Kyrsten Sinema Kills Voting Rights In Latest Blow To Democrats

I guess it wasn’t enough to kill the $15 minimum wage.

Perhaps the actual “civil war” that is coming will be between corporate centrists and progressives over who blew it? Does this look like a party that is capable of governing or a total across the board clusterfuck? Are the Democrats pathetic enough to lose to “Let’s Go Brandon”?

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  1. “Perhaps the actual “civil war” that is coming”

    Perhaps there won’t be a ‘civil war’, just a massive sweep to the far right. Libtards dissolving like a sandcastle hit by a wave.

    • “just a massive sweep to the far right. Libtards dissolving like a sandcastle hit by a wave”:

      That’s exactly what I predict. From very bad to much worse. The sandcastle was a fake “left” straw man, so the masses will think there is no viable alternative, no escape. when the far right tsunami of austerity hits.

  2. Why is everyone in Congress creepy or ugly? I thought baby blood had health benefits.

  3. You can be sure that Sinema and Manchin are not the only two Senate Democrats opposing the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer cabal.

    • They are the only ones with cojones. (which is saying a lot for Ms. Sinema) and saying NOTHING to godless, immoral, DAMNED men like Schumer, Graham, and all the rest- who are either godless Jews, or their sychophantic sock cuckers. (might as well be honest)

  4. Kulinski has a nice tan since when I remember him starting out, working out a little too, making bucks now, I regret just a smidgen not getting into the grift game myself.

    Anywho here’s the answer he’s looking for.

    • I want too add, kudos to whoever took the frowning Psaki pic, I really can’t tell if it is fake and it cracked me the hell up.

  5. “”..between corporate centrists and progressives…””

    Trump worked like Stalin. Let the old communists and new communists fight each other and keep your real supporters away. Then bring in Beria or Q.

    Corporate centrists will soon experience the same what Lenin old Bolshevik Jews, Yagoda, Bukharin Kamenev and others felt in 1937.

    Trump is the greatest leader who white people ever had.

    • Trump reminds me of Mussolini. But Il Duce got things done. Except for getting the trains to run on time. No Italian leader could ever manage that.

  6. If the democrat apparatus steals the midterm elections, as clumsily as they did the 2020 presidential election, that will be really accelerate the national divorce balkanization of this abomination.

    We need half or more of the citizens of this country to lose all faith in America and its institutions, and that inertia will proceed to secession. That’s where this could get very messy.

    • They don’t even have to. Sure they’ll carry out vote-fraud in any place where someone like a Jesse Helms or even a Hawley might win, but mostly they can count on their fellow soldiers in Team-R to run clones of Glenn Youngkin, who just nominated a CRT-swamp creature to head up the Virginia Dept of Edumacation – after promising to fight CRT. Why put out so much effort when you can count on the so-called “opposition” to cement the gains your squad made? The so-called “alternative” parties (Libertardian and Constitution) are probably heavily infiltrated as well. Note how they tend to concentrate all their efforts on the race for Teleprompter-reader of ‘Our Democracy’ rather than concentrating on local races?

  7. Meanwhile back at the border … dem “saints” keep marching in … the Swamp wants to keep this show going as long as possible … no problems here … we just keep winning … I’m tired … I’m tired of winning … Trump was right … the Swamp is right … it’s the Yankee way …

    For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. — 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (KJV)

    • “Forget Jim Crow or Jim Eagle, this is like a new Jim Ostrich.”
      ^^ Priceless! @Dart, you need to copyright that.

  8. Re: your Jen Psaki photo:

    What was she hearing or thinking (if a mouthpiece really thinks) at that moment?

    The White House mouthpiece said: “Russia is laying the groundwork to have the option of fabricating a pretext for invasion (of Ukraine) through sabotage activities and information operation” – amplifying the CIA’s newest anti-Russian war propaganda. It’s the “Russia is preparing a false flag in Ukraine” story that is also being spread by CNN, and the NYT, and all other corporate mainstream media. Like other war propaganda created by the CIA, “the reliable source of information remains anonymous,” and no evidence for the claim is provided.

  9. Kyrsten Sinema killed legal & government sanctioned election fraud. And thank God for that. The “voting rights” canard is as transparent as the Democrats’ ulterior, Marxist motives. We’re on to them, now…and not a moment too soon.

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