Politico Playbook: Donald Trump Doesn’t Need Twitter

From Politico’s Playbook:

I made the same point in my conversation with Jared Holt of the DFRLab about the state of “domestic extremism” in the United States in 2022. Hushing us hasn’t hurt us.

Donald Trump isn’t on social media anymore. He isn’t dominating the news cycle like he used to. He isn’t annoying White Independent swing voters. Instead, the news has been dominated by Joe Biden’s collapsing poll numbers and internal division among Democrats over Build Back Better. “Journalists” have been accomplices in the murder of “our democracy” by reporting on other topics like the record COVID cases and inflation which have contributed to the collapse of Biden’s coalition.

I’ve also had second thoughts about censorship. The Alt-Right used to think that we needed to be on mainstream social media platforms to “redpill” the normies. We needed to be “doing something” like going into progressive cities like Berkeley, Portland and Charlottesville and holding free speech rallies to own the libs. Since we all got censored though and stopped holding volatile public rallies, we have been strengthened by not being in the public spotlight with our ideas and narratives gaining more ground over the past two years than in the previous twenty years. The normies were “redpilled” by COVID, the George Floyd riots, the spread of Ibram X. Kendism, Dump losing the 2020 election and the Biden presidency.

We don’t need to be on Twitter to get our talking points out. Tucker Carlson does a better job as a messenger in getting the word out than the Nazi Troll Army in 2016. It probably helped us that all of those people were banned and every stupid thing they would otherwise be saying was muted.

Objectively, “counter-extremism” has failed in the United States. By pretty much every metric, authoritarian tactics like censorship, deplatforming, lawfare, Antifa violence, state repression and so forth has backfired and angered and radicalized millions of more people.

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  1. I’d rather not write a long post, so I’ll link to it, which includes my long held worldview about the non-importance of mainstream social media to modern elections. As an aside, that’s one of the reasons why April in Paris, (where I’ll be if nothing goes wrong), may be that consequential if not historic, because the Goolag and mainstream social media are already starting to cancel Eric Zemmour all over the place. Yet, if he either wins or makes the runoff and does better than either JMLP or MLP ever did, that may be what it finally takes to make the rest of the world realize what I’ve known for more than eight years.


  2. HW is correct. We do not need Twatter, Faceberg or other such enemy-owned platforms. If you’re there, get out. We’re building our own (Torba, Vox Day, and others). The shitlibs are doing a far better job of red-pilling normies than all of the tiki-torch parades and moronic street protests in the world could do. We don’t need the liar and con-man Donald Trump either. Even if he wasn’t a fifth-column infiltrator, he utterly failed. He never even really tried. Time to toss him onto the trash-heap of history.

  3. These people haven’t used message forums enough to see that an overly-censoring policy can lead to the establishment of a new outlet. I believe Trump is going to spearhead exactly that, but with enough money behind it that it won’t be able to be stopped. The question is whether it will hold the line on not having a party line or eventually develop one – thus committing the same error that brought it into existence.

  4. “We need to Do Sumfin bro”-Racist Radlibs

    “Haha, technocrat incompetence go burrrrr”-The rest of us

    I always hated when Spencer would say shit like, “I’d rather host a conference in Washington instead of the woods of Tennessee because we’re striking at the belly of the beast.” Implicitly, the Do Sumfin crowd doesn’t really want to do something themselves. They want others to do it for them – preferably the shitlibs who watch MSNBC and CNN, because they secretly hate Black people and will send them to outer space in return for a clean environment.

    These “men of action” are shit talking poseurs, the whole lot of em. The fact is, Pro-White believers dont need to do anything at the moment. Our enemies are priming the pawns (Normies) for us, and all we have to do is sit back and wait for them to complete it before seizing the moment and making the pawns do our bidding.

    Sure, it would have been fun for the Stormer Troll Army to effectively turn every social media platform – especially Twitter – into its own gang turf, or for TRS shows to surpass AM Talk Radio in viewership and popularity, or for the various deplatformed Youtube channels to continue to pump out inspiring content. I miss certain things about the 2015-16 days.

    But in the end, none of that matters anymore. What matters is the mission, and the mission is now and always has been to make as many Whites as possible consciously aware of what’s happening to them: “Waking up the Normies,” as its called. The Appolonians and Racist Radlibs don’t see the value in that because they hate the Normies and want a movement of Racist PMCs, even though it was the PMCs, in cohorts with Jewish power and influence, that created the conditions for White Replacement to begin with.

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