in rural biases of the Senate and Electoral College, could make future control of the federal government a nearly insurmountable climb for Democrats.”

      The classic Yankee/Puritan dis-ease with, and frustration at, the republican form of government and its Constitution.

      These people just need to go. Their inclusion in a government created by Virginians is both incongruous, and a fatal mistake.

      End Reconstruction. End the War.

      • 1913 was the fatal year, that’s when direct election of Senators replaced state legislatures choosing Senators strengthening Federal power over states. It’s also the year the Federal reserve was created. Although just speculation it’s difficult to believe that the horrendous legislation of the 1960’s i.e. the so-called “Civil Rights” laws and the so-called (Hart Celler) 1965 immigration “reform” act could have been passed with indirect election of Senators.

        Without Federal Reserve funding the new Government schemes of the 1960’s e.g. the “War on Poverty”, the DOJ’s (so-called) “Civil Rights” enforcement bureaucracy and all the other profligate vote buying under LBJ in particular would have been impossible. The U.S. Government funded its new Constitution of the 1960’s with debt enabled by the Fed. We live with the bad consequences of those changes made in 1913 which enabled the disasters of the 1960’s.

        • The minute they expanded the franchise beyond “white male property owners over the age of 25” was the fatal moment we began the long march to idiocracy. Old, wise men always made the rules in human civilization since time memorial. Any violation of these cardinal principles is a crime against civilization, especially letting the primitive subspecies “homo africanus criminalus” vote. The democrats know they can go to those communities that exist in full resistance mode and get full cooperation harvesting every last ballot mailed to every last vacant lot in their black war against whites in order to hurt us. Most of American history has been a steady progression to the crime of unleashing a Haitian “Helter Skelter” pogram against whites by cretins of various motives. And the commie school system teaches this crap as some sort of moral victory.

  1. Trump is just playing whites. He wants whites to support him, so when “election time” comes, it will look like he is going to win. It’s all a show, put on by both sides.

    They HAVE to have things look legit, as if they are really happening. That’s both sides. People go along with it, too.

    • As ‘Fash the Nation’ make clear in their podcasts, Orban was a Finkelstein appointee, just like all the other ‘pressure valve’ candidates (i.e., Trump). They have been controlling us so long, we tend to forget.

      Even in this screed above, the Jews are STILL trying to control ALL discourse, painting a Judea-friendly, gay-friendly apparatchik as ‘evil’ – JUST TO KEEP US FROM REALLY FINDING A VALID CANDIDATE.

      The only option is to find someone who is NOT beholden to ‘Die Juden,’ who is White, Male, Christian (creedal, not a ‘baptist white with foam’) and conversant in either history, economics, or political theory… And where, among all the dumbed-down Amurricuns, is that person to be found!?!? Secession is looking better and better. If we can just have a White Ethnostate, and keep OUT Die Juden, we could change the world in a year or two….

  2. What about Moshiach? Is Trump going to endorse the Moshiach? Or is Trump going to condemn the Moshiach? What is Don’s position on the Moshiach? We need answers. Remember Trump pardon that Jew butcher, Sholom Rubashkin but the Jan6ers, his very own people, his very own supporters, Trump turned his back on.

    • Trump also pardoned an horrendous group of “rappers” i.e. black criminals as a sort of down payment on his reparations plan i.e. his “Platinum Plan”. Trump’s supporters are oblivious to all of this and hate being reminded of these uncomfortable facts. There is no reasoning with them, they don’t care that they are being played by their tin god.

  3. Ok it’s true what you said about Trump, but the Vox essay by some Jew kvetching about Viktor Orban goes way farther than a general worry about Trump. The article claims we’re headed for a White autocracy, which is of course what the U.S. was, and should be. In other words: (((they))) are worried that what *we* have been saying for decades has made its way into the political mainstream.

  4. Russia and Hungary are both democracies, it’s just that, both countries have elected leaders that the shitlibs hate. Somehow, that makes them ‘less democratic’ apparently.

  5. Orban is a fraud with deep ties to the world Economic Forum and Soros. It’s all an act.

    • Orban jailed Spencer for attempting to speak at a meeting. I believe Ram-z-Paul is permabanned from Hungary now. Fuck Orban.

