MSNBC: ‘It Could Happen Here’ Looks At Extremist Voices And How To Stop Them

In my view, one of the most encouraging developments of 2021 was the decline of the ADL as a respected “watchdog organization” when Jonathan Greenblatt tried and failed to deplatform Tucker Carlson. It is difficult to exaggerate how much the organization has followed the SPLC into the dustbin and declined into just another partisan leftwing NGO since Abe Foxman was its president.

Note: Seriously, how has Greenblatt stopped “domestic extremism”?

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  1. The ADL, an organized crime lobby whose founding purpose remains intact: Ensuring that no Jew pedophile or criminal ever faces justice. Never forgetLeo Frank deserved to hang and according to the Jew holy-book (Talmud) Jeffrey Epstein was a righteous mensch. Literal spawn of Satan, every single one.

  2. So Nosferatu has a “book” published again. Lemme guess, the NYT will declare it “groundbreaking, everyone concerned with American democracy (sic) Must read it” while the editors send it to the top of their bestseller list. Schools will make this drivel required reading to increase sales and NGOs will get weepy over this horse shit.

    On Amazon Nosferatu’s “book” will be scraping the bottom as the general reading public ignores it. No doubt Nosferatu will make some nice money off of it though as high schools and colleges stock up on copies of his anti-White screed paid for with tax dollars. Spoiler alert: not to ruin the book’s plot, such as it is but basically it is his personal Wailing Wall of complaint that his peeps are losing their death grip over the country they have ruined. They don’t like it either, Whites need to Stop Noticing, shut up and sign up for Globo Homo Shopping Mall’s next war for Our Greatest Ally.

    • “No doubt Nosferatu will make some nice money off of it though”

      That’s all that Matter$… to (((them.))) May God smite this evil bastard, as he has done to ALL His Enemies.

      “Preach the Truth as if you had a million voices. It is silence that kills the world.” – St. Catherine of Siena

  3. Greenblatt, what about Moshiach, kyke? Is the Moshiach and all that believe in, and love him are they extremists, are they kyke? Where do these Christ killers get the never to call us extremists?

  4. Even “normal everyday” Jews buy into this shit. There really is no living with them. They are a hostile tribe.

    • > There really is no living with them.

      After a lifetime of experience, that’s the conclusion Martin Luther reached.

  5. The ADL

    Leo Frank

    13 year old Mary Phagan’s autopsy photo

    The slaughter of the crew of the USS Liberty

    • Not to hear Greenblatt tell it. Big Tech has been dragging its feet according to him, and even now (as of this book’s writing) are still doing too little to rein in “hate” and “anti-semitism.”

  6. ADL are a mobster outfit set up to silence good people from questioning evil.
    We have facts and figures on our side. That’s why they want to silence us with lawsuits, mean names and threats. Whenever you find them on your case, just use the defence of freedom of speech. You either have it in America, or you don’t.

  7. All FBI (shin bet) candidates must visit the US Holohoax Museum on the National Mall, in order to get indoctrinated in the national religion of holocaustianity.

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