Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Hits New Low

Hey look, some new polls dropped this afternoon.

Yahoo News:

“One year after a mob of Donald Trump loyalists tried to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 victory by laying violent siege to the U.S. Capitol, the “big lie” that fueled their attack has only become more entrenched. Today, a full three-quarters of Trump voters (75 percent) falsely believe the election was “rigged and stolen,” according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll — more than ever before.

Just 9 percent, meanwhile, think Biden “won fair and square” — down from 13 percent last January. …”

In spite of all our preening and “counter-extremism” and “disinformation” work, more people believe that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump than a year ago.

The latest USA Today/Suffolk poll shows that the GOP has lost its lead on the generic congressional ballot, but that isn’t due to any groundswell of support for Democrats. More people are saying they are undecided. The Brandon administration is still deeply unpopular.

USA Today:

“That’s a big shift from November, when Republicans led 46%-38%. Democrats haven’t gained significant support, but Republicans lost some voters to the ranks of the undecided, up to 24% from 16%.  …

The dip for the GOP has not brought a boost for the president. His job approval rating in the poll is 40% approve vs. 54% who disapprove, a slight improvement from the 38% approval rating he had in the November poll but still lower than any other modern president at this point in his term except for Donald Trump. …”

As we start the year amid insurmountable congressional paralysis and gridlock due to Joe Manchin’s willingness to murder democracy, Joe Biden’s approval rating is stuck at 40%.

The latest CNBC/Change poll has Joe Biden hitting a new bottom with his approval rating dropping from 46% to 44%.


“Fifty-six percent of voters now say they disapprove of the job Biden is doing, the worst such reading of his presidency as he approaches the end of his first year in office, according to new CNBC/Change Research poll. Prior polls in the series showed Biden’s disapproval rating at 54% in early September and 49% in April.

Biden’s approval rating is now at 44%, down from 46% in September and 51% in April. …”

As everyone knows, Democrats are at a structural disadvantage in Congress due to their wild unpopularity with White working class voters, especially those in rural America. They need to win by like 4 points to break even because their base are woke professional class libtards who are inefficiently concentrated in coastal metros. This means that Congress and with it “our democracy” is slipping away.

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  1. meaningless political noise. One thing remains certain:

    all electoral “winnners”

    will belong to the Jews.

    • Agree. The whole election thing is just a theater, window dressing, so Americans think they have representation and elect their leaders. It’s a game and both parties have roles. You can almost predict what will happen next.

      • “The politicians are there to make you think you have a choice. You don’t.” George Carlin

    • If Cheetohead the Clown taught us nothing else, he certainly underlined that bit of truth for us. He still has legions of retarded followers though. If Garfinkel actually had him arrested, they’ll have another shabbas-goy lined up and ready to go.

  2. Those Yahoo scum with their 10 millionth regurgitation of “The Big Lie” …as if the openly boasted about collusion of the Dems, the (((media & Big Tech))) to squelch the Hunter Biden scandal among other things isn’t proof enough that the (((System))) is rigged.

    • People blame “big tech”, but they are just as much pawns as the media is. They are controlled by the government. They’ve gone after Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg in the past, to make sure they sing the propaganda songs of the left.

      • They’re not “pawns”, they’re all on the same (((team))). Government is owned by the god damned jews & billionaires, but they will publicly shame one of the members when the elite consensus is that they’re not going quite far enough to control the “White trash”

  3. ” insurmountable congressional paralysis”

    A sorry government, when it’s best attribute is inaction.

  4. I’ll bet if Biden re-opened the pipeline, dropping gas prices to Trump levels, his popularity would shoot up like a rocket. Economic issues are the only ones the sheeple care about. Of course, the “woke” crowd around Biden is too based to allow anything smacking of common sense.

  5. Well, there’s always death. Death has an amazing ability to revitalize a public figure’s popularity.

    • Fair point. Just look at the roster of Saints in the Church of Woke:

      St. Martin the Adulterer (High Kang of Woke)
      St. Trayvon of Skittles (and Arizona Watermelon Juice)
      St. Michael the Brown (Gentle Giant of Fergudishu)
      St. George the Breathless (First Llord of Fentanyl)

      So what will they come up for Shitpants Joe, the Sniffy Old Pedo?

      St. Sniffy of Soiled Diapers? The Karens and the emasculated males who service them are by nature cargo-cultists (moreso than the Jews who run things). Having tossed Christ aside for the Golden Dindu or Judeo-Christ, they are always in need of this pantheon of saints to show them examples of righteous woke living, with negroes of course being the most morally upright souls of all. St. George (a porn-star) was an especially shining example of the ideal male figure for the suburban baizuo Karen. I somehow can’t see Grand-Paw Sniffy arising to such exalted status when he goes to his eternal reward, with him being white, senile and old. Maybe he’ll be relegated to something like the ‘Lucky Cat’ you see in Chinese restaurants.

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