    • @KT-88

      Yeah, you beat me to it. Orban, like most politicos is merely an actor playing his part in the (((dialectic))). He is very close to the WEF, one of their young leaders I believe.

      As some feller from England once said, all the world’s a stage.

      Nothing is ever what it seems.

    • Orban’s troops are fully involved in the NATO encirclement of Russia and Belarus, and continue to assist U.S. imperialism around the world, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the Orban regime makes one exception for Russia: buying Russian pipeline gas! His regime has finished the process of communist public statue removal.

      In the 1990’s Roman Catholic Hungary was the most eager participant in Bill Clinton’s hot war of aggression against Serbian Orthodox Serbia, and Orban, who is a Calvinist, continues to support the U.S.’s ongoing (but now cold) war against the Serbian people by stationing troops in the Serbian Kosovo region.

      Orban supports Zionist colonialism versus the rights of the indigenous people of Palestine, who are being exploited, dispossessed and genocided.

      Orban is an enemy of the working masses of Hungarian people, his regime eagerly protecting and assisting the capitalist elites who enslave them. Furthermore, Orban is a Calvinist. In thoroughgoing five-point Calvinism, wealth, power and authority are signs of belonging to the predestined elect, and poverty, struggle and misfortune are marks of evil and inescapable eternal damnation.

      Orban receives his greatest support from the most Catholic Hungarians, who buy into his right-populist moral majority rhetoric. It makes perfect sense that right-populists Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump endorse him. It seems that the Hungarian people, like the population of the U.S. “homeland,” have no good alternative.

      • “Furthermore, Orban is a Calvinist. In thoroughgoing five-point Calvinism, wealth, power and authority are signs of belonging to the predestined elect, and poverty, struggle and misfortune are marks of evil and inescapable eternal damnation.
        Orban receives his greatest support from the most Catholic Hungarians, who buy into his right-populist moral majority rhetoric. ”

        The utter ignorance, misrepresentation, and hatred for ANY form of Christian Social Order, is all that is in evidence here, and nothing more. Do you even KNOW that Post-Vatican II Catholi-schism and honest, creedal 5-point Calvinism (i.e., Augustianian Orthodoxy) are complete opposites?

        The construct and concept of a ‘neutral’ social order, is bullsh*t. ALL Political Orders are RELIGIOUS. There IS no neutrality. THAT’S a specifically ‘calvinist’ construct. Therefore, Orban is NO Christian, and quite clearly, NOT a Calvinist.


  6. “Orban jailed Spencer for attempting to speak at a meeting.” He did indeed – under orders from (((Victoria Nuland))). Orban’s alleged nationalism is similar to Trump’s with better fakery. Idiots on the right who tout the praises of Hungary, Poland, et al always seem to conveniently forget that these places have already handed over their sovereignty to the EUSSR and it’s muscle NATO. That’s how the likes of Nuland are able to issue orders regardless of the few nationalist policies the empire’s provincial governors are allowed to establish locally in order to pacify the natives. If Orban or some of the “nationalist” Poles actually walk out of the EUSSR and NATO, perhaps to align with China (given the lingering bad taste of Soviet rule), it would be a truly nationalist step. Otherwise, it’s just more clown-show for idiots.

  7. Trump endorses Orban, and ignores Obrador. Trump did not even respond to the letter that Obrador sent him.

    Yesterday, President Obrador reiterated his request to the United States of America to “act humanely” and allow independent journalist Julian Assange to leave the Belmarsh torture prison and come to Mexico for political asylum:

  8. Like Trump, the rotten warmongering evangelical “Christian” president (prime minister) of Australia also ignores all requests to free Assange, who happens to be an Australian citizen!

    Viktor Orban would be the last to go against the Empire and offer Assange asylum.

