MSNBC: ‘The Next Civil War’ Looks At Our Current Divided Area And What’s Ahead

Secession entered the mainstream in 2021.

Unfortunately, I don’t anticipate that we will be getting a National Divorce in 2022. It is more likely that secession will linger for a while in the deeply polarized atmosphere of our politics.

The libs are going to get owned in the 2022 midterm elections. Most people on our side of the divide will be satisfied with the GOP retaking Congress. All that we can hope for this year is that secession will gain more traction on the Left as libtards lose power and sour on the Brandon administration. The sense of panic and terror is sure to rise after Trump announces his 2024 Revenge Tour in the fall.

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  1. Civil war is no problem for The Bankers, who can even direct it and profit from it: “In division there is strength” says the Usury Industry that did fine with the last Civil War by simply adjusting its business model and shifting national headquarters from Charleston (S.C.) to Manhattan.

  2. If you think that a male who wrote the book “The Unmade Bed: The Messy Truth about Men and Women in the 21st Century,” discussing ad nauseam his conversion into a house husband on behalf of his “Toronto Life” editor wife has anything fruitful to say about the martial art of civil war I have two words for you: try again.

    There is no need to plot and plan the specifics of Revolution. It will come when you least expect it, and in a manner that does not allow for preparation. Just live your life honestly in all situations, proving your values are actually valuable to you by sacrificing something of material interest when the time comes to uphold your conception of the good life. Don’t be an idealist when there is nothing to lose, or a hypocrite when there is something to gain.

    Ignore the Covid hysteria, shop where the business treats customers and employees as honored guests, not interlopers. Participate in the making of policy by the authoritative apparatus (elected officials and their appointed cohorts) though informed votes and monitoring of subsequent action, and fight abuses of power by any effective means. The war avoided preemptively or “civilly” is the best outcome.

    • Covid hysteria? You’re more concerned about “shops” than millions of jobs.

      Millions of people are losing their jobs, because they don’t want to take the shot that isn’t mandatory for millions of nonwhites crossing the borders. It’s not mandatory for Congress or the Supreme Court.
      But you will lose your job, if you don’t get the shot, and the idiots who go on and say, “Oh, just get another job” are clueless. If YOUR employer is mandating it, you can bet everyone in your industry is, also. If you’re a professional, you just can’t turn around and earn a living working in something else easily. It’s always the people who don’t have to work, who have a pile of cash in the basement, who say things like this.

      People say stupid stuff like, “Well, it’s illegal, they can’t do that” or “It’s unconstitutional”. It doesn’t matter. The government can inform your employer that they will pull any contracts, or any form of business down the line that deals with the government, and that’s just about everything, now. There doesn’t have to be a mandate! The tyrannical government is getting employers to strongarm their employees over their jobs.

      • Pilot, if you have been reading my comments here at Occidental Dissent throughout March 2020 until today you would have seen that I have been berating our Host about the coming of Covid tyranny. I have specifically said that the vaccine mandates would be used to cull potential middle class opponents of the Empire of Evil, both literally in the immunity destroying action of the vaccine and in taking away the right to survival by denying the capacity to earn a living.

        My comment above about “shopping” concerned taking our economic activity to commercial establishments that don’t support race and gender hatred and pay their employees a wage sufficient to survive and modestly thrive. I most certainly am not a consumerist shill, but instead believe both Capital and Labor must cooperate, not compete for the last penny. So don’t count me out as an ally in the fight involving the Oligarchs against the rest of us.

          • No problem Pilot. I try to effectively communicate my thoughts concerning our Host’s posts, but don’t always succeed.

            It’s important that we all listen carefully to each other, here and in the real world of our everyday acquaintances. Only then can we understand why others act and think they way they do, and perhaps persuade them to either accept our right to pursue the good life as we see fit, or at least to agree to limits on how to play the game of life.

            I do think that the Empire of Evil is overestimating its ability to control the hate they generate for fun and profit, and that a Final Solution, a sort of non-biblical Armageddon, will take place before 2030, thereby once and for all resolving the perpetual war between liberation and hierarchy.

            Probably the 2024 election will be the trigger mechanism, as it is highly unlikely the losing side in the presidential election will accept the result, and too many lines have been crossed for the winners to be magnanimous or the losers to be deferential.

            I also believe that the capital will be breached again, and when the Establishment calls out its hired killers in the military, dark and lighter-skinned troops will fire on each other when one group of solders start shooting only at the other groups’ race/ethnic cohorts.

            Once that happens, the riots of the 1960s or 2020 will pale in comparison. Combine that with a general strike and the Empire of Evil can be broken once and for all times. Then WE, all of us economically insecure citizens, can force a sharing of the wealth WE bring into being.

            Maybe it’s only a dream. Or maybe in the ashes of destruction that is the inevitable consequence of using official hate as a ticket to authority, a society where people can live free yet secure can emerge. We shall see.

  3. If or when “our democracy” initiates “civil war 2” it will be the 99% V 1%, that’s why the ideological purge of the military. We’ll find out if woke is enough of a tactical divide.

