Brian Stelter: Facebook’s Former Elections Boss Speaks Out

Obviously, Facebook needs to do more to micromanage what Trump voters are allowed to say on its platform. There needs to be more censorship to protect “our democracy” from the spread of “misinformation.” The very definition of “authoritarianism” is trusting people as adults and citizens to deliberate among themselves and make their own decisions and vote.

What happens if coastal PMCs are voted out of power in the midterms? What will we do if we are stripped of the power to continue bossing people around? It’s scary! It’s dark!

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  1. I used to read Pravda in the 80’s. This is much worse. I’m amazed how much the USSR actually accomplished under their Bolshevik yoke. We don’t do shit anymore.

    • Pravda was a model of professional journalism compared to these clowns. So is The People’s Daily for that matter. Arrian is right. That’s the solution. Leave Faceberg and Twatter behind – onto the garbage-heap of history along with Dumpf. Vox Day raised an interesting point about the Soviet Empire a few years back: The European countries who lived under the Soviet boot ended up being more resistant to the toxic ideology which infests the entire west than those who were under the protective wing of NATO and the US Imperium at the time. Now that they’ve signed away their sovereignty to the EUSSR, NATO and the empire’s (((financiers))), the toxins are rapidly despoiling those places as well. Hard-core Marxism – bad as it is – is actually more survivable for a nation than living under the Globo-Pedo Church of Woke is.

      For a curious parallel, there were some complaints over at Unz a year ago or thereabouts when the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul was converted from a museum into a mosque (again) by the Erdogan regime. I pointed out that the great architectural masterpiece was likely safer as a mosque in Turkey than the nominally Christian Notre Dame and other cathedrals are in Western Europe. Those cheering the loudest as Notre Dame burned were Jews and their Woke Euro toadies, Muslims cheered too but not as many as you would think from gaslight media. What is left of Notre Dame is to be destroyed and replaced by a Disneyfied Woke interior no doubt personally approved by High-Fellatin’ Franny, the Pope of Woke himself.

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