  9. Viktor Orbán could well lose his election this spring and be out. A lot of resources are being thrown against him, and a somewhat credible rival is there, with themes of ‘too long in power, too corrupt’ etc

    And as regards the rest of the ‘Visegrád 4’ countries –

    In nearby Czechia the left-lib coalition was able to take over a few months ago, and they are making anti-Orbán, pro-EU noises

    Slovakia jailed some of their ‘far-right’ people, and they are in the euro currency already, not so capable of standing firm

    This leaves Poland somewhat alone, Poland being hammered by shitelib Germany on one side, and Belarus-Russia on the other, Poles still ‘fighting Russia’ in their brains a bit too much, not realising the ‘Western way’ is more dangerous

    ‘Based Europe’ is somewhat in the Balkans now, which is also where you get to be more away from covid-dictatorship themes, the least-vaxed part of Europe. The region a bit under the radar, peoples with strong instincts, not so different from some of rural and small-town poorer America in some ways.

    • “This leaves Poland somewhat alone, Poland being hammered by (…) Germany on one side, and Belarus-Russia on the other”:

      I remind you that is Roman Catholic Poland, which is NOT being hammered by Russia. RC “national” bigotry and RC Anti-Russian, anti-Orhodox Crusade-ism are ingrained so deeply in Poles, and in Hungarians, that communism over four decades was unable to remove them, while the U.S.’s Radio “Free” Europe and Vatican agencies encouraged them.

  10. @anonymous,

    You sure love to shill for Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and shit on the RCC.

    Were you aware that in 1914′ Pope Benedict XV attempted to broker a truce between the warring nations in the early moths of WWI, but Protestant England, Protestant Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Eastern Orthodox Serbia and Tsar Nicholas II refused the pope’s offer. So another four years of that bloody and pointless war raged.

    Who started WWI, huh? Serbian nationalists did. Therefore, it was Orthodox Serbians that began that “Brother War” that begat the cutthroat Treaty of Versailles, which lead to Weimar Germany, and ultimately WWII. So excuse me, if I don’t shed a tear for your beloved Serbs.

    • November. When did YOU EVER start shilling for the Papal Paradigm?

      Not in all the posts I’ve read, since you slunk over here from wherever it is you came from.
      And dissing the Serbs, without mentioning the “CATHOLIC” Croats and their hatred for the Orthodox Serbs in WWII, is merely bigotry coming out your stinking pores.

      As an Anglo American, I find MUCH MORE to recommend the Serbs, than ANY of the damned Cat’lic countries, like PO-lund. Precisely because the West has, for millennia, HATED the RUS for merely remaining Conciliar Catholics, when the Papacy destroyed every country with which she has come in contact with.

  11. “It was Orthodox Serbians that began that “Brother War” that begat the cutthroat Treaty of Versailles, which lead to Weimar Germany, and ultimately WWII”:

    That is a novel thesis. I think the internal contradictions of the Roman Catholic House of Habsburg’s Empire ensured it would collapse and disintegrate, hence the Pope’s desperate attempt to rescue his most prized, important agency in eastern and central Europe.

  12. @Father John,

    First of all, I do not shill for any Abrahamic (non-European origin) theology.

    Yes, I stand with the Croats over the Serbs, not because they’re Catholic, but because they were in the right side of history during WWII, as were the Hungarians, and the Romanians for most of that conflict.

    If you haven’t already caught the hint, I chose race over your illogical Bronze Age fairytale.

    • “they were in the right side of history”:

      They were on the FAR right side, and the Vatican’s side. Croatia perpetrated a real holocaust, and is always trying to re-write its history because it was on the wrong side – of God and humanity. Serbians have just as much natural inclination to exist as an independent Ethny as Germans do, versus the Catholic House of Habsburg’s brutal multiglot imperial plutocracy that suppressed it, and Serbia was much older than Germany that didn’t even exist as a distinct nation until the mid-nineteenth century.

      “I chose race over your Bronze Age fairytale”:

      It’s nostalgia for the supposed paradise of Naziism.

  13. Nothing “supposed.” National Socialism was a paradise for the best of European humanity, and Catholicism, nor Protestantism was essential in its success. In the entire existence of your “worker’s paradise ” under Soviet control did it ever accomplish a modicum of the overall greatness of NS Germany prior to the Anglo-Jewish war of talmudic hegemony.

    The only time I was on ‘Team Serbia ‘ was during its war with (((NATO/Un))) forces during the 90s. Other than that, I cannot see anything so wonderful about them.

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