DFRLab: After The Insurrection

Glorified hall monitor Jared Holt’s long awaited report on the state of “domestic extremism” as it has evolved since 1/6 dropped this morning.

Here are some of the key takeaways for Team Extremism:

Atlantic Council:

Censorship – In spite of the massive censorship of mainstream social media platforms by the ADL since 2017, “extremist” ideas and narratives exploded in 2021 and swept through a much larger swath of the population which has been redpilled on Wokeism, the Great Replacement, secession, etc. The deplatforming of Donald Trump helped him and made him more popular because he no longer has his social media megaphone which he was using to drive the news cycle and annoy swing voters.

Doxxing – As with censorship, doxxing people on the “far right” and organizing Twitter mobs to get them fired from their jobs imposes costs on individuals while failing as a tactic to solve social problems. It only deepens polarization and accelerates radicalization. There are now significantly more radicals in 2022 than in 2017. Those radicals are also significantly more likely to embrace violence as a legitimate tactic.

Lawfare – As with censorship and doxxing, the costs of lawfare fall on individuals and organizations. Lawsuits don’t solve social problems. It doesn’t do anything to address the tens of millions of people who support “extremism” and who don’t get sued. It is another tactic which only deepens polarization and radicalization. There are more radicals in 2022 and Sines v. Kessler did not stop the trend.

Antifa Violence – In 2017, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio were saying there was no moral equivalence between Antifa and the Alt-Right. Antifa were like American soldiers landing on the beaches of Normandy. Nothing did more drive millions of conservative normies over the cliff into “extremism” than all the Antifa and BLM violence during the George Floyd riots. The end result of all of their property damage and pointless street battles was to become a caped villain for the Right, politically damage the Democrats and ultimately to radicalize more people and drive them into “extremism.”

State Repression – Over 700 people have been arrested due to the Capitol Siege. “Journalists” have spent a solid year on non-stop sanctimonious coverage of the January 6 insurrection. The Biden administration has released of whole-of-government strategy to tackling “domestic extremism” up to and including purging the military. A year later, Trump is stronger than ever before, more people believe the election was stolen from him and his supporters have become significantly more radical while trust and confidence in institutions like the FBI has plummeted. It is a remarkable illustration of technocratic failure.

So, here we are … by literally every metric, “domestic extremism” has only grown worse over the past five years in spite of reliance on all of the above ham-fisted tactics.

The report mostly describes how tactics have shifted since Charlottesville and 1/6:

  • Existing online communities on sites like Twitter and Facebook have largely migrated to Gab and Telegram
  • More people are using encrypted apps for communication to cut out the “extremism researchers”
  • Cryptocurrency has been used for years as an alternative to payment processors like PayPal and Stripe. In many cases, deplatforming turned out to be a financial windfall for “extremists” due to the Bitcoin boom
  • Virtually no one supports holding large volatile public rallies in progressive shitholes like DC, Charlottesville, Berkeley, Portland which are media spectacles for “journalists” like Elle Reeve or Luke O’Brien to cover and which provide employment for those people
  • Activism has become local and decentralized. For one thing, it makes more sense to engage in activism where our people actually live and where we can organize more supporters instead of going on lib owning expeditions into Berkeley or Charlottesville
  • Meetups have become private because attaching them to large volatile public events like Charlottesville is unnecessary
  • There is usually no compelling reason to draw national attention and Antifa LARPers to local activism, conferences and organizing drives
  • Instead of the “Nazi Troll Army” pushing memes and narratives on Twitter, the same ideas, critiques and narratives are pushed in a more polished form to a much larger audience on FOX News

Joe Biden and the Left do all of the heavy lifting for us in radicalizing their opposition. We don’t need to hold events like Charlottesville. It is better to stay out of the national spotlight while Democrats talk about things like scrapping the Constitution in the New York Times.

Note: Cute dog.

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  1. “the same ideas, critiques and narratives are pushed in a more polished form to a much larger audience on FOX News”:

    Are you saying its the same ideas being pushed by Fox News?

      • Literally. One Tucker post (I think) had over 10 different news networks, repeating verbatim, the same ‘news’ one day. Even with AP wires (which I used back in the day) printing out your ‘script,’ you still think these ‘talking heads’ would vary the text- especially with what they’re paid!

  2. Other than using the Gaslight media term of “insurrection” for the FBI-led false-flag in which several hundred Trumpkins were led into the Crime-Capitol – to ultimately be tossed into Sodom-on-Potomac’s equivalent of Lubyanka Prison (the tallest building in Moscow, since Siberia could be seen from its basement) by kritarchs who would be at home in any Soviet “court” of the 1930s, it’s a fine summary.

    I agree with what I would describe as the most important point, which was also made by Napoleon long ago: Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. As you noted, the Gaslight media and the High-Priests and Popes in the Church of Woke are doing much heavy lifting for us in terms of forcing boneheaded normies to notice that target on their backs. They’re doing a far better job of it than all the tiki-torch parades in the world could do.

  3. My gaydar is pegging — if he isn’t, then he’s yet another very effeminate looking male — and needless to say, the ‘work’ he does creates no wealth and benefits really no one.

  4. Does Jared know he is a tool of the Moshiach? You are not an extremist if you worship the Moshiach? You are not an extremist if you worship the anti-Christ? You are on the right side of all that is good and decent if you worship the man of sin? How retodded can you be?

      • What does he produce? What does he make? Has he chosen to use his time to produce things of value for himself and others? He makes trouble for others who have a different opinion than his own. By that definition he is a Christ killer. He lives off of those who toil to make things for others. He is a parasite.

    • He puts out for the Moshiach. Do you think he reads this stuff I say about him?? BAHA It is true Jared. The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. The devil is a master of deceptions. You are a dupe Jared and you are going to hell in a hand basket. NEXT.

  5. Re: “the same ideas, critiques and narratives are pushed in a more polished form to a much larger audience on FOX News”:

    If Alt-right ideas are THE SAME ideas that Fox News pushes, although with less polish, and pushed to a much smaller audience, then they are never going to turn the system that rules the world upside down, but only help to conserve it.

  6. Instead of the “Nazi Troll Army” pushing memes and narratives on Twitter, the same ideas, critiques and narratives are pushed in a more polished form to a much larger audience on FOX News.

    This is basically a nonsensical assertion. 99% of Fox News pushes the same ideas that are advocated by CNN and the rest of the gaslight media. Apart from the likely controlled opposition figure (pressure valve) Tucker Carlson, Fox News is merely another wing of the gaslight media – playing the same role played by the R-jersey wing of the uniparty which legislates, judiciates and executes for the oligarch-overlords who decide what happens. To borrow from Henry Ford’s famous color choice for the Model T, Murikan goyim can vote for whichever party they like, and watch whichever Talmudvision talking-head the like, as long as it serves (((our))) “democracy”. Watch moar-harder, vote moar-harder. Hoap-n-change, right?

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