Tucker Carlson: What Happened To NPR?

I approve of this.

This is exactly who I said we should be focusing on.

As they say on MSNBC, this is “who we are.” They are the woke professional class. They are coastal libtards with graduate degrees with those stupid virtue signaling signs in their yards. They are the PMCs or the Brahmin Left. That’s who is running the Democratic Party these days. It is the people who George Wallace once called “pointy-head college professors who can’t even park a bicycle straight.”

Note: I see Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Kathleen Belew and Jared Holt have all been making the rounds on NPR lately which isn’t surprising given the way it has been trending.

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  1. The irony of groups such as this who likely believe diversity is our strength, whilst constantly reminding us exactly why it isn’t.
    If you ever wonder why you’re opposed to the great replacement, this video just reminded you. We’re blamed for everything from obesity to global warming……….as we’re being gradually replaced everywhere we exist.

      • Worse- in many cities (and now, with Sirius, all over the ‘fruited plain’) NPR (National PROPAGANDA Radio) presumes that ‘high art’ is THEIR possession, and theirs, alone.

        MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) had, for quite some time, 2 (two) affiliate stations. Both played classical music, and both were SO pretentious, condescending, and insufferable, it was a joy when WCAL (in Northfield) went off the air. Now, KSJN is THE channel for all of Sirius Classical- the same announcers are on (or were on) both stations, previously. But, pray tell, HOW are Christian composers like Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and the rest, SOLELY the property of Uppity godless ELCA Liberal Loon-a ticks? These bastards loathe White Privilege, yet partake of it every day, all over the Twin Cities, in their homes in Lk. Minnetonka, their Southdale, Ridgedale,Galleria shopping centers, their plastic surgery offices all along the 394 corridor, and in all the high rises from Nicollet Mall to St. JEWISH Park. It’s no wonder that the Geo.Floyd CHARADE took place in Minn.

        Those Scandicucks are insufferable. And their pets (the Jews, the LGBTxyz pervs, and the ‘edgy’ children of same) are just vampiric attachments to the race that once gave us Grieg, Ibsen, Andersen, and Sibelius. Fide mig.

    • Only retards believe “diversity is our strength”. Those who promote it know it leads to White extinction.

    • Genetics. Liberalism is inherited genetical mental defect.

      This is the reason why we can not live with those people. It is impossible to change them.

      Jews know this an using this group as a weapon. They also invented all equal concept to distract us noticing obvious.

      Long time ago everybody knew that some people are pure evil. This is also reason why people used defense mechanisms like putting into immigration law that immigrant must have good character.

      Not good education or good family or good backround or good income.

      Good character was the only criteria because wise men knew this is the only thing what really matters.

  2. The political aspect of NPR has always been directed to a narrow audience, located in urban/suburban enclaves, in certain states and regions.

    • Four or five times a year Public Broadcasting campaigns for viewer/listener donations. It will be a cold day in hell before they see a penny from me.

      • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting gets $500 million a year from taxpayers, along with millions and millions more from “woke” corporations, trusts and foundations. Funny how most of NPR’s reports have something to do with “disadvantaged” Blaxxx, even though the vast majority of NPR’s audience are affluent white/jewish liberals.

  3. How does NPR spin this? And how does Faux News? (I don’t know because I don’t listen to either one.) Today, on 1/8, the U.S.’s false flag “INSURRECTION” or “CIVIL WAR” continues in Kazakhstan, and there are reports that Polish Catholics and Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are also involved, along with the U.S.’s “radical Islamic” ISIS and Uighur terrorist proxies. Note that China came quickly to Russia’s aid by helping to shut down and control the internet in Kazakhstan, and other intelligence work. The “insurrection”/”civil war” operation in Kazakhstan is very large, well planned and executed, and timed perfectly to coincide with Russian Orthodox holidays and Putin’s final ultimatum for the U.S. and its NATO satellites to withdraw from Ukraine and pull back from all other Russian borders.

    NPR used to play nice music, but I don’t know, I haven’t listened for a very long time.

