President Joe Manchin Murders Democracy

From Politico’s Playbook:


Voting rights is dead in the Senate.

The road is clear for the Supreme Court and Republican state legislatures to restore “white supremacy” and destroy American democracy through voter suppression. Also, Build Back Better is still dead in the Senate, but President Manchin is game if Pramila Jayapal wants to come crawling back and accept more humiliating concessions like relentlessly means testing the child tax credit.

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  1. Primila Jayapal? Praise the Elephant God, another dual-citizen of the Kamala variety participating in “our democracy”. It’s great to be ruled by foreigners who hate us.

    I imagine she wants millions more immigrants from India to come enrich us and her libshit constituents.

    • The Hindus love their zionist masters. They are the epitomy of the mud-colored sludge that replaces civilization.

      Many stupid white people have this idea that Muslims are somehow uniquely rapey. Meanwhile, the ‘nation’ of India has hundreds of thousands of devadasi, literal temple prostitutes, in its Hindu temples. They are recruited from the lower castes or ‘casteless’ untouchables that the Hindus treat far lower than cows* around the ages of 10-14, and enslaved as prostitutes until they die of AIDS or are kicked out in their 40s.

      I wonder when Jayapal, or Kamala Harris, or Tulsi Gabbard will say something about this little minor problem of hundreds of thousands of prepubescent girls being enslaved and raped for the entirety of their miserable lives, hmm? Oh, wait, India is an ally of ‘israel’. So they never will.

      * of course, they also stridently oppose untouchables embracing any slightly more civilized religion. Can’t have those sex slaves getting away!

      • “They are the epitome of the mud-colored sludge that replaces civilization.”

        Was in a Messican restaurant last night with the wife. And the usual ‘mariachi’ noise was replaced by the most GOD-AWFUL Hindoo beat, with Mestizo lyrics.

        It was the ‘Messican’ station on Sirius!!! I didn’t know whether to ask for Chapatis with VIndaloo, or a Quesadilla with salsa!?!?

        What the HELL is this? Meshing two (literally) God-damned cultures together, to make an even worse cultural GOLEM? And JEW know who is behind it all, too. Truly, the seventh level of Hell (or their Hitlerian nightmares) is STILL too good for them.

  2. “Broadway ” Joe Manchin hasn’t this popular, since he led the Jets to an upset win over Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.

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