Tucker Carlson: This Is Collective Punishment

I’m on Team Tucker.

I happen to think this is great for us.

I’m old enough to remember when “journalists” and the “watchdog organizations” like the ADL and SPLC could get people purged from mainstream conservatism for talking about these issues. As the recent interview with Ted Cruz showed, Tucker is now too big and powerful to cancel.

I think it is great that he is talking about this on the largest platform on cable television. There also isn’t much difference in how he frames the issues. He goes straight to anti-White discrimination. The Democrats started with affirmative action in things like college admissions and government contracts and have taken “equity” to its logical conclusion. It is leading to the “mass radicalization” phase that “extremism researchers” are so worked up about these days.

There are people who will say that Tucker is a gatekeeper who is keeping our people on the hamster wheel in the GOP. Voting is something that people do once or twice every few years. I’m not much of a voter myself. It is much more important to win the argument. If we win the argument and Whites come to believe that they are morally justified in standing up for themselves and refuse to be cowed by “journalists” and the ADL and the -isms and -phobias, then political change will inevitably follow.

We want to undermine the “norms.” We want to chip away at the “guardrails” of “our democracy.” We want the “mainstream” to continue to shrink back to its PMC base on the coasts. We want to normalize talking about Whites and White interests and how Whites are getting screwed over. We want to discredit “journalism.” Trump helped in that regard by branding them fake news.

Yes, it is true that we are “represented” by all kinds of politicians who are horrible worthless cowards. We want to erode the taboos and change the political ground underneath their feet. We want people to look at them and see cucks like David French. It only took like four or five years for David French to become the butt of countless of jokes. The pace of change has really picked up over the past year or two.

When everyone can sit around the water cooler and openly talk about how White people are getting discriminated against at every level of government, it makes life easier for activists. This is like the reverse of gatekeeping. It is making it easier for us to reach a larger audience.

Note: BTW, it seems important to point out that this is objectively more “racist” than anything we have ever done. It is also systemic and institutional racism … against Whites.

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  1. Whites are being denied access to everything besides health care. Jobs, college, housing, welfare, govt grants, scholarships etc, etc. Whites are the most discriminated race on the planet.

  2. Tucker gets people talking, and that is important. Talking has to happen before action can be done. And Tucker does that very well. He’s slowly but surely pushing the Overton window open so far, it can’t be closed again.

  3. “I’m on Team Tucker”

    Why? His job is literally to steal your message, neuter it, and make you irrelevant. You can’t possibly think he is sincere do you? He is paid by Zionists to feed Whites watered-down White Nationalism and prevent them from ever finding out the truth. These are the actions of an evil man, a snake.

    “I happen to think this is great for us”

    Zionists and their puppets leading pro-White advocacy is very bad for us. Apart from the sheer indignity of Whites needing Jews to advocate on their behalf, there is the fact that it is ultimately disingenuous. Fox News executives do not give a fuck about the White race. Their motive is to get out in front of pro-White activism, control it, and make sure it never actually becomes something that challenges Jewish power. I can think of no greater dishonor for our race than the having the pro-White movement be run by Zionist Jews.

    As Whites become a minority some form of pro-White advocacy was bound to appear, and naturally, like clockwork, the Jews were out in front of us ready to take control of it. This is not a positive development, rather a symptom or our rapidly diminishing status.

    Our enemies ostensibly speaking up in our defense should ring alarm bells. This is Trump 2015 all over again. We should’ve learned our lesson by now. NOBODY in the establishment is on our side, especially Zionist conservatives like Tucker Carlson.

    • I don’t see it that way at all.

      1. I think it is great that our message is being spread by the largest platform in conservative media.

      2. I think Tucker is a far better messenger and communicator than most people on our side.

      3. The polls clearly show things have gotten better, not worse, for us.

      4. Even in the case of Jews, Jonathan Greenblatt trying and failing to deplatform Tucker was the biggest blow to their power that I have ever seen. It has made even that issue easier to talk about

      • Very good response. I think your analysis is very well reasoned and well stated. It’s good when people in positions of power and influence adopt our position.

      • 1. It’s not our message, it’s part of our message with the critical parts (who is attacking our race and why) removed. As a result people who might otherwise find White Nationalism are satisfied with Tucker and remain stuck in the Jewish left Vs right false dichotomy.

