The New Yorker: Is a Civil War Ahead?


The New Yorker and Council on Foreign Relations are getting in on the 1/6 hysteria with dire warnings of hitherto inept accelerationists starting an impending Civil War 2. In reality, it has been significantly quieter than usual on that front since Joe Biden was sworn in as president.

Council on Foreign Relations:

“Accelerationism holds that the modern, Western democratic state is so mired in corruption and ineptitude that true patriots should instigate a violent insurrection to hasten its destruction to allow a new, white-dominated order to emerge. Indeed, some of the foremost exponents of accelerationism today were at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. They included: the Oath Keepers, whose grab-bag ideology states that “paranoid anti-federalism envision[s] a restoration of ‘self-government’ and ‘natural rights’;” QAnon adherents, who remain convinced that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and that former President Donald Trump was thwarted from saving the world from a Satan-worshipping pedophilia ring run by Democrats, Jews, and other agents of the deep state; and, of course, Trump’s own die-hard “Stop the Steal” minions, who, against all reason and legal proof, seek to restore the former president to office. …”

If you were an accelerationist, why on earth would you have to go out and bomb a state capitol or assassinate a politician or kill a bunch of people to polarize this country and “accelerate” its collapse? Dump narrowly losing the 2020 election and convincing millions of his followers that it was stolen from him by the Democrats was the most radicalizing thing to ever happen in our lifetimes.

From an accelerationist standpoint, you might as well ask yourself what you could do to polarize the country that would have a greater impact than, say, Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. You really don’t have to do anything these days. You don’t have to get off the couch. The Brandon administration is stoking division and the New York Times is persuading more people than you could ever do alone. Establishment liberals are denouncing the Constitution as an antiquated relic of “white supremacy” on a daily basis. Perry Bacon, Jr. has a platform in the Washington Post to denounce “White appeasement politics.”

The New Yorker:

“The edifice of American exceptionalism has always wobbled on a shoddy foundation of self-delusion, and yet most Americans have readily accepted the commonplace that the United States is the world’s oldest continuous democracy. That serene assertion has now collapsed.

On January 6, 2021, when white supremacists, militia members, and MAGA faithful took inspiration from the President and stormed the Capitol in order to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election, leaving legislators and the Vice-President essentially held hostage, we ceased to be a full democracy. Instead, we now inhabit a liminal status that scholars call “anocracy.” That is, for the first time in two hundred years, we are suspended between democracy and autocracy. And that sense of uncertainty radically heightens the likelihood of episodic bloodletting in America, and even the risk of civil war. …

Instead she foresees, if the worst comes about, an era of scattered yet persistent acts of violence: bombings, political assassinations, destabilizing acts of asymmetric warfare carried out by extremist groups that have coalesced via social media. These are relatively small, loosely aligned collections of self-aggrandizing warriors who sometimes call themselves “accelerationists.” They have convinced themselves that the only way to hasten the toppling of an irredeemable, non-white, socialist republic is through violence and other extra-political means. …”

I don’t think so.

We’ve seen plenty of accelerationist mass shootings. They repulse everyone including most people in the White Nationalist movement. Those people are universally seen as fed posters.

I foresee the Democrats losing the midterms, Dump announcing he is running for president again in 2024 and Merrick Garland indicting him on criminal charges to appease the mob. It also sure looks bad for Joe Biden. Dump is currently the favorite in the betting markets to be president again in 2025.

It is much more likely that a demoralized and radicalized Left will lash out and get violent again than a Right which is retaking state power. We saw this at the end of the Obama administration. In this political atmosphere, we could also see another James Hodgkinson who lashes out at Republicans or even a Democrat like Joe Manchin who are being accused right now of murdering democracy.

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  1. Presidents and politicians start wars all the time. Trump almost started one when he assassinated general Soleimani for his handlers in Israel. This nation is getting worse by the day and constantly voting for the same two corrupt parties is not going to change anything for the better. Both parties fight to stay in power, not because of the people they are supposed to represent but there’s a lot of money to be made from their lobbyists and special interest groups.

    Sometimes wars are necessary and when it comes to protecting our freedoms and rights, I don’t see how it can be avoided much longer. There will be a breaking point at some point, when that happens only God knows.

    • “Trump almost started one when he assassinated general Soleimani for his handlers in Israel”:

      Yes we forgot the second anniversary of that murder on Monday, the 3rd of January. Iranians and most of the world have certainly not forgotten. The New Yorker should be asking when will the war ever end, not whether a war will start.

