Meet The Press: CDC Under Fire

CDC says we got this.

The “Vaxxed and Done” are done with them though.

The Atlantic:

“The attitude of the VADs is this:

For more than a year, I did everything that public-health authorities told me to do. I wore masks. I canceled vacations. I made sacrifices. I got vaccinated. I got boosted. I’m happy to get boosted again. But this virus doesn’t stop. Year over year, the infections don’t decrease. Instead, virulence for people like me is decreasing, either because the virus is changing, or because of growing population immunity, or both. Americans should stop pointlessly guilting themselves about all these cases. In the past week, daily confirmed COVID cases per capita were higher than the U.S. in Ireland, Greece, Iceland, Denmark, France, the U.K., Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, and even Australia, one of the most COVID-cautious countries in the world. As the coronavirus continues its unstoppable march toward endemicity, our attitude toward the virus should follow a similar path toward stoicism. COVID is becoming something like the seasonal flu for most people who keep up with their shots, so I’m prepared to treat this like I’ve treated the flu: by basically not worrying about it and living my life normally. …”

COVID authoritarianism is splitting Democrats now.

It is hard to polarize the country into “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” now when the virus has mutated into a cold and people who have been vaccinated and who have jumped through all these hoops are finally getting it anyway and it turns out that most of them are fine.

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  1. It’s definitely not “the Jews.” Only an anti-semite would think this is a conspiracy of some sort.

  2. After vaccines (many of them forced), masks, distancing, curfews, limited access, lost or crippled businesses, trillions of dollars spent we’re no better off than we were 2 years ago. Par for the course for every program our shitlib overlords run.

  3. Do the vaccines really do anything, other than kill a lot of people? 3 shots in 2 years some others at 4. middle class and up went mass hysteria to be willing guinea pigs and slaves to make the 1% (like one of the “philanthropists” of the new “health” industrial complex, Bill Gates) even more obscenely rich while their cronies in governments across the world garnered even more ridiculous unearned authority. I will ask again, if the mega-corporations are making a thousand dollars a second in profits off this (because they can effectively charge whatever they want to the fed but lets say seven-hundred dollars for every vial of vaccine that maybe costs them a dollar at the most to produce, probably far, far less knowing their kind of greedy modus operandi) what incentive do they have to actually cure this bullshit? Another curiosity is that 2 years of this shit and we still don’t know the origin of macarona, is that at all going to be something to ascertain? But I’m sure it was engineered by the same criminal scum who are promoting the “solutions. How much money do you think Dump and other insider traders in the fed, like Peloshit, made after operation warp speed? And all the lobbies off the cares act? Build Back Feudalism apparently was too much of wealth transfer for Manchin. If the people in power weren’t pathological liars they would be fretting about our kleptocracy.

    • They have no right to force people to get the vaccine or lose their jobs. The vax doesn’t work, and they’ve gone through OSHA to hammer down on employees. The government tells businesses to get rid of any employees who are not vaxxed, or they will lose any government contracts, either directly, or indirectly. Since this virus, like most viruses, mutates…they would be mandating vaccines for the next several decades. They are truly damaging the economy, as businesses fire workers, especially healthcare workers.
      But we ALL know this isn’t about them caring about our health. This is about money and power. When you have “justices” going on about millions of deaths, and this is the biggest death rate ever, and millions in the hospitals…they test anyone in the hospital, no matter what they are in there for…so if you’re in there for an appendectomy, and test positive to Covid, they count it as someone in the hospital for Covid.

      We don’t want them looking out for us. Because we don’t trust them.

      • One of my all-time favorites was the guy in New Zealand who was shot to death but they detected the rona on his body so therefore he really died Covid Copperfield.

      • The ignorance and stupidity displayed by those judges is disgusting and criminal. People of very low caliber who should be nowhere near that level of power.

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