  4. According to Steven Menarche(get it?) we need permission from Washington and the UN to secede, because the Constitooshun won’t allow it. GTFO, bitch.

    • Under Obama, there was a petition for secession for Texas. Allegedly they were told, if they had enough signatures, Texas could go. They got enough, and never, ever heard about it again. No one even put up an argument.
      Why would any state in the US need permission from the UN? It’s not their business.

  5. Who is the government going to fight? There’s just bloggers on the right. Just because some people own sport rifles doesn’t mean they are organized and know how each other thinks. If people think this kind can out do the paramilitary and the military, you’re dreaming.

  6. When are they going to start looking at the root causes and find meaningful solutions for the plight our disenfranchised white brothers and sisters? NEVER because the root cause of white discontent is the Jew hatred of Christ. And that hate for the innocent son of God can not be reasoned with.

      • Kyke what do the Jews want? They want Moshiach and they are just using “race and money” to get him. Who rules todd, money or God and his laws? That is the question. You have no reasoning behind what you say.

      • Pilate, It’s ALWAYS about religion. That you can’t see that, merely confirms your need for it.

        “There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan.” – CS Lewis

        “The political problem which we face today is this: most Christians in the pews and voting booths do not yet understand that any pluralism-induced lull in the political war between God’s kingdom and satan’s is merely a temporary cease-fire. (This was written in 1989!) They have forgotten the Bible’s long-term judicial strategy: THE SUPPRESSION OF BIBLICALLY DEFINED PUBLIC EVIL IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE, by every covenant institution, each in its own God-authorized sphere of responsibility.”- North, Political Polytheism, p. 294. (The Three ‘covenant institutions’ are FAMILY, CHURCH, and the CIVIL SPHERE.)

        As Farrell explains: “I do not believe or think that a purely materialistic cosmology is morally or sociologically feasible because if pure materialism were true, there would not be any way to assess a moral act as being either good or evil. In that system morality merely becomes a sociological convention. And ultimately sociological conventions, as we’ve seen…can be changed at the drop of a hat” – Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, “Members’ Vidchat June 13 2014,”

        • Religion is just ancient superstition used to control the masses. It is irrelevant. This is all about RACE and money.

          • @Old Exactly. The ancients in the Mediterranean regions knew how to protect their lands and people from invaders, who would steal their resources and land, and corrupt their bloodlines. The only people doing this today are the Japanese, and of course they get called racist for it.

  7. They had no problem with politically motivated violence in Portland OR or racially motivated violence when BLM was looting and burning down cities. Only when normal people fight back against freaks and misfits does the left “deplore violence.”

    • @Don,

      We will never watch breathless exposès on PBS’ Frontline series of “investigative” revealing reports about Neo-Bolshevik antifa political terrorism, or the black marxist lesbians-jewish financed NGOs-jewish oligarchs media and political establishment overt hand in fomenting the anti-White violence permitted and encouraged by blm.

      But one fake “hate crime” hoax will mobilize the ADL’s NKVD (aka FBI) and every jewsmedia outlet to turn the hate hoax into a national raison d’etre.

      • November,

        Good to see you are still commenting on here. My family went to Mexico to visit relatives during the holidays and just now returned.

  8. It looks like a hot Civil War like Lebanon’s in the 1980s is now not in the cards anytime soon. Neither is a revolution or coup d.’etat against ZOG-USA. Secession will not be realized anytime soon by either National Divorce or Balkinization as they will take decades of unnecessarily drawn out forced unification. The best we cane hope for is a cosmic phenomenon akin to the Tunguska Event, except over Washington, DC, instead of 1908 Siberia to act as a catalyst.

    • Re: “The best we can hope for is a cosmic phenomenon akin to the Tunguska Event, except over Washington, DC, instead of 1908 Siberia to act as a catalyst”:

      There is no need for a natural disaster, and no one should wish any harm to be done. The system will collapse by itself, from its own internal contradictions, and a much better system will emerge someday, if the Lord tarries. The catalyst is whenever Imperialism (mature capitalism) has fully run its course (like a disease) by reaching and fully exploiting every corner of the entire planet, and the peoples of the world develop antibodies/resistance to its poison (the “virtue of selfishness”) and the beast turns back and cannibalizes its own thoroughly-mixed and now exploding “homeland” population, who depended on the trickle-down of the profits of foreign slavery and endless-war booty. Pray for peace and live in love, As it says in Scripture “we are pilgrims looking for a better country.”

    • “The best we can hope for is a cosmic phenomenon akin to the Tunguska Event, except over Washington, DC…”.

      In other words, an Act of God. I’m good with that.

  9. That faggot, like all the other shitlibs, frames the dispossession of Whites as the “privileged” becoming enraged that the “marginalized” are at last achieving mere “equality”. Of course what’s really going on is the replacement of the descendants of the Founders & the pioneers who created & built this country with their sweat & blood by kikes and all the world’s Trash of Color who bitterly hate Whites for the fact that our ancestors were so vastly superior to theirs. Whites would be lunatics NOT to fear becoming a despised minority under the heels of all these “vengeance”-thirsting scum.

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