Happy “Insurrection Day!”

Happy Insurrection Day!

It is 1/6 2020-Two on the East Coast.

I hear celebratory gunfire outside here.

Look, I obviously didn’t vote for Dump in the 2020 election. I’m not a fan.

I was never a Qtard who believed the “Storm is Coming.” I never supported the Grift Right during “Stop the Steal.” In fact, I am in the minority for believing that Dump lost the election because he allowed Jared Kushner to run his terrible reelection campaign. My suspicions were confirmed when he abandoned his most loyal and deluded supporters, pardoned a bunch a black rappers and left town.

Anyway, none of that matters now. We’re all “insurrectionists” now. It is a “slow-moving insurrection” and “neverending insurrection” that has continued to this day. We’re all united in rolling our eyes today at these insufferable people on this most solemn day of preaching and preening about Our Democracy™. Pity all the pathetic crybaby “journalists” who are still suffering from “trauma” to this day.

How do you remember 1/6?

Aside from what tragically happened to Ashli Babbitt, I thought it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. AOC barely escaped being raped by the Q Shaman! MURICA!

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  1. “””…pardoned a bunch a black rappers…”””

    Sooner or later things go ugly and it is very bad to leave 40 million strong black army to enemy. Anti communists must try to get at least some blacks to join us or at least remain neutral.

    So anti communists need some people who have impact in black population.

    • Juri- You’ve never been around a black, talked to one, smelled one, or tried to reason with one… have you? Da, tovarish?

  2. lol’d at your headline.. and agree!

    The right should have owned it and stopped crediting Antifa for such awesome optics

    • ^^Saint Floyd returned from the grave and posting on a Southern Supremacist forum – you gotta’ love it!

  3. How do you remember 1/6?

    Definitely a big laugh. Also funny was the horrified libtard reaction, as though it signaled any serious attempt at a “coup” whatsoever.

    • “Definitely a big laugh. Also funny was the horrified libtard reaction, as though it signaled any serious attempt at a “coup” whatsoever.”

      Only stupid people think that power resides “in a building” like taking a chess piece and it’s yours? Had they not left it would have been just a fancier version of when some standoff occurs in a domestic violence situation. Power lies in that thing sitting in your living room, that box flashing and telling you how to think. You have to take control of that thing and then have the time to let the spell slowly sink in when you tell your subjects how to think. Everything on that box is political…even the commercials. Any serious shift in power has to take control of that thing, and it’s going to involve abrogating the precious “speech and property rights” of the subversives currently owning the thing so toss your constitution fetish aside if you hope to have anything resembling the America we knew in 100 years to pass on to your decedents.

  4. I prefer to peacefully secede now and leave the Yankee Empire to deal with their own collapse. But since we are still in captivity … “Insurrection Day” … We are descended from revolutionaries/rebels and what better day to honor our ancestors than by “overthrowing”/threatening to “overthrow” a wicked government every year.

    Maybe the communist/marxist fifth-column MLK day will get bumped and Americans can enjoy a real “taste of freedom” day such as 1/6. Make it a national holiday. “Reenact” it every year by true Americans making an impromptu visit to THEIR US Capitol. Imagine millions and millions of Americans actually checking up in person on supposedly THEIR government instead of the other way around — the way this totalitarian communist Yankee Empire operates today. Governments should always fear the people and not have people fear their governments.

    “Insurrection Day” now, tomorrow and forever. Start the fireworks…

  5. As styxhex pointed out,
    This should be


    A day to reflect, when a black federal thug gunned down an innocent WHITE woman, without cause.

    • If the races had been reversed Ashli Babbit would be a household name just as much as George Floyd is. This speaks volumes about the kind of justice Whites can expect in an Anti-White state.

  6. I guarantee you we are not going to hear this today from Biden or Pelosi or any of the others—–“We need to drill down to the root causes of white grievance and correct the disenfranchisement felt in the hearts of our white brothers and sisters. We are all American and when some of us are down we need to help.”

    You are not going to hear this because you are the enemy white man, you are the problem, and you need to be dealt with by any means necessary.

  7. Chauvin goes to prison for 27 years, when a black thug ODs on dope.

    Black thug, Michael Byrd, kills an innocent unarmed woman, ASHLI BABBITT , standing in a crowd, then receives an award.
    (The same ‘justice’ Vicki Weaver received)

    This is the ‘justice’ you can expect in jewmerica.

  8. So according to the cretins in the media, twitter, the school system you’re just supposed to sit back and let communists take power just because they won an election? The very fact they won proves the government was illegitimate…we were never supposed to have communist voters in the first place. Voters shall be white male property owners over the age of 25!!! No blacks, no females, no white street people hooked on meth, no college students, no urban rats, so the electorate itself was illegitimate and we are expected to respect the conmen and nags these cretins cast ballots for?

