Sen. Ed Markey: The GOP Has a Systematic Plan To Steal The 2022 Midterms

We’re going to murder “democracy” in the 2022 midterms.

We’re going to take the precincts. We’re going to storm the polls and win city council seats, county commission seats, state legislative seats, state supreme court seats, etc. We’re going to elect “far right” sheriffs. We’re going to take the Red States. We’re going to take the Capitol in 2022.

Every day is 1/6 now. It is a “slow-moving” and “neverending insurrection” against Love and Hope. The death of “our democracy” will be followed by a sharp turn toward “competitive authoritarianism” as America backslides into an authoritarian country like Russia. Joe Biden will be impeached. Congress will hold hearings on whether Anthony Fauci funded gain of function research and created COVID. We’re going to pass “voter suppression” laws which will make “white supremacy” and systematic racism the law of the land and lock BIPOC people out of power for generations through aggressive gerrymandering. We will deny the existence and humanity of 2SLGBTQQIA+ persons by misgendering them with the wrong pronouns. We will stack the courts and Roe v. Wade will be overturned. America will be like the Handmaid’s Tale with college educated women without wombs forced to get back alley abortions.

Democrats will still be able to win some state and local elections like in Hungary, but will devolve into a regional party of coastal elites. All of this will happen after Republicans steal the 2022 midterms.

Note: Seriously though, yes, it must be an election year.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are in the toilet and his agenda is stalled in the Senate and is being blocked by President Manchin. So, without any foreseeable accomplishments and likely more bad news on the horizon, this is the breathless story that has been rolled out over the last week.

Most people who are “far right” don’t even bother to vote myself included in 2014, 2018 and 2020. Even fewer are involved in the system enough to pass “voter suppression” laws!

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  1. Remember when Blumph was in office and the Republicans controlled both houses? What changed for the better? Nothing and nothing will change again. Whites will still be enemy number one and the Republicans will still pander and grovel to blacks, jews and every other nonWhite to show they’re not racists like the democrats. Blacks vote according to who going to help their race, it past time Whites do the same thing.

  2. This is hilarious, the GOP, riding thru our political system like the James brothers, shooting up the system? That lazy bunch of grifters can’t run an effective candidate for dog catcher. If it happens, it won’t be that bunch of lazy losers.

  3. This rhetoric/propaganda is coordinated — either that or it’s more contagious than SARS-CoV-2.

    >Sen. Ed Markey

    In Congress since 1976 — I think a term limits Amendment (5 terms/10 years for the House, 2 terms/12 years for the Senate) would be very popular — something must be done to kick these people out of DC and force them to resume a normal life.

  4. Election year usually means: they’ll desperatly astroturf some “black lives matter”-incident. With Latinos getting more and more annoyed with negrolatry, it might massively backfire.

  5. Nonwhite LEGAL immigrants and their US born nonwhite geneline are the Democratic Party core Voting Bloc….

    The Democratic Party uses LEGAL nonwhite immigration to nullify the Native White Vote on Nov 3 every 4 years..

    The obvious conclusion:‘nonwhite Legal Immigration is race war against the Native Born White American Working Class…

    The Democratic Party:‘if the White Working Class opposes post-1965 Immigration Policy they are Nazis….therefore We will exterminate the White Working Class…”

    • Republicans always focus on the “illegal” kind because they’re perfectly content with the “legal” kind. White Genocide is fine as long as it’s done “legally”.

      • That’s right…and Alex Jones is onboard with nonwhite legal immigrants voting our people into a white racial minority within the borders of America…so is Donald Trump….White Trump voters are really pinheads…….I’ll see it today as I drive down the LIE…The overpasses starting on exit 67…pro-Trump banners hung up….I mean, why vote for Trump? Trump will import the Democratic Party Voting Bloc….The Democratic Party will always be openly about race…Civic Nationalist Constitutional Cuckism=Tucker Carlsonisn=White Genocide…..

        If the US breaks up…this won’t prevent a civil war-race war…the racial tribes will be fighting over water supplies…..Was NFL Tyrone Ball worth it?….


  6. The Democrats have an excellent strategy. With poll numbers so low and defeat ensured, they are accusing their opponents(*) of planning to steal the election and destroy democracy. After the elections and the Democrats lose, all they have to do is say that the election was stolen and democracy was destroyed, just as predicted. Nice build up to riots or more post-election.

    (*) Of course, we all know here, that the Republicans are not true opposition. D & R are opposite sides of the same coin.

  7. These tards are incapable of performing subtlety so they’re very much hinting at an actual real world coup if a republican gets elected, especially Dump. You should take other commenters seriously that when they do this, you won’t do shit because they told the local wal-mart to not sell shit, that’s real world. So the red wave won’t mean squat if the establishment says it’s republican White supremacy usurping the “system” and self justifies publicly committing treason.

  8. It’s like a bad TV show. They talk and talk and talk, but never do.
    Just like Crump.
    They announce to everyone their plans, so they can be interrupted.
    They brag about what they aren’t going to do.

  9. Scheming conniving kykes have a plan to disempower Red states.They final told us what their plans are. The “our democracy” stuff and I assume the insurrection stuff are part of a plan to change the constitution. Low population Red States with two Senators have way to much power and the Democrats want to change that. Stage a little faux insurrection make a big stink about things have to change for the sake of “our democracy” and President Manchin is no more. They always tell you what they are up to, the ((((devil)))) is so proud of his deceitful ways. Now you know what the “our democracy” crowd is up to. Who are the real insurrectionists??

  10. Edward John Markey is an American lawyer, politician, and former military officer who has served as the junior United States senator from (Massachusetts).

    Massachusetts. That says it all, right there.

    The chief ringleaders in the Yankees’ revolutionary overthrow of the original Constitution, and the Jeffersonian republic that it underpinned.

    Markey is a hardcore Yankee, married to the Jewess Susan Blumenthal. The Judeo-Yankee combination has wrecked so much havoc on what remains of Jeffersonian America. Especially since the 1960’s.

    “The GOP Has a Systematic Plan To Steal The 2022 Midterms.”

    It involves allowing Southrons and Westerners, and their states, to exercise the Constitutional and legal rights that Massholes, other Yankees in the Northeast, and in the so-called “Midwest,” and their special(K) “allies,” insist that only they are entitled to, because their ancestors fought and won a war of conquest against their “own” country. They’re same people who want to abolish the South, the Electoral College, the filibuster, gerrymandering, and the Constitution itself.

    Yankees gotta Yank.

    Sidenote; The farmers, ranchers, loggers, miners and mill hands of the Inland Empire of California, Oregon and Washington State, will eventually defeat the Yankees in their enclaves, in the urban coastal strip. One way or another. If a civil war takes place, that’s where it’ll be. That’s where Jeffersonian America will clash again, with Yankeedom.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  11. “Death of democracy” means death of shitlib power and control. That’s what they’re scared of.

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