Poll: Joe Biden Drops To 33%

Hey look, there is another new poll out.

This one has Joe Biden dropping to a 33% approval rating due to popularity suppression. It turns out that most people don’t like this guy and are mad about the price of gas, rent and tendies going up. Normies care more about the national chicken wing shortage at Buffalo Wild Wings than democracy.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped to 33% in a new Quinnipiac University poll, the lowest mark of any major public survey during his presidency, as he takes a beating over his handling of the economy and coronavirus.

The poll, conducted Jan. 7 though Jan. 10 and released Wednesday, found 33% of all 1,313 adults surveyed approve of Biden’s job performance, while 53% disapprove. Ten percent did not offer an opinion.

The poll has a margin of error of 2.7 percentage points. When isolating just registered voters, Biden’s approval rating improves slightly to 35%. …

For most of his presidency, Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic had been his top polling strength. But the new poll found his support in this area has cratered, with 39% of Americans saying they approve of Biden’s response to the coronavirus, compared to 55% who disapprove.

The majority of Americans also gave Biden a thumbs down on the economy. Thirty-four percent of poll respondents said they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, compared to 57% who disapprove, and 35% said they approve of his handling of foreign policy, while 54% disapprove.  …”

Is this worse than 1/6?

Trump hit rock bottom at 34% in January 2021.

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  1. >33% approval rating

    What was it yesterday? — and the day before? — why not update a daily chart of Biden’s approval and post it? — so we can see the trend line — after all, you did all those daily posts with COVID numbers, right?

  2. All this means is he’s a lane duck, dementia president and the next wave of sellouts (GOP) will gain seats in the senate and house. Nothing will really change for the better once the other side of the same corrupt coin gets in, unless you call pandering to blacks and other nonWhites progress.

    Trump has both houses in 2016 and did nothing.

  3. I love how blacks really stick out as outliers (Dem partisans aside) for everyone to see. Love the disconnect.

  4. I was in a park in St. Louis today, a pretty day with lots of people. A white couple drove by in a golf cart with a large flag flying on the rear. It said “F**k Joe Biden.”
    I sense many people are wanting to take “let’s Go, Brandon” up a notch.

  5. As much as I despise Shitpants Joe he did end the stupid and pointless US occupation of Afghanistan, a conflict he never supported. That is something Blormp would never have accomplished. And also unlike Zion Don Biden doesn’t like the coloreds. Yet Blimpf is the one whom the Left accuses of raysisms!

    • That doesn’t really matter. The critical and lethal symptoms are communistic antiwhite government and invasion by brown parasites.

  6. Too bad there isn’t a pro-White political party and institutions to fill this void. Perhaps the “radicalized ” MAGAtards are ready for something with a lot more kick.

      • I kind of agree with you, but we need to drop the references to the failed National Socialism of Austrian painters. The average moron in Murika can’t get past the Hitler Channel cartoons. He didn’t come up with the concept, either. Looking in to others who were more successful might be a better route once the present system is sufficiently burned down. Sun Yat-Sen and Mr. Lee of Singapore are some places to look for inspiration, along with the great Phalangist Franco of Spain and Pinochet of Chile; perhaps a look at some aspects Juan Peron’s Argentina as well. Yes there are some things the painter’s regime did right – so we shouldn’t just toss everything out.

    • We are way overdue for a populist party for White People, The GOP is more useless that tits on a boar, neither useful or ornamental,

    • Since medicine is driven by reimbursements, anyone admitted to a facility, if tested an positive for Covid, becomes a Covid diagnosis. So when you go in for a broken finger… well, you see how it works…

  7. Spahnranch1970: it’s pretty safe for whites as long as you know where not to go. AVOID N. St. Louis, and if you go downtown, you could get rolled. If you park your car on the street there, it’s pretty good odds it will get broken into or the windows smashed. There are some good neighborhoods, but the whites in the city are either the very rich old money and their gated preserves, urban trendies and bureaucrats. NPR’s office is in the city…that tells you a lot, and the usual crowd of laptop folk who are childless, and if they marry, they go to the suburbs, because who wants their kids in St. Louis schools?

    Then there are still a few whites of the old city who got stuck and couldn’t get out. Mostly old, fat, been in ‘da union’ all their lives, and vote Democrat in their sleep. Cops and firemen have to live in the city to keep their jobs, so they’re stuck here.
    A guy who fathered a child with a girl my brother adopted from Russia moved to one of the artsy sections of the city. He wanted all that hip city life. He was discharged from the marines for mental problems, never married the girl, but did marry a black chick and had a kid with her. Now he wears a dress, wig, and has ‘come out,’ and insists he be called ‘Zoe.’ He’s a lot of fun at PTA meetings. My brother said for the sake of decency, he should wear ‘man clothes’ at school meetings, and Zoe’s ‘going to think about it.’

    So seeing a F**k Joe Biden flag was a welcome emetic in the city.

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