  4. For all of you Tucker Carlson haters on here:

    Tucker Carlson just used the word “barren” to describe masked up cat ladies in Subarus. This isn’t a word that any pundit on any mainstream media outlet would dare use to describe a childless woman, and that’s been the norm for at least 30 years. He was only one step away for mocking their dried up ovaries.

    Tucker is going hard. Yes he still confines himself to some limitations on what he says, but he keeps chipping away at all the shackles that have been weighing us down for decades. If he’s a “gatekeeper”, he’s the lousiest one ever, and he doesn’t seem to be able to keep the gate in a steady place. It keeps creeping our way each and every day.

    This is one of the best monologues he’s ever done.

    • Re: “If he’s a ‘gatekeeper’, he’s the lousiest one ever, and he doesn’t seem to be able to keep the gate in a steady place. It keeps creeping our way each and every day”:

      No, I think the target audience of Fox News keeps creeping THEIR way each day.

      There’s a saying that applies: about fake news serving up a feast of good, delcious food (DARINGLY accurate information) just to get you to swallow one bite of crucial poison (one crucial lie, when it really matters) – but the Faux News target audience is much easier to fool, being led to the dead end with just a trail of tasty crumbs.

      But there is no conspiracy to disinform. It’s just the way the system works, inescapable logic, the nature of it.

      • There is a difference between a gatekeeper (the intellectual dork-web, Ben ‘Littlest Chickenhawk’ Shapiro, etc.) and controlled opposition. There is something of a case that Tucker Carlson is the latter (meaning the usual suspects have his destruct button, so he’s allowed to only go so far) but no serious case for the former (You’ll never see the ADL call for banning Benjie Shapiro, because he’s on their team). It’s true that both serve a strategic purpose for the enemy, but the gatekeepers are part of the enemy army, while controlled opposition serve them under duress – usually blackmail.

        If you suddenly see the Repukes – even ones like Marjory Greene – all rise up and demand Tucker’s toss beneath the ADL’s metal wheels, it will be because Carlson strayed too far off the permitted topics of discourse. It’s not as if Carlson is heavily advocating the ADL’s targets actually do anything which might cause the ADL long-term trouble in their extermination plans – like having kids, keeping said kids out of public schuls, stop borrowing fake-money, stop joining the Imperial Banana Legion, turn off the damned Talmudvision, stop spending with known enemies, etc.

    • I have to give Tucker and his bosses at Fox News a lot of credit, because they haven’t caved in to advertisers, liberal activists or pressure groups.

    • He mocked NPR for their story about a Muslim Girls group.[ surprise, surprise, not] That’s the opposite of straying. it’s the same old same old twenty years of war against Muslims, Muslim bashing. While he like NPR will empathize with illegals from Latin America coming in, its those Muslims in the mix he will express hatred and paranoia towards. Same old same old. Now he talks about how, as AOC socialist says, the corporations are destroying democracy. The language and tropes of the Left he routinely uses too. He opposes CRT but in the next breadth will go on about the evil history of oppression against blacks. And how it must and is being taught. He will say that male and female are biologically different but then pivot to how the left/Dems should be hating on anti- trans/ anti lgbt muslim countries. So he gives with one hand and takes away with the other. That’s why he’s still on Fox.

  5. Without giving them views I don’t know how Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham and other Fox “News” corporation stars are spinning the U.S.’s newest “insurrection”/”civil war” operation on Russia’s border.

    They’ll certainly adjust their spin to suit their Alr-right and Republican target audience for My Pillow commercials and other advertising, but I’ll bet they won’t contradict the Biden administration’s bald-faced lie spewed by White House spokesperson Jen Psaki yesterday that “There are some crazy Russian claims about the US being behind the riots in Kazakhstan. So, let me just use this opportunity to convey that is absolutely false, and clearly a part of the standard Russian disinformation playbook we’ve seen a lot of in past years.”

  6. I used to listen to NPR every day until Obammy suck fest started. I read the Economist every week until they endorsed Hillary. I guess I became “far right” in 2008.

    • If any wants a good diversion to take your mind off The Suck check out “Public Service Broadcasting” on Spotify or Youtube. They do clips from the Apollo and Soviet space missions to music (among other cool events). Top Kek.