  9. Jimmy Carter pens op-ed on January 6 anniversary: ‘We are at genuine risk of civil conflict and losing our precious democracy’

    Will that self-righteous horse’s ass never go away?

    • Not long ago, during the Trump administration, he said (and I quote) “The United States is no longer a democracy, it is an oligarchy, with unlimited bribery.”

      Does he think it returned to being a democracy in the meantime? Not consistent. .

  10. To Everyone: HAPPY non-commercialised, Orthodox Christmas! It is today, the sixth of January, by the old, Julian calendar. Britain delayed for centuries before switching officially to the new calendar that was created by “the Pope’s atheist astronomers,” and at least one rural village in Wales still waits until now to celebrate Christimas. Old New Year’s Day this year is Janurary 14th.

    It’s just coincidental that the Trumpian right-wing protest (so-called “insurrection”) at Washington D.C. coincided with Old Christmas Eve. But it’s not coincidental that the U.S. CIA’s (and Turkey’s) civil-war insurrection taking place at the capital of Kazakhstan was launched on Old Christmas Eve (yesterday) – interrupting Putin’s and Russia’s observance – because it is obviously the U.S.’s blatant, belligerent, unmistakeable negative response to Putin’s recent “final ultimatum” to the U.S.: to stop arming and encouraging its pro-Zionist hyper-anti-communist anti-Russian Ukrainian (more aptly called “Khazar-krainian”) puppet regime to attack independent, pro-Russian socialist Ukraine, and to remove all U.S. troops (Special Forces and Black Rock mercenaries) from Khazarkraine, and pull back the U.S.’s and puppet NATO troops and missiles from all other Russian borders, immediately. It is becoming clear now why the U.S strategically “withdrew” from its bases in Afghanistan: to allow it to pursue a much bolder, direct attack on “Russia’s soft underbelly” in Muslim Central Asia, using all proxy forces. Most analysts had expected the course of fake insurrections, colour revolutions and coups would begin in Uzbekistan, but the U.S. apparently chose to begin with Kazakhstan that borders the Russian Federation directly, as well as China. Note that Turkey is also deeply involved in this fake insurrection – part of Erdogan’s plan to create a Neo-Ottoman Empire or “Pan-Turkic union of all Turkic peoples” stretching from Europe to China, including Kazakhstan, and also the Uighur minority in western China. Infiltrated U.S.- and Turkish-supported Uighur terrorists, trained in Turkey and transported from the front lines in Turkish-occupied Idlib, Syria, are involved in this fake insurrection (coup attempt) in the capital of Kazakhstan. Most revealing of the insurrectionists’ short list of demands is that Kazakhstan must cut off its ties to Russia immediately!

    THIS kind of capital insurrection (coup attempt) – like the recent U.S.-supported insurrections/coup attempts in Belarus and the capital of the Solomon Islands – is completely OKAY with the U.S. mainstream media and other Western media!

  11. Actually, Trump’s victory was stolen; only reason to visit this dull website is to occasionally remind ‘Hunter’ that he is mistaken; Trump was mostly a fraud, but that has no relation to voting results.

  12. This is another example of a situation where neither side deserves our support, not the libtards feigning horror, nor the deluded and brainwashed magatards hyped up on Trump’s absolute bullshit. Richard Spencer was right when he called it the “goofball insurrection”.

    It used to be that the left were the liars and the right had truth on their side. Now both sides are pathetic Jew-tools who are divorced from reality.

  13. Don’t forget Ted Cruz yesterday calling Jan 6 a violent terrorist attack. The Republicans are now repeating the dems and Garland’s talking points. Republicans are not on your side, White man.

  14. Even Vox Day has at last abandoned Cheetohead the Clown. Blumpf’s continued support of the vaccines the Kushner Krime-Kartel is so heavily invested in is now described as having “has transformed the erstwhile God-Emperor into a squirming proto-sandworm”. Sandworm is not a bad description at all. Like the sandworms in portrayed Dune (later copied into Star Wars), Blumpf sucks in his supporters and dissolves them over a long, agonizing period of time.

    I note that Cheetohead canceled his ‘great speech’ about the event, no doubt on orders from Jared. Apart from the killing of Babbitt (who was unarmed) the whole false-flag event was quite hilarious with Mr. Buffalo head sitting in the Speaker’s Throne was almost like a scene from Idiocracy. I do hope Garfinkel has him arrested and tossed into the DC ‘Lubyanka’.

  15. Donald Trump lost the election because of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…No other reason…

  16. Re the music video above – Wow. I had no idea Kid Rock had become such a Wigger. He has really been imbibing Negro “culture” since last I tuned in.

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