        2. Yes Tucker is a very slick communicator, that’s why the Zionists at Fox pay him millions of dollars. However his message just takes the wind out of our sails. Just a few crumbs of pro-White rhetoric from Tucker is enough to make places like Stormfront obsolete. With White Nationalism 1.0 softening its message in recent years it is now indistinguishable from the Zionist conservatism of Tucker.

        3. Yes people are dissatisfied with liberalism, but where are they going? Back to Trump and “Let’s go Brandon”. The country is browner than ever and Whites are simply starting to identify as just another aggrieved minority. This is a natural result of demographic change not of any up-swelling of pro-White sentiment

        4. How serious was the conflict between Fox News and the ADL? In any case right wing Jews defeating leftist Jews is not a victory for us. This was just a disagreement between two groups of Jews on how to best control the goy. The Zionist Jews think the best method is to feed us scraps of White-advocacy while the leftist ADL thinks even fake opposition should be taboo. Either way we lose.

        The evil Zionists (and yes Fox News is Zionist from top to bottom) are not idiots. Ask yourself this: why would they have Tucker on if he helped us in any way? It makes no sense. Just like with Trump leftist Jews feign horror at Tucker’s milquetoast pro-white rhetoric when deep down they know he is really on their side.

        Here is my final thought on the matter. Blacks have the entire nation collectively kissing their ass and legitimizing Black racial identity, has this brought them any closer to racial self-determination? No. The same holds true with Whites. The Jews may allow us to participate in the politics of racial grievance, but unless we name Jewish power as the source of the problem we will continue to remain slaves.

        • 1. The fact that Tucker is talking about Whites being discriminated against on the basis of race by the government and millions of people are coming to understand this and it is becoming normal to talk like this is a great development. Yes, he isn’t saying everything on national television that various White Nationalist commentators are saying to their audience of 10 people, but who cares? It is far more impactful when he normalizes parts of our message. It makes it easier for everyone, but especially marginalized political activists, to talk about White interests when people are seeing this on television every night.

          2. There is no wind at all in the sails of these people. They don’t have a platform anywhere close to as large as the one Tucker has on his show. Even more importantly, they aren’t any good at messaging and communication. They aren’t interested in meeting people where they are and leading them to a better position. They are focused on self expression.

          3. If Whites are being persuaded that the Great Replacement is true and that the government hates them and is anti-White and that they should stand up for themselves instead of being intimidated by charges of “racism,” that’s great. Most people are going to vote anyway. Demographics are going to change anyway. Anything that makes it easier to talk about this fact is positive. It is far more important for Whites to develop a sense of racial consciousness and grievance and to feel morally justified in defending themselves than who wins some stupid election. It is what we do every day that matters, not one day when normies vote. It is more important to win the big arguments like “yeah, Whites shouldn’t be intimidated by charges of racism” than even the presidential election.

          4. Jonathan Greenblatt threw everything he had at trying to get Tucker deplatformed. He failed. In doing so, he drew attention to Jewish censorship. Jews didn’t get what they wanted for a change. The ADL was diminished in power and influence like the SPLC.

          5. Finally, it is even getting easier to talk about Jewish power and influence. Nearly everything else we used to talk about has gone mainstream like, say, our positions on immigration and foreign policy. Republicans under the age of 40 know about Jewish censorship and have become less supportive of Israel. So, if we just continue to make the same points about how the Jews are censoring everyone and everyone sees it because the ADL is censoring social media, even that issue will eventually go the way of other issues.

          When there is no taboo or stigma attached to what we say as activists because everyone agrees and we have won the argument and the other side has lost, that is what victory looks like. It is a great thing that people are using the term “anti-White.” This is something we should celebrate. It should encourage us to continuing doing what we are doing.

          One last thing … if we win on metapolitics like normalizing White identity and White interests, this opens the door to organizing and politics. So, even if Tucker is using his platform to make all of these people more aware of anti-White discrimination, he is making it easier for us to organize

          • “Yes, he isn’t saying everything on national television that various White Nationalist commentators are saying to their audience of 10 people, but who cares?”

            Exactly. But some people are butthurt because he doesn’t have an autographed picture of Uncle Adolph on his desk and quote from Mein Kampf every night. They won’t be happy until Tucker is discussing the various factory specifications for cremation chambers…and even then they’ll question him and call him controlled opposition because his crematorium sponsors are too kosher.