  7. Tucker’s partly wrong about NPR. It was never harmless – and always geared to the indoctrinated midwit graduates of the propaganda mills of mal-education known as “universities” in Murika. Their woke drums have been beating since its founding in 1972. They’ve just gotten louder and more insistent over the years. Most stations stopped playing classical music years ago, replaced by wall-to-wall agit-prop. They’ll never run out of money. The MacDonald’s heiress left them a massive endowment 15 years back or so. Of course if they allow diversity to handle the money, it could vanish in a flash. That would be positively hilarious.

  8. According to a recent study in the Lancet, “fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can transmit infection…” Likewise, “People who get vaccine breakthrough infections can be contagious,” says the CDC. Even more compelling, …“vaccinated individuals still have the potential to infect others. Worse, one CDC report shows that vaccinated people can still be superspreaders. If vaccinated people still get and spread covid with the same viral load as unvaccinated people then vaccinated people should be tested for covid in the same manner as unvaccinated people, correct? Correct. CDC also states, “vaccination is NOT sufficient to prevent transmission of covid virus.” If vaccination is not sufficient to prevent transmission of covid virus, then why are employees being fired for not being vaccinated? An irrational fear of covid doesn’t entitle a workplace to discriminate against persons based on vaccine status. Simply put, there are no compelling or extraordinary reasons to selectively discriminate against unvaccinated people when vaccinated people can still infect others, have similar viral load and be contagious. Therefore, given the absence of logical grounds to continue such discrimination employers should immediately cease and desist such discrimination. A more rational, fair and least restrictive solution would be to provide rapid covid testing for all employees, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, provide free testing at stores, schools and hospitals and require all people to wear masks indoors until there’s ample evidence of herd immunity. The highly transmissible Omicron variant could help countries reach herd immunity as cases continue to rise, health experts say.


    • Thank you for posting, even though all of that is basically old news, or plainly obvious to those who have been paying attention. Iowa just declared they will not be enforcing Biden’s OSHA mandate. States telling Washington to go to hell is what needs to happen.

  9. That lame Joan Kroc (McDonalds heiress) gave NPR over 500 million. That should be enough to endow them for eternity.

    • All heiresses should be sentenced to 12 years hard labor in gulags on the Kamchatka Peninsula before receiving their fortunes.

      • Why can’t any of these manosphere ‘game’ experts run the old-fashioned gigolo gig to milk some of these stupid cows of all their money? It’s not as if they’re going to do anything beneficial with it.

  10. I watched that segment about NPR on Tucker’s show with great interest, because I used to be a regular NPR listener. In the audio clips he used, the voices of the NPR personalities sounded artificial, like something generated by a computer, not the voices of actual humans. It would make sense, because no real people could utter that kind of “woke” nonsense without busting out in laughter.

  11. Carlson didn’t let Cruz finagle his way out of his Jan, 6 comments. He called him out even though it was in a calm manor.

    • They were talking at cross purposes. Tucker is incensed at cop killers being equated morally with terrorists! He said just that. So killing a cop is not terrorism? Unless what? One is a Muslim or a left wing revolutionary? No right winger who kills a cop can be called a terrorist? Tucker was defending his anti Muslim agenda which Cruz in calling cop killers terrorist; cop killers who kill cops for political reasons, was subverting. Any fair minded person would acknowledge that killing a cop for a political motive; whether out of a Muslim, left wing or right wing motive is the same offense morally. And even that killing a cop for any non- political reason is morally equally reprehensible as killing for a political reason! But that waters down his anti -Muslim agenda which he has been promoting for over 20years now. The crack in that agenda offends him. Cruz is too clueless to stand by his statement that; killing cops for political reason is terrorism; whether they are right, left or Muslims. Full stop! He groveled. Tucker wants to go back to the days of a good vs evil civilizational war against Muslims agenda. Covid and internal politics have muted that agenda. This offends Tucker and everyone at Fox who are nostalgic for the days when anti Muslim genocide was their cause celebre! Much of their programming is banal and trite now. Covid and internal politics have sabotaged that agenda!

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