Kevin McCarthy Lays Out GOP’s “Commitment To America” Agenda


I don’t expect much to happen.

The main benefit of Republicans retaking the House would be to kill off the Democrat legislative agenda which isn’t nothing as long as Joe Biden is president.

The Democrats have focused on 1/6 political theater and passing show bills for their base that are killed by the filibuster in the Senate. I’m sure there will be hearings on Big Tech and grillings of Fauci. Maybe House Republicans will impeach Joe Biden for allowing the border to collapse.

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  1. The trajectory of the country would still be rapidly downward. Trump failed to change even that.

    • Very few things (if any) have contributed to the ‘downward trajectory’ of the country more than demographic change brought about via immigration — find a video of the 2019 SOTU where Blumpf says he wants immigrants to come in ‘the largest numbers ever’.

      The US is now the third most populous nation on earth — only China and India have more people.

      • I remember when George W. Bush wanted to increase the population.Why? Why would someone want that? Anyone who drives a car knows that’s not a good thing. The “immigrants” they bring in…they breed like pests, and our population will be rivaling China. Mexico City has 25 million people in it. I wouldn’t say that’s a good thing either. What’s wrong with these people, who want to destroy the US, and the whites who go along with it? Does someone like Trump need more money? Or is it about getting high off of the power?

        • Yes, it is mainly about money. These fools believe they can have everlasting “economic growth” with no consequences. They don’t give a damn about the quality of people or the quality of life. More people equals more opportunity for profit, in their simple minds.

      • A very enlarged all white mostly Christian Confederacy 2.0 is THEE solution. Balkanize America so everyone can have their own “Utopia.” A few new “Republics.” One for each side / group. Ours would be CSA 2.

        Until ALL white bloggers push this – or their custom version of this – narrative … we’re all just whistling Dixie as The Titanic sinks. It’s WAY past time to get on the same page. Identity Dixie has the basics right. Now about the borders ( of CSA II ), our Constitution, our own internet, dollar, manufacturing, “ETC.” GET … the damn conversation going! Good friggin grief!

  2. “Maybe House Republicans will impeach Joe Biden for allowing the border to collapse.”

    Not a chance. The Republicans don’t want to fix anything, they just want to make the Democrats look bad.

  3. Believing in these Republican fuckers is the triumph of hope over experience. This time they’ll try to stop endless immigration, this time they’ll end some of the wars. What they wind up doing is non stop flag waving and cutting taxes, and of course their deep personal commitment to Israel.

  4. “Commitment To America”, “Tea-Party Patriots”, “Contract with America”. The Repukes keep repeating the same lies over and over and the “conservative” morons keep voting for it over and over. Name a single item in the Globo-Pedo agenda which has been reversed, or even seriously derailed, by congenital liars like McCarthy, Cocaine Mitch, Miss Lindsay, Dumpf, or any Repuke you care to name. The last Republican who made any serious effort to resist was Jesse Helms – long dead and gone. Voting for any Repuke is an utter waste of time. No one is allowed to run for national office unless they have either taken the ticket or are controlled by blackmail. Soros now has his paws in numerous local prosecutor races, as does Faceberg. Not a damned thing has been done about massive vote-fraud – running for decades on end (not just 2020). Doing the same retarded thing over and over (voting the R-ticket) and expecting a different result this time is literal insanity. Time to start thinking outside the box, folks.

    • Bernie was robbed in 2016. He’d fill stadiums with screaming people – she couldn’t get a Motel 6 parking lot full. Judge Roy Moore was robbed by the rinos. It will never get fixed.

  5. His whole family is Mexican. What country does he work for? Not for us. I wont be voting for Red Edom this time.

  6. Roman Catholic Kevin McCarthy as Speaker will be just like Roman Catholic John Boehner, or Roman Catholic Paul Ryan. Useless and anti-White. McCarthy may even blow a sure thing like taking back the House.

    • They are not Catholic, they are not Christian, they are whores who have sold their souls to the Moshiach ,the anti-Christ. And they are all going to hell. Our God is a just God and our God will see to it that justice is done.

  7. Speaking of Fauci, Project Veritas has just confirmed with Pentagon agency DARPA a bunch of leaked documents damning Fauci for perjury, and the whole vaccine agenda

    Explosive items in the docs going back a while, show not only the Chinese etc links, but also that they well knew early that the inexpensive ivermectin and hcq which the FDA-CDC goons try to suppress, were well known to have significant good effect on covid patients … and they also knew that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ work poorly and can often essentially revive the disease, along with the heart-attack etc side effects we’ve already seen, now in over 400 young pro athletes with some 200+ of them dead

    And speaking of death like that, the fully-vaxed-up President of the EU Parliament, age 65 David Sassoli of Italy, has just died of ‘serious complication related to his immune system’ – classic lethal covid vaccine side effect

    Ironically the dead Sassoli had been pushing the vax on all Parliament staff and even elected Members, ordering ‘vax or test or covid recovery’ for them to even enter Parliament buildings

    While one of the other top EU chiefs, President Ursula von der Leyen of the EU Commission, a big vax pusher herself asking countries to mandate vax for citizens … she has her husband Heiko earning riches as an exec in the vax business, when she is herself helping distribute billions in vaccine contracts

  8. How come McCarthy did not say commitment to “our democracy”? I heard McConnell say it on Sunday, “our democracy”. Democracy is one man one vote, now how do you explain the fact that Kentucky has far fewer voters than New York but still has the same number of Senators, in a democracy, is that fair, is that democratic? McConnell is on board with changing the constitution and reducing the power of Red States. He just told me on Sunday. Anybody who holds office from a Red State and says “our democracy” must be voted out of office.

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