  2. Accelerationism holds that the modern, Western democratic state is so mired in corruption and ineptitude that true patriots should instigate a violent insurrection …

    They don’t even understand ‘accelerationism’ correctly — it refers to actions by the Establishment that increase disaffection in the population, particularly among Whites, moving society closer to a point where a critical mass of people see the government as no longer serving their interests, and as not amenable to reform — e.g. governments announcing they will prioritize non-whites for critical COVID treatment can be see as an acceleration event — so today it has more to do with malice than ‘corruption and ineptitude’ — governments have long been corrupt and inept — the open malice shown toward Whites today is a newer phenomenon (as if having their countries demographically stolen is not bad or provocation enough).

  3. As an accelerationist, the last couple of years seem to me to be very positive and moving in a great direction. No effort required to get it there, either. People just can’t seem to help themselves, I suppose.

  4. Another view (or aspect) of this:

    linkI don’t think ‘political polarization’ is the right term for what’s happening in America. It’s more like rhetorical hyperinflation. The rhetoric keeps getting more and more exaggerated precisely because the rhetoric no longer produces the kind of response it once did.

  5. “…Satan-worshipping pedophilia ring run by Democrats, Jews, and other agents of the deep state…”

    Definitely none of that hanging about….

    BTW, when does that Maxwell broad get sentenced? LMFAO

    • I agree. The articles about “civil war” and Jan 6. are some the most ridiculously hysterical articles I have ever read from these people and I can’t help but laugh trying to imagine one of the true adherents lying in the fetal position sobbing and screaming over 1/6 and poor “our democracy”. Who the f**k do they think they are fooling with Jan 6. as some kind of government overthrow. 1/6 was a fed setup and “Civil War 2” will also be a fed setup.

      • I also agree. The ones act like it’s just a matter of fantasizing about being in charge. If you’re being realistic, they call you a pessimist or doomsdayer.

  6. Gee, it smells an awful lot like a Reichstag is smouldering steadily somewhere nearby with all of the gaslight media repeating the 3 AM narrative over and over again. String whiff of kerosene too …. (happy merchant rubs hands, cricket-like sounds)

  7. “would have a greater impact than, say, Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate?”

    A major economic depression.

    Ppl won’t do anything until they feel real pain in their most sensitive organ, their wallet.

  8. The war is already here. They’re also at war with Russia, China and the other BRICS countries. They’ve already lost both wars, and don’t even realise it.

    It’s time to make arrangements for Yankeedom and the Left Coast to leave. And for the restoration of the Jeffersonian republic.

  9. The Democratic Party

    The ADL

    Leo Frank

    13 year old Mary Phagan’s autopsy photo

    The slaughter of the crew of the USS Liberty

    9/11…Dancing Israeli Art Students on a NJ Rooftop

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    Who ordered all of this?

  10. Imagine peeing your pants over Charlie Kirk, Bill Mitchell, Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz’s mullet, Sarah Palin, the My Pillow guy, Dolan Blumff and his Bud Bundy loser sons, and other extremely extreme extremists who are gonna cut your taxes while calling you the real racist.

    The Democrats are supposed to be the smart people. If you’re losing to these bozos, what does it say about you?

    • @Some Dude Perry Bacon Jr is a talented tenth black that would be an average white person at best. He grew up privileged and has still been given every advantage and affirmative action to make sure he went to what school he wanted, got whatever job he wanted, and got booked on every television talk show he wanted.
      Most of these people on the Left know that they are full of it but keep up the act for donations and to confuse public perceptions.

      Someone like Bacon Jr is just dumb and deluded enough to buy into his own supply like X Kendi. Their narrative is they succeeded despite white supremacy keeping them down. Once you know the plan everything makes sense

  11. Civil war or civil unrest and systemic usury and class exploitation are directly related. In the news tonight, it sounds like a small civil war is beginning in capitalist Kazakhstan on Russia’s Central Asian border. Many Kazakhs are angry because they are being exploited through high inflation, but the U.S. is also trying to create colour revolution in Central Asia, “which is Russia’s soft underbelly.” Meanwhile, China becomes more stable and socially-cohesive than ever, and U.S. efforts to create Muslim terrorism in China are failing. Last year, 2021, was an excellent year for China. The economy did not shrink or stall like the U.S. but grew by trillions, the fastest growth ever, and China became the richest country on earth. It is by far the biggest producer (and mostly REAL productivity, whereas the immense U.S. GDP actually consists of mostly of so-called “services” – I call them “rents” – like finance, insurance, and real estate) and China also dominated scientific research and technological development, became the biggest overseas investor, and much more:

  12. The elite are whipping themselves up into a berserker rage. Wonder what the result of this will be?

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