Poll: Trust In Lord Fauci Down To 31%, Joe Biden Disapproval Hits 58%

Guys, the rise of the “pro-democracy media” can turn this around.


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  1. Shitpants Joe has been plotting and scheming since the 1970s to become president. When it finally happens he’s too old, feeble-minded and disliked by the public to enjoy it.

  2. “As Omicron™ sweeps the nation….”

    Isn’t that something which used to be known as the common cold?

  3. Little Lord Fauciroy might be able to earn a milligram of respect if he would ever admit to being wrong all the time. Or it could be that he’s just a damn liar.

  4. I see nearly half of the morons who answered question for this poll, assuming it’s not completely made up out of thin air altogether, still trust government agencies – who of course funded the illegal (in the USA) gain-of-function research (and God knows what else) in China (and numerous other bio-warfare labs elsewhere) which launched this whole disaster. One thing you can absolutely count on: Governments lie. Nobody in those offices serves the zeks who pay taxes. Fools.

  5. @Spahnranch1970,

    That phase has to be followed by, “Dun. Dun. Dun” on an organ.

    Remember what Uncle Adolf wrote in Mein Kampf about “The Big Lie, ” and who uses and exploits it for their own influence and advantage.

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