Michael Lind: America’s Asymmetric Civil War

A year ago, I started writing about these people – the PMCs or the DILEs – the people who you will see whining on television all day about 1/6. I wanted to focus on the real problem which is class of people who are at the helm of the Democratic Party, not their pawns and foot soldiers.

Tablet Mag:

“The Democratic coalition is an hourglass, top-heavy and bottom-heavy with a narrow middle. In addition to hoovering up the votes of college-educated Americans, the Democrats are the party of the Big Rich—tech billionaires and CEOs, investment banking houses, and the managerial class that spans large corporate enterprises and aligned prestige federal agencies like the Justice Department and the national security agencies. This mostly white and Asian American group cannot win elections without the overwhelming support of Black Americans, and smaller majorities of Hispanic and Asian American voters, clustered in the downtowns and inner suburbs. The high cost of living in Democratic hub cities forces out the multiracial middle; the exceptions tend to be civil servants like police and first responders and teachers who can (sometimes) afford to live in or near their downtown jobs.

The social base of the Democrats is neither a few liberal billionaires nor the more numerous cohorts of high-school educated minority voters; it is the disproportionately white college-educated professionals and managers. These affluent but not rich overclass households dominate the Democratic Party and largely determine its messaging, not by virtue of campaign contributions or voting numbers, but because they very nearly monopolize the staffing of the institutions that support the party—K-12 schools and universities, city and state and federal bureaucracies, public sector unions, foundations, foundation-funded nonprofit organizations, and the mass media. By osmosis, professional and managerial values and material interests and fads and fashions permeate the Democratic Party and shape its agenda.

While the liberal Big Rich cluster in silver apartments and offices in trophy skyscrapers in the inner core of blue cities, the elites of the outer suburbs and exurbs tend to be made up of the Lesser Rich—millionaire car dealership owners, real estate agents, oil and gas drilling equipment company owners, and hair salon chain owners. This group of proprietors—the petty bourgeoisie, to use Marxist terminology, compared to the Democratic haute bourgeoisie and its professional allies—forms the social base of the Republican Party, despite efforts by Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri, Marco Rubio of Florida, and others to rebrand the GOP as a working-class party.

Which is not to say that the social differences between the two parties aren’t important. There are far more business owners and fewer managers of huge multinational firms or banks in red areas than there are in the class-stratified, hierarchical Democratic urban cores. There are fewer rich and fewer poor. If the social structure of Democratic cores resembles an hourglass, the shape of the Republican exurbs and rural areas looks more like a diamond. …”

We should focus 100% of our fire on these people who roughly correspond to progressive activists and establishment liberals in the Pew typology. They are at the top of the pyramid.

Michael Lind also explains the class dynamic which is why voting for the GOP in endless rounds of backlash politics has been so futile. I’ve explained why this could change though over the long term. The Republican coalition is currently deeply divided over economics. Reaganites are still ascendant there.

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  1. The Ronnie Reagan Whitehouse was a revolving door for pedophiles…

    The George W Bush Whitehouse was a revolving door for pecophiles and homosexual male prostitutes-one of whom was a regular guest on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox…

  2. no, the demoncrat party is owned by rich Jews…same as the republiscam pty.

    the so-called “woke” whites are bought-and-paid-for shabbatz goyim.

  3. the so-called “woke” whites are bought-and-paid-for shabbatz goyim.

    … As are the Chamber of Commerce Cucks who make up a large segment of Repuke voters. Who do you think lent these “entrepreneurs” all that fake-money they used to establish their enterprises (and often lent even more to keep them running)? Most of these cucks are in debt up their asses, much like their hero Cheetohead. He’s a total failure as a businessman. His daddy is the one who built the empire. He was just a spendthrift playboy. COC cucks like their cheap labor – what would the golf-course be without those handy cheap Mexicans? When Massah Bloomberg or some other Usury-Kangz say jump, they all ask “How high, Massah Schlomo?” There’s not really so much difference between a Ralph Northam (Gov. Coonman) and Glenn Youngkin as some seem to think. They both serve (((the outfit))).

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