Washington Post: If American Democracy Is To Survive, The Media Must Make This Crucial Shift

Very important article from Margaret O’Sullivan.

“Journalists” must rise up to save “our democracy” in 2022.

We have identified what we have been doing wrong. We need to be more partisan, more hysterical, more sanctimonious, more annoying and more focused on driving narratives than reporting on news.

The Washington Post:

“In the year since the Jan. 6 insurrection, mainstream journalists have done a lot of things right. They’ve published major investigations, pointed out politicians’ lies and, in many cases, finally learned how to clearly communicate the facts of what happened leading up to that horrendous riot at the U.S. Capitol — and what is happening now as pro-Trump Republicans steadily chip away at the very checks and balances that saved American democracy last year.

Much of this work has been impressive. And yet, something crucial is missing. For the most part, news organizations are not making democracy-under-siege a central focus of the work they present to the public.

“We are losing our democracy day by day, and journalists are individually aware of this, but media outlets are not centering this as the story it should be,” said Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a scholar of autocracy and the author of “Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present.” …

“The reactionary counter-mobilization against democracy has accelerated,” wrote historian Thomas Zimmer, a visiting professor at Georgetown. “It’s happening on so many fronts simultaneously that it’s easy to lose sight of how things are connected.” …

But, in general, this pro-democracy coverage is not being “centered” by the media writ large. It’s occasional, not regular; it doesn’t appear to be part of an overall editorial plan that fully recognizes just how much trouble we’re in. …”

Every day is January 6th now!

This is a f***ing five alarm fire of reaction, people!

We can no longer afford to give lip service to “both sides-ism.”

If we have the “moral clarity” to make it even more obvious to the public that we are a privileged, out of touch social class with alien values who are concentrated in coastal metros, we can save American democracy. We need to communicate that our big cities are besieged by literal “fascism.”

Note: I’m already off to a good start in my predictions.

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  1. >Very important article from Margaret O’Sullivan


    >The Media Must Make This Crucial Shift

    Isn’t the WaPo’s motto ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’ — maybe they could just leave the lights on.

    • Just out of curiosity: why misstate the author’s name (it’s Margaret Sullivan, not O’Sullivan — link), and then not correct this (mistake?) when it’s pointed out?

  2. “Our Democracy” is a political system based upon bribery, extortion and coercion. Any political system that relies upon the likes of the WP, NYT, WSJ, NR, CNN, Fox, ADL, $PLC, the FBI, DHS, CIA, David French, Dana Milbank, David Frum et al. to prop it up is doomed. It is now reaching its logical conclusion: failure. What other end could it have? Good riddance to bad trash.

    • @12AX7—–That is right, the age old question is being answered before our eyes, who rules money or God and his laws. Should the most righteous, the most pure and true of heart among us lead and rule? Should Christ rule?

      • Hello Mr. Browning;

        Unfortunately your question is only rhetorical now but absolutely needs to be asked anyway, your question is fundamental. Those who worship Mammon will always find themselves betrayed by their false god in the end and a society so ordered cannot survive in that form.

  3. “””… news organizations are not …..“We are losing our democracy day by day, and journalists are individually aware of this, but media outlets are not…..”””

    Well, when news organizations and media outlets are not aware of danger, maybe it is time to fire current people and replace them with more aware people. And it would be good to kick ignorant Nazi enablers out from everywhere else too.

    In the Soviet Union, there were people who understood that public enemy conspiracy is one big hoax. Put purges gave them high positions so they were fine with that. Also there were people who were genuinely afraid of giant public enemy conspiracy and really believed that something need to be done.

    However it was, in 1937 the purge started.

  4. The Washington Post seves an area that is Black, Brown, Asiatic and foreign, so the Washington Post is Black, Brown, Asiatic and foreign.

    • The Washington Post serves an area that is Black, Brown, Asiatic and Foreign, so the Washington Post is Black, Brown, Asiatic and Foreign.

  5. “We are losing our democracy day by day, and journalists are individually aware of this, but media outlets are not centering this as the story it should be,” said Ruth Ben-Ghiat

    Oy gevalt

    Lmao holy Hebrew batman

  6. The media is supposed to keep the govt honest, not be a force behind their dishonest and tyrannical ways. I wonder if the little hats had something to do with their reversal?

  7. The only people who care about “the media” are those who still watch TV. They don’t report the news. Probably more people get their news from Twitter than TV.

  8. About the time I think this bunch of people can’t get any more out of touch with reality, they manage to act even more absurd.

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