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  1. Cuck Alaska was sentenced to a whopping 30 days in jail. I guess he made a deal to set up others when it presents itself. Funny, the left never seems to do any serious crime even after they burn loot and murder.

  2. You’d think someone on the Democrat side of things would begin to realize that nobody cares about this. Now all their doing is creating a whole set of martyrs. This is their Alamo. They are creating the conditions for their own political San Jancinto. But like the Mexican army, didn’t know when to stop. I keep thinking wiser heads will prevail, but the hubris is just too great

  3. Rhodes is quoted

    “ “We aren’t getting through this without a civil war,” he wrote on the encrypted chat app Signal. “Too late for that. Prepare your mind, body, spirit.””

    Lol!, looks like he has been preparing his body quite well….with McDonald’s

  4. We may not like the Oaf Queefers, Alex “Jew Wife” Jones or Spick Fuentes but if ZOG is persecuting them we cannot afford to laugh at their misfortune.

    • Alex Jones is awesome. He’s like the ring master in an old time circus. He’s a performer but with incredible insight into how the system works and who the players are. That said, I don’t really watch him much. He predicted the entire Covid scam/Great Reset 15 years ago.

    • It is not beyond ZOG to softly ‘persecute’ their own controlled opposition, it provides them with an appearance of authenticity they otherwise would not have.

  5. The sedition act of 1798 was repealed in 1801. The Sedition Act of 1918 was repealed in 1920,

    The Yankees are Yanking again. They never met a Constitution, or a law, that they didn’t ignore or violate, when it’s to their advantage.

  6. Get rid of Massachusetts, New York, and their fourteen satellite states, and all of this goes away, including the Left Coast. Which will be crushed by the Inlanders of California, Oregon, and Washington State.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • New York City does not have “satellite states”. Neither does Boston. Isolate the urban idiots. The cities are the cancer. Quit living in the past.

  7. Confused? How were they attempting to over throw the government without weapons?

    “Thomas Caldwell, 67, of Berryville, Virginia, on January 3 allegedly suggested in a text message getting a boat to ferry weapons across the Potomac River to their ‘waiting arms.’

    During a search of Caldwell’s home, authorities said they found a ‘Death List’ that included the name of an elected official, and invoices for various weapons, including a gun shaped like a cellphone.

    Caldwell has denied being a member of the Oath Keepers, and his lawyer filed documents alleging that he has had a top-security clearance since 1979 and previously worked for the FBI.”

    The text about floating weapons across the river is the basis for the sedition and conspiracy charge and said text was sent by a “former” FBI agent. Are these Jews and these Irish behind this persecution being fair? Sean Hannity, ” I got tons of friends at the FBI”. Any of them Muslims Sean or are they ALL Irish? And they all got their hearts dead set on persecution innocent whites.

    And Gerry what ever you do don’t choke to death on your own vomit, God has got much bigger plans for you Christ killer.

  8. Watch them RICO the Oathcucks. Don’t mind the BLM mansions and bank accounts. That’s just an idea.

  9. It’s another malicious SLAPP prosecution, obviously — weren’t you just a victim of a similar civil suit?

    Do you think the northern states were justified in waging war to subdue to the ‘seditious’ southern states?


    I’m not familiar with the Oath Keepers, nor have I ever met anyone in that organization — but given the overall circumstances, the fact you would use the occasion of this indictment for a gratuitous insult says more about you than anyone indicted or anyone who’s a member of Oath Keepers.

    • They are well-known for attacking whites who stated double-plus ungood thoughts about the invasion forces being sent across our open Southern border from places all over the planet. There is literally a ‘caravan’ route from Africa to Brazil and then north to the Rio Grande. This is not a cheap logistical operation. It’s very well funded and well managed by NGOs. Oaf-cuckers sided with invaders and beat up on those opposing the invasion – in Texas of all places. Boomertards led by Feds.

  10. Roman Catholics are liars, and Irish Roman Catholics are more than likely congenital liars. At least that’s the way to bet. The whole thing will probably blow over because O’Malley was lying about O’Rielly, who was lying about O’Flaherty, who was lying about O’Hannity… LOL.

    It might be amusing to see teams of Jews compete with teams of Catholics to see who can tell the biggest whopper.

    The various Catholic ethnic groups could have playoffs to see who are the biggest liars. The German Catholics are pretty good at lying too, so I wouldn’t rule them out as contenders.

    It’s like the Catholic claim that Mary was the “mother of God”. Has any Catholic ever thought about how Mary could be the mother of God. That means she would have to had pre-existed before God the Father, and therefore is herself God. I will buy that Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ the man, but, the mother of God. That’s logically absurd. But, Catholics believe it, and even claim Mary was “assumed” into Heaven as a matter of faith. Like the infallible Pope, and Confession to a Priest, it’s just bizarre.

    • All religions, whether Catholic, Protestant or Political Correctness, depend on faith. If empirical evidence contradicts the faith empirical evidence is no defense.

  11. The Republicans were raising heck about Rhodes and Epps, they know these guys were working with the FBI on 1-6, and these were the Feds who first breached the Knessett.

    The heat was just too much, the FBI had to be SEEN as doing somerhing. But these feds will either walk or get 30 whole days like Fake Nebraska, another fed, did.

  12. “Mother of God” is orthodox western theology. It doesn’t mean that Mary was the progenitor of the godhead itself. To convey that idea, the greek term would be theomaetor but the term used in the theology of the 4th and 5th centuries is “theotokos” – which is more the idea of god-bearer. The problem behind the terminology is the how the divine and human interface in the being of Christ. What exactly happens in the womb of Mary to unite the human and divine in a way that does not destroy the real humanity of Christ or take it over.. To say mary is the mother of a man is to say nothing special about her over any other woman. To say Mary is the bearer of Christ is problematic because it raises questions about the distinction between Christ and God. If Mary cannot properly be said to be god-bearer and it is accurate instead that she is Christ-bearer, then Jesus is not really God or man but a chemical compound, a tertium quid, a monster. So this formulation was rejected by the council of Ephesus in 431, and the term “theotokos” was established orthodoxy. The Western position, whether protestant or catholic, affirms this, whereas it is and was more characteristic of the Eastern church to reject the term theotokos in favor of christotokos.

    I don’t understand the anti-catholic stuff. This isn’t the 12th century where the popes truly were powerful. and interfering in the internal affairs of states. George Lincoln Rockwell praises the church for supporting fascism in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, and Christopher Hitchens condemns the church for the same. But the point is the church has done more harm than good for the white race. If you look at Klan propaganda from the 20s, these guys really believed Rome had its fingers in a lot of pies. I think there’s a hell of a lot more evidence about Jewish control than Catholic.

    • Once the Catholic church change it position on the Jew peoples responsibility for the murder of Christ, the religion lost it purpose and reason for being. The church was created to check Jew predation not aid it, and you can not see that?

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