Harry Enten: Why Republicans Aren’t Likely To Lose Any Senate Seats In 2022

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.” – Barack Obama

Harry Enten has become like the undertaker of false hope in 2021 and 2022.


“(CNN) Wisconsin’s Republican Sen. Ron Johnson announced he was running for reelection on Sunday. That should be viewed as good news by Republicans, who need a net gain of just one seat in this year’s midterm elections to wrestle Senate control from the Democrats.

While we don’t know what the outcome of this year’s elections will be, history suggests that Johnson is likely to win and Republicans will not lose any of the seats they control to Democrats.

Why? Because the opposition party rarely loses Senate seats in midterms when those states had leaned toward them in previous presidential elections. …”

Democracy is on the ballot.

The bad news is that we are f**ked though. In the Senate. In the House. In down ballot races at the state and local level, All Americans really care about is the price of their tendies.

Note: Millions of fewer people are paying attention to politics. They got other things going on in the life. Besides, Joe isn’t doing shit anyway and is making good on his promise that nothing will change.

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  1. Here’s a great question,


    “How did Joe Biden go from the most popular president in US history with 81 million votes to a 33% approval in just one year?”

    The answer is that he never got that many votes, was never popular to begin with and this collapse of polls is a natural conclusion of comparing bogus inflated figures in 2020 to more realistic figures taken now that its impossible to cheese this statistical bullshit carousel of gay because literally everyone now openly hates the piece of shit.

  2. The Democrats and Republicans have always played musical chairs since day 1 really. Nothing will change now even with the giant political divide, Covid-19, economic problems, inflation, and so on. I think it’s pretty obvious that Americans don’t like either one in 2022 and that’s been a trend for years. I’m one of those Americans that strongly supporting voting Third Party and advocate that in every single election. Oh but Americans just can’t figure it out and get stuck on Politics like it’s a Football game…you gotta be for the D Team or the R Team. Well you’ll find way more teams than the D or the R. Politics isn’t a game….it’s a serious deal. Think different and look for alternatives…..if Moderates do just that and all vote for a Third Party with Moderate views….that Third Party candidate would be President. Deo Vindice !

  3. “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.” – Barack Obama

    He’s at the bottom end of average. He graduated from school at the bottom end of C average, simply because he’s just not a smart man. If he had gone into law practice, instead of politics, he’d be a glorified law clerk at some law firm, or a lawyer who draws up and probates wills and similar documents for $500 a piece. But not a lawyer who presents cases in court, or even sets second chair on a legal team. Certainly, he’d never make a judge. Not even in a rural county. He’s just too unexceptional. He’s dull.

  4. Never forget: The one who graduated bottom of his med-school class is still called “doctor”. Likewise, the one who graduated bottom of his law-school class is often titled as “your honor”. Also remember that there are some doctrines and beliefs which are so insane that only someone with a PhD would believe them. High IQ is not an absolute shield against folly.

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