          • You are spot on here and it’s frustrating that there are so many in the movement that can’t see that. I think the argument that Tucker is “gatekeeping” is a real stretch. He’s not a gatekeeper so much as he is a gateway. Tossing even watered down versions of our ideas into the mainstream discourse can only be a net positive for us. It entices people to look further and dig deeper. That’s what happened to me. I got here through Cernovich and Vox Day for God’s sake. Yet, some of our loudest voices seem like they won’t be satisfied until Tucker’s using racial epithets on air. The guys at TRS, for instance, have been absolutely brutal on him.

          • Wallace, Memebro and Vincent – You guys are so on point and together your posts form a very good perspective on this – why so many people on our side are so negative about Tucker even when he says things that would have been unbelievable five years ago and helps widen the Overton window to our side.

            How can it be a net negative that the biggest Cable TV host that our target audience is often watching on television is using OUR talking points and normalizing our message?
            It preposterous thining thatäs bad.

            Everybody who hasn’t become straight out puritan NSDAP-fans can clearly see this. I don’t want to talk trash about people who are on white people’s side and who are sincere and ultimately decent guys who are doing what they think are right, but TRS has become just boring for me since they wen’t full out self-declared neo-nazi and I am so frustrated with them.

            I used to watch every show of TDS since episode 60 or something and every show of FTN and the first hundred shows of Strike and Mike and so but when the negativity in their tone set in – with nobody mainstream ever doing something good (I I don’t mean I believe that Tucker is on our side, but he makes it easier for us to get people to accept our message – on other points than those he is speaking about as well – in fact he gives us credibility when we are talking about white dispossesion and the overall anti-whiteness of the culture today) I just can’t be bothered anymore even though I recently renewed my membership cause I had some bitcoin lying around.

            How interesting is it listening to a bunch of guys whine about all that’s bad while nothing is ever good enough while they are also being a hundred percent predictable. I already know what every show of TDS will be like before I have seen or listened to it, and I am not interested anymore. When Enoch sometime said that they would have the support of up to 20 % of the US population, and we are talking about self-declared neo-nazis here ( I would never use that word as a slur but they describe themselves as nazis nowadays) – if it wasn’t for the censorship they’ve been targeted for, I couldn’t help but laugh and I knew TRS had lost it.

            I didn’t just become a white nationalist and conscious about the JQ from nowhere, having been a non-race concious cultural nationalist with paleocon tendencies for two decades and it took a few years of disillusionment and listening to people like Gavin McInnes and then I found Amren and that led to Millennial Woes and that led to TRS (Who was funny and entertaining back then) and Occidental Dissent and Richard Spencer and for a while Counter-Currents and so on.
            And I found Amren on youtube by way of Gavin McInnes who was the only person I knew of that was speaking a little sense.

            As memebro said: “But some people are butthurt because he doesn’t have an autographed picture of Uncle Adolph on his desk and quote from Mein Kampf every night.” about Tucker is so true and the phenomenon is so counterproductive. I would never have entertained listening to TDS as they are now – which I sometimes still do – If i hand’t decided to self-radicalize when I found Amren and hwould hav enever even thought about listening to to NSDAP-style national socialists (although I don’t agree with that ideology although of course it has it’s points).

            Most people don’t change views from being basically mainstream anti-immigration and noticing that whites are getting a lot of hate one day to listening to neo-nazis speak about the hoax of the holocaust the next day.

            Tucker saying what he says only makes it easier for activists on our side and it’s unbelievable that even intelligent people don’t understand this and their emotions and purity-spiraling instincts take over.

            PS. Sorry for the hate of TRS, but I have been very frustrated with them for a year or more now and this is the first time I let it out.

      • You’re correct when you say that TC is a far better messenger and communicator than most people on our side, HW. He is funny and charismatic, not dark, angry and gloomy.

  4. He calls it unfair. Should be calling it racism. But he doesn’t. And just like he gives the example of a Muslim girl’s band to bash NPR, he gives the example of Haitians getting preferential treatment over whites in covid care. Like the majority of non- whites coming into this country are Haitians. Notice how he leaves out Latinos. Like there are more Haitians coming over then Latinos. He does say that essential workers got preferential covid treatment not because they are essential workers as stated officially but because they are majority non- white. He leaves out of the narrative that the majority of essential workers getting preferential treatment are Latinos. He does not want to offend Latinos. Risking offending Haitians is fine, as is offending deliberately Muslims. But Tucker subscribes to Latino supremacism, OR to Fox’s policy of pandering to Latinos, never risking offending them to recruit them in Fox’s anti Muslim agenda? And that’s why he is still on Fox. Blacks get thrown under the bus as he makes foreign Haitians the stand in for all Blacks.; the scapegoat! Racist supremacist la Raza demands and succeeds in having policies implemented that give Latinos first priority in covid and all medical care going forward! [ like they succeeded in giving double billing in forms; are you Hispanic, and, are you NON-Hispanic white; making Hispanic default human; a NON-Hispanic category is an inherently supremacist category]. But they are written out of any critique of this racist policy while black, invoking foreign[ Haitian] blacks so not to be obvious are the objects of the critique. Its dishonest.

