Secular Talk: FDR Speech Exposes Rot Of Today’s Democrats

I happen to like some people who are liberals who I feature all the time here.

Kyle, for example, is a good communicator who seems like an intelligent, informed and normal person. The PMCs, shitlibs and other assorted Brahmin Left weirdos in his camp though repulse millions of working class people like a magnet who would otherwise support social democracy.

Note: These people are always looking for new ways to alienate their fellow citizens and suppress the vote for their own side. See things like toppling statues of George Washington.

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  1. The Democrats has really always run this country. I say that because the Republican Party has always been for the Super Rich, never cared about paying even the basic common sense taxes, and are always cutting the budget on everything. I honestly think if the right wing libertarian nuts that run the Republican Party really had power that the Police, the Fire Department, and other things would be completely gone. These idiots are on the same playing field as Anarchists. I’ve known such idiots on the right wing libertarian scale for years. FDR is a perfect example of how powerful and popular Democrats was in the past. What changed? Racial integration. When that happened in the 1950s – 1960s they parted ways with the White vote and the rest is history. White Folks turned to the Republican Party in the 1970s and that’s done nothing but turn White People into a bunch of greedy capitalist pigs who care nothing about the common good. White Nationalism is all about the common good. We go forward and offer real solutions….it’s all about the common good like the old school Democrats who cared about this country. Deo Vindice !

    • You live in another planet if you think that the GOP cut the budget on anything, that libertarians run the GOP, that FDR was popular because he was running the country well (it was because most of the media supported him), that Democrats particularly cared about the country. The New Deal was about saving big business by stealing money from the middle class.
      Every side says it supports the “common good”.

  2. Democrats used to be good. Andrew Jackson, John C. Calhoun, Jefferson Davis, William Jennings Bryan, Huey Long, and George Wallace just to name a few. These were great statesmen who cared about us.
    Economic progress and programs under them were outstanding. Democrats used to win super majorities back when they were folksy and cared about the country. Johnson was the last Democrat to win the White vote back in 1964. White Nationalism needs to be a rebuke of neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism. The Democrats are beyond saving and the Republican party has proven to be useless.

  3. I support the Democrats that were for Jim crow and segregation. In other words, the good ole boy Dixiecrat’s. All the others are sellouts and traitors.

  4. FDR was everything Shlomo says Adolph Hitler was and more. Churchill could not have destroyed Europe without FDR and Stalin.

  5. It will be interesting if Hillary tries to run again in 2024. Interesting in a really obnoxious and annoying way, but still interesting.

    • Having a direct supply of baby blood from Planned Parenthood has apparently done wonders for these cretans.

  6. >The crux of his argument is that we need to take a page out of the playbook of the wonderful democracy of Israel. Excuse you, you mean the apartheid state?
    >To this guy it’s all a game
    >Thomas Friedman, tell me one thing policy-wise that you care deeply enough about that it overrides your commitment to optics.

    The answer is easy, and it isn’t that Friedman has “pundit brain.” Kyle needs identity politics! You have the pieces bro, put them together!

  7. Too bad blm didn’t deface and tear down the FDR statue in Washington, DC for “dissing” Jesse Owens.

    The “crazy cripple,” as Hitler referred to FDR had no redeeming characteristics, and he and drunk and debt riddled sabbos goy Churchill are the Judas’ and executioners of Western civilization.

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