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  1. The MAGAtards should be carousing and letting off fireworks to celebrate 1/6. Think of how triggered the lib-puritans would get.

  2. Did he talk about COVID?

    Belief in Having Had COVID-19 Linked With Long COVID Symptoms

    People who thought they’d been infected with SARS-CoV-2 had more persistent symptoms than those whose infections were confirmed by antibody testing in a recent study.

    Interesting — there’s a more comprehensive summary at the link, including the result that ‘physical symptoms persisting 10 to 12 months after the COVID-19 pandemic first wave may be associated more with the belief in having experienced COVID-19 infection than with actually being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    Not at all an unreasonably small sample size.

    Researchers analyzed survey data and serology results from 26?823 adults in France.

    A bit more evidence that COVID hysteria has been imprinted on the minds of psychologically neutered lemmings — forget about ‘long COVID’, more than anything the most enduring long term net effect will be to further cement the power and influence of big media and big government.

  3. Cackling Kamala is the President this country richly deserves. All of her catastrophic failures will be blamed on . . . racism! Get ready for it. Dementia Joe could go face down in the mashed potatoes at any time, good riddance, too.

    • Brandon, our cadaver in chief, is the first American President to include a hearse as part of his official motorcade.

  4. The elite know full well the “insurrection” was a LARP and not serious. Trump knows it was a joke too. Trump didn’t get in any trouble because he is one of the elite just playing his role. America is a bad Jewish sitcom.

  5. Dagger at the throat of democracy? As in Willie Brown’s member aimed down Kammie’s very democratic gullet?

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