  5. Hatred of the innocent is the fruit of the Jews. Be they Muslims, or Chinese or whites. You are going to be seeing this more and more.

  6. Risk for COVID-19 Infection, Hospitalization, and Death By Race/Ethnicity

    Per CDC data from Nov 2021, Blacks are 2.6x more likely than Whites to be hospitalized for COVID, and almost twice as likely (1.9x) to die — Native American: 3.3x, 2.2x — Hispanics: 2.5x, 2.1x — only Asians are less likely than Whites to be hospitalized or die from COVID (0.8x, 0.9x).

    While I personally have zero confidence in government COVID data, they could use national epidemiological data to justify prioritizing all but Asians for any treatment for severe COVID that’s in short supply.

    I haven’t read any of these protocols so I don’t know if they do that or not.

    • Lines up pretty predictably. Asians>Whites>Hispanics>Blacks is the usual order, or reverse order for almost every categorical statistic you plug in. Intelligence, sexual maturity and behavior, criminal behavior, etc. Asians have the best outcomes here because they are not a bunch of vitamin D deficient fatties.

  7. Thank you, HW.

    When I first came on OD I could see you were against the Repubs. That was refreshing. These stuffed shirts who do nothing but offer voters a chance to not vote Dem are just as bad as the radical ones 160 years ago who destroyed the South and its economy and turned it into a colony subservient to the Yankees. We will never have a decent country until we can secede from or other nations do us a favor and nuke this Yankee Empire out of existence. It is good that the hatred of white people is now out in the open for all to see and you have contributed to this greatly. Keep up the good work.

  8. Did anybody else catch this train wreck interview?


    The next year at least is gonna be non stop of the media bullshit coming unwound as people get increasingly fed up with having been gaslighted out of their lives for two years and counting.

    Everybody who spent 2020 being gay and hysterical about covid is gonna have their cumuppance.

    Moral of the story? The media lies. Don’t trust their bullshit.

  9. I see they’ve banned Project Veritas from Twitter. So…. Are the Cons planning to ban Twitter when they get power again? Or will it be back to bu$ine$$ as usual?

    • You have to ask this? You already know the answer, which is the same as it has been the last 50 years or more. The Cons’ chief objective is to pacify the targets of extermination/enslavement with the illusion that that can change things by voting for them – and take their hard-earned dollars at the same time.

  10. The other point of view, is that this is also Anti-Christian. Why? For the simple reason that Christendom is equal to Europe:

    “Europe is the faith, and the faith is Europe…I say again, renewing the terms, The Church is Europe: and Europe is The Church.”?Hillaire Belloc, 1920. 

    As Justin Martyr so clearly said, ‘Christ is our King, and Christianity is our race which you knew once as Israel.”

  11. WRT your contention that the question of whether TC is a gatekeeper or not is a moot point because of everything else. That’s why I think that, in spite of the fact that it’s still an unresolved question whether we can trust Eric Zemmour or not, we need to support him. One of the big three reasons is that his campaign is all message, and the sector needs to get back on message. Yes, I’m thinking about this side of the Rhine when I write that. (The other two major reasons: To prove that the censorship of mainstream social media ultimately is ineffective and doesn’t matter, and to prove the benefits of having more than one pop-nat party or organization per country, the Dutch model.)

    • “That’s why I think that, in spite of the fact that it’s still an unresolved question whether we can trust Eric Zemmour or not, we need to support him.”

      @countenance – Why, exactly, do we “need” to support him? Do you live in France, or plan to vote in the election there? Every dissident right pundit has given their ‘take’ on Zemmour, like the lock-step normie media does with every new flavor-of-the-hour. Nothing but a distraction.

  12. Cucker Carlson:”‘I want nonwhites to come to America LEGALLY….But I don’t want them to discriminate against me because I’m White……and I know the Hindus Americans will be nice to White Americans…”

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