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  1. What is meant by “average waste”? If someone cannot use the correct word in a simple phrase then his credibility and intelligence must be called into question. I have no use for conservatives anyway, “irregardless” of their grammatical skills.

    • The Chinese and the whites are the new Muslims, the new enemies of the Jews. So if someone is hostile and attacking both Chinese and whites can we assume they are an agent for the Christ killers?

      I am racist. I hate the blood of those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent.
      The queers and the Irish are the henchmen for the Jews. You will always see these two kinds of people attacking the innocent on behalf of the Jews. I am a racist, Christ killer and I will spit it in your ugly fzxcking face.

      • BROWNO! Feckin’ warned ye last toime! Got yer IP address, yer hame address…expect a noice little package widda Belfast postmark…

        • Hey Gerry, that Karen Dunn is really something ain’t she Gerr??

          Hey Gerr tell me something, how do you Irish get Peggy from Margaret? Is that something you found at the bottom of a whiskey barrel?

          Hey Gerr tell me something, why hasn’t there ever been an Irish Pope, you know there have been 3 Africans and even some Jews who have made Pope but never any Irish? Why is that?

  2. There needs to be a Shlomoshlong sucking tournament to determine once and for all who the best buttgoys are among these rivals. It’s the American way!

    • Coming to the next conservative carnival near you, YT! The Schlomoschlong Sucking Showdown!!The harder you suck the sausage the faster his hands rub together. If you win, he picks your pocket and maxes out you credit cards and rubs his hands together again. Betcha Miss Lindsay, Kevin McCarthy and Ted Cruz are standing in line for tickets already.

      • Desantis hasn’t jerked off on the wailing wall in quite some time. I think he is due for a loyalty test.

  3. I continue to be amazed at how offended conservatives are by Patriot Front’s lack of obesity. That should be a *good* thing and something to strive for because it’s healthy.

  4. I want to hear things like “Nationalize Blackrock, Vanguard and the Fed.” They don’t even need to address Israel but I’m not hearing it anywhere. All just theater. Gayway Pundit is like Breitbutt. Jewish fake nationalism but the comments can be revealing. Unz is a little better but could also just be sending everyones IP address to the FBI.

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