Ezra Klein: Real Political Engagement Can Defeat Trumpism

This is sound advice from Sloppy Steve.

In the 2020 election, Joe Biden won 551 counties (16.7%) while Trump won 2,588 counties (82.3%). Joe Biden set a new record low in counties won for a winning presidential candidate because the Democrats are evolving into the party of coastal metropolitan bugmen urbanites.

USA Today:

“But according to the updated data, Biden won 16.7% of counties with finalized results. That represents a record-low proportion for a winning presidential candidate.

Obama set the previous record in 2012 – with 689 counties, equal to 22%. Before that, he also set a record in 2008 with just 28% of counties, per NBC News. …”

Think about it.

There is a vast inequity in available positions here in local government.

“Voter suppression” is a meme.

If you are a Republican, why the hell would you need to engage in voter suppression in rural America? You’re winning these places by blowout margins. Democrats aren’t even in the game.

Democrats are suppressing their own vote with their toxic national brand.

The reality of the situation is that in a lot of these places, especially here in rural and small town America in the South, pretty much the whole town or county is going to go to the polls and vote “Let’s Go Brandon.” There are thousands of available positions in state and local government in flyover country which will be on the ballot in the 2022 midterms and a tremendous opportunity for people who have low name ID and who can fly under the radar to run a purely local campaign and ride the backlash to victory.

Look at what is happening to Nashville:

I guess this is “voter suppression.”

You could also call it losing badly statewide.

Democrats are doing the same thing with Baltimore.

If the polls are true and they keep pointing to the same result, then White voters in rural and small town America, especially in the South and Midwest, feel like they are under attack by woke coastal liberal elites for being White and Christian. There has been an abrupt change in consciousness about this. Ezra Klein wants to get them off meat. They don’t seem to be aware of that one yet.

There is a gap between the “mainstreaming of extremism” and our relative political power and representation in government. We should try to close the gap.

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    • I believe red counties are the majority in all but eight states. Cities and university towns are the most of the problem.

  1. White Republicans outside of Memphis should find a more responsible Black Christian Democrat to defeat that horrible White hating Je* US Congressman Cohen.

  2. Please resist the urge to just “hate”, work against everything that urban Liberals are supposed to be “for” – things like practical environmentalism, anti cruelty to beautiful animals, letting big mining and agribusinesses do whatever they want which usually includes using, exploiting cheap POC migrant labor.

    It’s God Dam* Cargill that brought in Somalians to work meat plants in North and South Dakota – these Somalians and other 3rd world migrants have terrible personal hygiene and were responsible for brining COVID in to North and South Dakota.

    Also, Mike the Huckster Huckabee type Religious Right, Christian Zionists tend to have disproportionate power in rural Americans – same with LDS Mormons who are as bad as the Je*s on immigration.

    Just because rural American still looks very White, doesn’t mean they think and act like us – too many don’t. They just HATE urban Liberals.

    “I hates Liberals, I hates Catholics, I hate Yankees”

    Working class Whites in places like Brocton MA tend to be much, much more White race realists that most folks in rural America – the GUNS, GUNS, GUNS mentality also can really suck.

    Like everyone in USA/North America including the worst Haitians, Somalians, MS13 gang members should have the right to carry concealed hand guns without any CCL training, checks for convictions.

    This is my favorite Amren article:

    “Don’t Write Off the Liberals”

    The flip side to this best ever Amren article is:

    • Its not either or dude. I am perfectly capable of hating fat cat robber barons and human detritus scab labor from third world shitholes simultaneously.

      I would argue thats the essence of White Advocacy, understanding it takes hating everybody who isn’t pro White.

  3. Obama backs Biden’s call to change filibuster rules and pass voting rights legislation

    In his first op-ed since leaving office, the former president wrote about the work that must go into protecting democracy.

    How many Whites note the utter absurdity of the never-ending struggle to secure ‘voting rights’? — Whites are demographically surrendering their country (rather meekly actually), allow ballots to be printed in literally who knows how many languages, etc etc, but somehow it’s never enough.

    ‘White people, wake the fuck up.’

  4. Democrats allowing their cities to fall to antifa-BLM riots was a really bad move. They owned Trump, sure, but they also made their cities undesirable for most people. Long term democrat strategy relies on increasing urbanization. And the best way to increase urbanization is to make cities that people actually want to live in. Allowing anarchists to burn the cities down every time a black person gets arrested for committing a crime doesn’t help them at all.

  5. How many Democratic voters are non-Whites voting for more freebies and benefits, vs White Trendy Lefties voting for special rights for three legged gay martians, and other socially and economically destructive nonsense?

    I remember reading about White Leftists in California being mad at Black folks, because they voted for more benefits, then turned around and voted against gay marriage and the other social engineering schemes that only well to do, urban White Democrats care about.

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