“Transitory” Inflation Hits 7% In December

Picture this.

There isn’t a Civil War 2.

It turns out there is another way out of the gridlock in Washington. Most people are pissed off about the same things for once and one side just collapses due to inflation.


Trump isn’t Hitler.

He is like Hitler though in that inflation leads to the death of “our democracy.”

Note: You might want to run for a state or local office in 2022.

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  1. If fixed costs go up 40% every public institution is effectively bankrupt. 40% is an estimate of the funny money the FED/Blackrock printed into currency last year.

    • Inflation raises the stock market too. Public institutions are about to get ram fucked up the ass with a pile driver. They are going to need daily garbage trucks full of relief cash just to keep the doors open.

  2. Jerome powell’s testimony was so scripted, on both sides. I’ve seen 3rd graders deliver better script reading.

  3. “Trump isn’t Hitler.” You’re one hundred percent correct on that. Hitler destroyed antifa, and provided his citizens law and order, while Trump failed bigly on both.

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